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Try Them All: China’s 8 Great Cuisines

Chinese food in China is an entire universe of tastes and sensations where the very idea of a single ‘Chinese cuisine’ is blown away. There are eight key traditional cuisines, defined by geography and style, stretching from Guangdong to Shandong. Read more>>

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Concerned About Food Safety? You Should Be. HOT


If you’re new to China you’ve probably thought about the food – and in particular food safety. From restaurants using gutter oil to mislabeled 40 year old meat, food scandals in China seem depressingly frequent. ... Read More>>

Epermarket – Meeting Your Fresh Produce Needs in Shanghai HOT


Epermarket is an online expat supermarket that delivers to Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. They only provide the freshest produce! ... Read More>>

Epermarket: Delivering Expats Safe & Fresh Groceries Straight to Their Doorsteps HOT

Epermarket is an online expat supermarket that delivers to Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. To learn more about Epermarket, we sat down with the CEO of Epermarket, Jean Yves Lu. ... Read More>>

FIELDS Online Supermarket: Serving Suzhou Expats via Click of a Mouse HOT

As a premier online grocery store based in Shanghai, FIELDS combines convenience with safe, fresh and healthy foods that it serves to thousands of customers each day in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang province. ... Read More>>

Sweet, Subtle and Simply Delicious: Great Local Restaurants in Suzhou HOT

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Suzhou has a long tradition of very distinct local foods, and the city is flush with restaurants reflecting the tastes of people both rich and poor. Suzhou food is of course pretty traditional, and the most famous dishes have remained unchanged for decades ...... Read More>>

Healthy and Tasty Rolled into One: Suzhou’s Best Japanese Restaurants HOT

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Thanks to Suzhou’s large Japanese population, Japanese restaurants are a dime and a dozen. Both the Suzhou Industrial Park and New District host multitudes of ramen, sushi, and teppanyaki restaurants for a variety of tastes and prices. Good sushi is ...... Read More>>

Ligongdi: Suzhou’s New Nightlife Hub HOT

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Suzhou's bar scene has long been large and foreign-friendly, but today it's in transition and it can be a little hard to find the right place for a good night out. It used to be that nightlife was centred around Shiquan Street – the two-block long row of ...... Read More>>

What’s New: Bar and Restaurant Openings in Suzhou HOT

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Suzhou is host to a robust foreign restaurant and bar scene that gets larger and more diverse every year. With cuisines ranging from Indian to Spanish to Mexican, there's already a lot to choose from, and increasing competition means the quality of the food ...... Read More>>

Suzhou’s Night Markets - A Taste of Life! HOT

Have you noticed how prices in expat restaurants in the S.I.P. and SND have shot up recently? Now you pay about the same in an Indian restaurant on Jinjihu Lake as you pay in Chicago…except here the portions are smaller! With wages and basic food costs ...... Read More>>

The Great Indian Restaurants of Suzhou HOT

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Indian cuisine can be a transcendental experience, and not just because spicy food is an aphrodisiac – though that helps. Also, it’s transcendental not only because Indian cuisine ranks amongst the best and most revered cuisines in the world, often ...... Read More>>

The Best of Times – Happy Hour Specials in Suzhou HOT

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“Work is the curse of the drinking man,” my grandfather always says. It’s true that the cost of going out and enjoying your favorite drink can whittle away at your paychecks. Fortunately, there’s no better way to save a few bucks on drinks than to get ...... Read More>>

The Outdoors Await: Al Fresco Dining in Suzhou HOT

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Downtown <br /> Suzhou’s bustling downtown area puts a premium on space, and that is reflected in the relative lack of good outdoor dining options. There are several locations, but development and subway construction have put the kibosh on a number ...... Read More>>

The Cream of the Crop: Suzhou’s Best Western Restaurants HOT

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It’s been years in the making, but Suzhou is finally home to more than a handful of locally owned and operated Western restaurants. While the dining situation is far from on par with first tier cities like nearby Shanghai, the options are already ...... Read More>>

Tale of Two Cities: A Weekend in Suzhou HOT

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Suzhou is the perfect location for a weekend getaway. Travelling by train from Shanghai is cheap, very fast and drops you fairly conveniently at the northern end of the Old Town. Suzhou is split into three distinct areas – the Old Town, Suzhou Industrial ...... Read More>>

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