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Try Them All: China’s 8 Great Cuisines

Chinese food in China is an entire universe of tastes and sensations where the very idea of a single ‘Chinese cuisine’ is blown away. There are eight key traditional cuisines, defined by geography and style, stretching from Guangdong to Shandong. Read more>>

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The Venice of the East: An Escape to Tongli Water Village HOT

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A guide to escaping Suzhou and spending the day in Tongli, one of Suzhou’s most beautiful water towns. ... Read More>>

Suzhou Explorations: Dushu Lake Higher Education Town HOT

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Situated approximately 15 km from the city centre, Dushu Lake HET (Higher Education Town) may feel a little out of the way. But the good news is everything you need is right here with the benefit of not having to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city. ... Read More>>

A Day Well Spent: Visiting Zhouzhuang Water Village Outside of Suzhou HOT

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Located about 30 km southeast of Suzhou in the heart of the "Jiangnan" (江南) region—the "South of the Yangtze River" area between Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang—Zhouzhuang (周庄) is the most popular of the region's so-called ...... Read More>>

Ligongdi: Suzhou’s New Nightlife Hub HOT

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Suzhou's bar scene has long been large and foreign-friendly, but today it's in transition and it can be a little hard to find the right place for a good night out. It used to be that nightlife was centred around Shiquan Street – the two-block long row of ...... Read More>>

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