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Moving to Shenzhen? Here’s How to Save RMB in the PRD HOT


The cost of living in Shenzhen has risen significantly in the past few years. We’ve rounded up tips on how to save money in Shenzhen for brand new city residents or anyone considering a move to the metropolis. ... Read More>>

Networking in Shenzhen: What’s Out There? HOT


Many of us come to China for business or in search of a new job, and usually within the first week we’ll learn the importance of “guanxi”. Here, we introduce the different types of networking events out there and a number of specific local clubs and ...... Read More>>

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring an Ayi in Shenzhen HOT

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Having an ayi (housekeeper) is one of the perks of living in China. Chances are high that most Westerners could not afford to hire weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services back in their home country. Thanks to the relatively cheap cost of labor over here, ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen Summer Scorcher: 5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat HOT

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This city can get a little hot during the baking sun of the summer months, and with a population of millions well into double figures, everyone in this city will be feeling the heat. So what to do? Aside from the more down-to-earth activities of buying a ...... Read More>>

Getting Out Of Dodge: Shenzhen’s Transport Links HOT

Shenzhen is a well known tourist destination within China, and although it is overshadowed by its more affluent neighbour Hong Kong, it is becoming more and more an international destination for tourism and shopping, as well as industry. Thanks to this, ...... Read More>>

Four Footed Friends: Where to Buy Pets in Shenzhen HOT

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If you have been living in Shenzhen for some time now, you might be considering buying a pet. For many of the more affluent expat families who live in villas in areas such as Shekou, owning a dog or several cats is often no different than if they were still ...... Read More>>

Home Improvements: Furniture Stores in Shenzhen HOT


Maybe you just rented an unfurnished apartment in order to save money after recently moving to Shenzhen, or maybe your tastes aren’t the same as your elderly landlord’s when it comes to the furniture. Thankfully Shenzhen has a large array of ...... Read More>>

A Guide to Shenzhen-Hong Kong Border Crossings HOT


For many expats living in Shenzhen, crossing the border to Hong Kong is something of a regular occurrence. Depending on what type of visa you are on, you may be required to exit Mainland China every 30 days, or indeed you may be able to come and go as you ...... Read More>>

Where to Get Your Hands on Imported Food in Shenzhen HOT

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In Shenzhen, a cornucopia of regional Chinese fare varying from Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles to Guangdong banquet-style feasts is not only available but also on many occasions, inexpensive and primed for nocturnal dwellers. The number of non-Chinese slow ...... Read More>>

Where to Live in Shenzhen: A District Guide HOT


Look at a map of Shenzhen, and you’ll notice that it’s a “skinny” city. A sprawling town from east to west, Shenzhen doesn’t have much space to work with going north to south. But that hasn’t stopped developers from squeezing in fun and interesting ...... Read More>>

Expat-friendly Hospitals in Shenzhen HOT

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Many expats get by in China for years using only grunts and gesticulations. This mostly non-verbal communication is a surprisingly effective way to get simple tasks done, but when it comes to explaining your desperate need for a vial of insulin, or that you ...... Read More>>

Searching, Seeking, Signing for Shenzhen Apartments HOT


Located in southern Guangdong Province, the city of Shenzhen has 14 million people and encompasses 1952.84 square kilometres (1213.44 miles), many of which are filled with either factories or high-rise apartment buildings. The first-timer in China might ...... Read More>>

How to Spend 48 Hours in Shenzhen HOT


The modern urban metropolis of Shenzhen is not exactly rich in historical sites like many other cities in China, nor is it usually associated with breath-taking beauty. Yet for some reason Shenzhen is considered one of China’s top tourist cities. In 2005, ...... Read More>>

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