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Galleries, Street Art and Fixies: Hipster Shenzhen HOT

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Sometimes you just need a little artistic inspiration, whether it’s through design, art or music. Shenzhen's artistic crowd and hipsters are mainly concentrated in OCT but there are more authentic areas outside of the city as well. ... Read More>>

Go Dutch at the Netherlands Flower Town in Shenzhen HOT

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If you ever wanted to know China’s interpretation of Europe then look no further than Shenzhen’s Netherlands Flower Town. Whether you want to sample some Dutch cuisine, sip a coffee, buy a cat, or enhance your flower knowledge, this place has it all! ... Read More>>

Two-Wheel Cruising: Where to Buy Bikes in Shenzhen HOT

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Shenzhen may not be the most bike-friendly city, but things are starting to improve with the appearance of new bike trails and scenic paths. This article introduces three solid shops for buying a bike in Shenzhen. ... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Fashion Time: Underground Shopping Street for All Your Needs HOT

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Tired of the crowded streets? Stroll on over to Fashion Time (Feng Sheng Ting 丰盛町) in Futian to take your fun underground. This commercial pedestrian street features more than 500 shops, including a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Most Popular Bargain Clothing Markets HOT

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Tired of high prices at name brand clothing outlets? Don't trust online retailers and want to feel the material for yourself? Enjoy bragging to your friends about the crazy discount you got on your new jacket? Like any other large Chinese city, Shenzhen is ...... Read More>>

Own Your Very Own Mona Lisa: Shenzhen’s Dafen Oil Painting Village HOT

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Strolling around the streets of Shenzhen, virtually anyone you ask will know a bit about Dafen Village (大芬村). In other Chinese cities, this is also rather likely. Even abroad, the village has become rather famous in the last few decades—at least ...... Read More>>

Home Improvements: Furniture Stores in Shenzhen HOT


Maybe you just rented an unfurnished apartment in order to save money after recently moving to Shenzhen, or maybe your tastes aren’t the same as your elderly landlord’s when it comes to the furniture. Thankfully Shenzhen has a large array of ...... Read More>>

The Gift-Givers Guide to Shenzhen’s Seasonal Shopping HOT

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A telepathy trick: first, find a Hong Kong native. Second, ask them to word-associate your next phrase. Third, declaim "Shenzhen!" in a slightly hysterical voice. Fourth, amaze (and unsettle) them by already having the words ‘shopping' and ‘fake'...... Read More>>

Where to Get Your Hands on Imported Food in Shenzhen HOT

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In Shenzhen, a cornucopia of regional Chinese fare varying from Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles to Guangdong banquet-style feasts is not only available but also on many occasions, inexpensive and primed for nocturnal dwellers. The number of non-Chinese slow ...... Read More>>

Superb Shopping in Shenzhen HOT

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With Temple Street Market, Wan Chai Market, and Golden Arcade, Hong Kong is an internationally renowned shopping destination. Yet shopping-savvy Hong Kongers are quick to give three reasons why they pass up these markets and cross the boarder into Shenzhen ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen's Best Shopping HOT

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What are the first things that spring to mind when thinking about Shenzhen? Perhaps the words “financial and commercial metropolis”? Theme parks maybe? Or how about shopping? Shenzhen, a modern, sprawling city close to the border of Hong Kong, was one of ...... Read More>>

Where to Buy English Language Books in Shenzhen HOT

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Unless you’re Chinese is absolutely fabulous, then reading books in Mandarin or Cantonese can be a long, tiring task as opposed to the pleasure it’s supposed to provide. But English speaking bookworms are not completely lost in China. In fact, thanks to ...... Read More>>

Shop Til You Drop: Cheap & Fashionable Shenzhen HOT


Up Market Shops<br /> Louhu has always been a major shopping district for people from Hong Kong. A lot of up market shops are concentrated there, many of them ...... Read More>>

Shopping in Shenzhen HOT


You’d think that with the international vibe of Shenzhen, it would have its own monthly expat rag by now, ala That’s Beijing or That’s Shanghai. Until it does, Lonely Writers and Shenzhen Daily have it covered, with their Living in Shenzhen and Shopping ...... Read More>>

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