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Rock, Bass, and Lots of Jazz: Shenzhen’s Best Live Music Venues 2015 HOT

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The Shenzhen music scene gets more exciting every year, with new live houses, festivals, and local bands shaking up the city. Here is an updated list of the best live music in Shenzhen: ... Read More>>

Daytrip Ideas from Shenzhen: Guanlan Print Village HOT

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Whether you’re longing for a change of scenery or you want to explore China’s creative scene, a daytrip to Guanlan Print Village in the outskirts of Shenzhen is an excellent choice. ... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Creative Culture Park: The No.1 Place for Artistic Nourishment HOT

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Shenzhen’s OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park is well-known as the place to hang out if you’re in need of artistic nourishment. We look at the top exhibition areas and joints where you can kick back with a beer or coffee amid the surroundings. ... Read More>>

More Than Just a Splash: Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach Park HOT

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Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach Park is a great place to unwind, and features a whole range of attractions and amenities to keep you occupied. There are even numerous thrilling water-sports you can try, so why not jump in! ... Read More>>

Own Your Very Own Mona Lisa: Shenzhen’s Dafen Oil Painting Village HOT

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Strolling around the streets of Shenzhen, virtually anyone you ask will know a bit about Dafen Village (大芬村). In other Chinese cities, this is also rather likely. Even abroad, the village has become rather famous in the last few decades—at least ...... Read More>>

Billiards Blitz! 5 Best Places to Play Pool in Shenzhen HOT

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Playing pool has long been a staple hobby for Shenzhen expats. But while many local bars have a pool table inside, oftentimes, there's barely enough space to swing a cat let alone shoot properly, and who wants others pushing past them on route to the bar or ...... Read More>>

Seven-ten Split: The Best Bowling Alleys in Shenzhen HOT

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There are some national pastimes that are so particular to their country of origin that no one born outside of its borders ever thought about playing it. Not many non-Americans (and to a lesser extent Japanese and South Koreans) will ever hold a ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Top Indoor Ice Skating Rinks HOT

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Ice skating has always been a popular activity but it is during the winter months when the thrill of ice skating really takes off. Here we recommend three popular ice-skating rinks in Shenzhen. These places not only have first-class rinks but also have a ...... Read More>>

Stadiums in Shenzhen HOT

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From the Olympics in 2008 to this year’s World Expo in Shanghai, it seems that China will continue to find ways to display its present and past (5,000 years of history, if that is not already ingrained in your brain) to the world. Another example of ...... Read More>>

Craving Culture: Shenzhen's Theatres and Concert Halls HOT

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In spite of its coastal location and proximity to Hong Kong, Shenzhen does not exactly have a reputation for being a bastion of cultural enlightenment. A big reason for this is that many of Shenzhen’s residents are immigrants from other, poorer provinces ...... Read More>>

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