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Shenzhen by the District: Luohu HOT

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Luohu is Shenzhen’s smallest and oldest district. While it is not the most beautiful district (many of the buildings are older and slowly falling down) the area has a lot to offer in terms of nature, shopping and cuisine. ... Read More>>

Shenzhen by District: Yantian, Home to Beaches and Seafood HOT


Once only known for industry and tourism, Yantian is now an up and coming spot to live in Shenzhen. Whether you live there or are visiting, we have compiled a list of activities and places to eat or drink while you are there to encourage the explorer within ...... Read More>>

5 Reasons to Visit Xichong Beach in Shenzhen HOT

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With winter just around the corner, now’s your last chance to bathe in one Shenzhen’s beaches while it’s still hot. One beach worth checking out is Xichong on the south side of Nan’ao on the Dapeng Peninsula. Lauded as “Shenzhen’s number one bay”, ...... Read More>>

Daytrip Ideas from Shenzhen: Guanlan Print Village HOT

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Whether you’re longing for a change of scenery or you want to explore China’s creative scene, a daytrip to Guanlan Print Village in the outskirts of Shenzhen is an excellent choice. ... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Creative Culture Park: The No.1 Place for Artistic Nourishment HOT

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Shenzhen’s OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park is well-known as the place to hang out if you’re in need of artistic nourishment. We look at the top exhibition areas and joints where you can kick back with a beer or coffee amid the surroundings. ... Read More>>

Go Dutch at the Netherlands Flower Town in Shenzhen HOT

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If you ever wanted to know China’s interpretation of Europe then look no further than Shenzhen’s Netherlands Flower Town. Whether you want to sample some Dutch cuisine, sip a coffee, buy a cat, or enhance your flower knowledge, this place has it all! ... Read More>>

More Than Just a Splash: Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach Park HOT

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Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach Park is a great place to unwind, and features a whole range of attractions and amenities to keep you occupied. There are even numerous thrilling water-sports you can try, so why not jump in! ... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Fashion Time: Underground Shopping Street for All Your Needs HOT

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Tired of the crowded streets? Stroll on over to Fashion Time (Feng Sheng Ting 丰盛町) in Futian to take your fun underground. This commercial pedestrian street features more than 500 shops, including a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options ...... Read More>>

Own Your Very Own Mona Lisa: Shenzhen’s Dafen Oil Painting Village HOT

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Strolling around the streets of Shenzhen, virtually anyone you ask will know a bit about Dafen Village (大芬村). In other Chinese cities, this is also rather likely. Even abroad, the village has become rather famous in the last few decades—at least ...... Read More>>

Beach Escape: Visiting Hong Kong’s Big Wave Bay from Shenzhen HOT


Shenzhen may be an economic miracle, but its natural beauty leaves a lot to be desired. In terms of beaches you have almost no choices at all, with either the overcrowded and plain dirty Dameisha, or the remote difficult-to-get-to Xiaomeisha being your only ...... Read More>>

Secret Shenzhen: Nantou Ancient City HOT

Close to the now defunct border crossing between Bao'an and Nanshan Districts lies a part of Shenzhen that, were it not tucked discreetly out of the way, would stick out like a sore thumb. Amongst Shenzhen's glitzy high rise buildings and ...... Read More>>

Shuiwei: Shenzhen’s Off-The-Beaten-Track Border Area HOT

In the ultra-modern district of Futian near downtown Shenzhen, there exists an overlooked area called Shuiwei. Decades ago this tiny area was just a simple village that stood very close to the border with Hong Kong. Today many people pass by it on their way ...... Read More>>

Cool Down This Summer! Shenzhen’s Best Beach Getaways HOT

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Not far from the urban sprawl of Shenzhen lie some of South China’s most beautiful stretches of accessible coastline. Several of Shenzhen’s most popular beaches are found along the Dapeng Peninsula. Whether you want to have a weekend beach party with your ...... Read More>>

Holidays in the Sun? Top Tourist Attractions in Shenzhen HOT

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When you think of Shenzhen, how many tourist attractions can you conjure up in your head, or do you simply envision Shenzhen as a place completely given over to manufacturing and money-making? Shenzhen is a city that has been developing at an unparalleled ...... Read More>>

Wanghai Road: A Great Culinary Escape from Shekou and Coco Park HOT

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With Sea World undergoing a massive remodeling project, many foreigners in Shenzhen are looking for trendy, delicious Western restaurants that don’t feature the constant din of construction work. Luckily there’s a little-known street within walking ...... Read More>>

Lakes, Golf and Hot Springs: The Best Places to Kick Back Around Shenzhen HOT

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Looking for a way to kick back and start the New Year in Shenzhen off right? Imagine dipping into a nearby bubbling hot spring, or gathering around a barbeque pit with friends, or relaxing at a resort, or a sunny day on the golf course. Here are five ...... Read More>>

Craving Nature? Three Great Hiking Spots in Shenzhen HOT

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One of the great things about living in Shenzhen is the variety of beautiful hiking spots. Whether you choose the quick and convenient hike at Dananshan Mountain, the lush forests of Wutongshan Mountain or the breathtaking waterfalls and natural scenery at ...... Read More>>

Where to Live in Shenzhen: A District Guide HOT


Look at a map of Shenzhen, and you’ll notice that it’s a “skinny” city. A sprawling town from east to west, Shenzhen doesn’t have much space to work with going north to south. But that hasn’t stopped developers from squeezing in fun and interesting ...... Read More>>

Pick of the Parks in Shenzhen HOT

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As China’s 3rd largest city, Shenzhen is full of congestion, pollution, and… greenery? Perhaps a bit surprising, but city planners have made a serious effort to cultivate gardens and other green spaces amid the skyscrapers that Shenzhen is better known ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen's Bustling Urban Oasis: Sea World Shekou HOT

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Walk inside Shekou’s Sea World and you will find a vast array of international restaurants, cafes, bars, people from all around the world, even a converted giant cruise ship. Sea World is like an oasis in the city. No cars are allowed to drive through so ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Xili Lake Resort Reopens HOT

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If you’re looking for an escape for the city, or just a relaxing weekend of pampering, look no further. After five years of closed doors renovation, Xili Lake Resort (深圳西丽湖度假村), the first resort to be built following the reform and opening up of ...... Read More>>

Special Experimental Zone: Shenzhen's 22 Art District HOT

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Just like Beijing’s 798 Art District or Shanghai’s Moganshan Lu, Shenzhen too has an art district of its own. Housed in a closed down factory area from the 1980s and occupying an expanse of 120,000 square metres, 22 Art District is a gathering point for ...... Read More>>

Pamper Yourself in Shenzhen: East Overseas Chinese Town HOT

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The East Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) in the Dameisha, Yantian District of Shenzhen is not to be mixed up with its counterpart in the West of the city. Though both areas are similar in terms of their penchant for theme parks, East OCT is more geared towards ...... Read More>>

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