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History of Shenyang

The area now known as Shenyang has been inhabited for over 7 thousand years, though a city was not formally established here until the Warring States period, which makes it one of the oldest capitals in the region. It has been known by various names, having originally been called Shengjing (to rise) and Mukden but ...Read more>>

All Shenyang Essential Guide

Shenyang Transport - Introduction HOT

Traveling in to and out of Shenyang is quite easy, as there are regular services by rail, long distance bus and air. The Shenyang Taoxian International Airport operates many regular services across China, Europe, North America and around the Pacific region.... Read More>>

Foreign Trade & Foreign Direct

In 2006, Shenyang had over 860 newly signed projects involving contractual foreign investment of US$8.52 billion, with actualized foreign investment reaching US$3.03 billion. There are 46 Fortune 500 enterprises currently invested in Shenyang including multi-national firms like Michelin Tires from France, BMW from Gemany, Trigem Computers from ... ...Read More>>

Planning & Development

Strategic Planning and Development Shenyang will continue to develop its equipment manufacturing industry as the city's core industry and economic sparkplug and will focus on brand-stretching and taking advantage of the recognition of the equipment manufacturing industry in Shenyang as a respected global competitor, in order to raise the ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Transportation

Roads Shenyang is the transportation hub of the northeast. Superhighways extend in all directions, connecting to all major cities in the province, as well as to Beijing, Tianjin, Changchun, Harbin, Fushun, Dalian, Benxi, Yingkou, Dandong and Anshan. Nine express highways including the Shen-Kang, Shen-Tie, Shen-Fu, Jing-Shen, Shen-Dan, and ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Government

Mayor Mayor: Li Yingjie Municipal Departments • Shenyang Municipal Peoples Government Add: 260 Shifu Dalu, Shenhe District, Shenyang Postcode: 110013 Tel: 024-22721124 Fax: 024-22722264 • Foreign Affairs Office of Shenyang Municipal People's Government Add: 260 Shifu Dalu, Shenhe District, Shenyang Postcode: 110013 Tel: 024-22728035 ... ...Read More>>

Investment Procedure

Procedures for the Establishment of Joint Ventures & Foreign Cooperative Enterprises For more information about investment procedures, please visit: Shenyang Administrative Examination and Approval Online Service Center ...Read More>>

Strategic Industries

Shenyang is a traditional industrial base in China and has formed a comprehensive supply chain network, giving priority to mechanical processing, the automotive sector, the petrochemical industry, aviation, pharmaceuticals, building materials, metallurgy, light industry, textiles, the electronics industry and the coal mining sector. Shenyang ... ...Read More>>

Shenyang Business Guide - Economic Overview HOT

Vital Statistics (2006) GDP: RMB248.25 billion GDP per Capita: RMB 35,282 Economic Growth Rate: 16.5% Population: 5.0 million (urban) – 2.04 million (rural) FDI: US$3.03 billion Annual Average Wage: RMB19, 812 Government Effectiveness Rating: 80th 2006 Chinese Cities Competitive Rating: 25th Economic Overview Shenyang, the capital of ... ...Read More>>

Labor force

Human Resource Overview In 2006, there were 30 institutions for higher learning in Shenyang, including universities and 10 vocational colleges, with total enrollment of over 301,000 students and a graduating class of about 67,000. Some of the major universities in the city include Northeastern University, Liaoning University, the China Medical ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Post &Telecommunications

In 2006, post and telecommunications revenue was 14.4 billion RMB, with the volume of postal revenue reaching 570 million RMB, up 11.6% from the previous year and the volume of telecommunications revenue reaching 13.8 billion RMB, up 25.7% from the previous year. The number of Internet users rose 33.1% to 659,000. Communications capacity ... ...Read More>>

Development Zones

Tiexi New Zone (Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone) The Tiexi New Zone of Shenyang includes the Tiexi District and Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering a total area of 54 km2. After 18 years of development, the Zone has tried and tested infrastructure and is now one of the most advanced and fully ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Public Utilities

The city supplied 524 million cubic meters of water in 2006, with comprehensive daily water supply of 1.55 million cubic meters. Water supply rates are charted below: Water (RMB/cubic m) Usage Price Commercial Use 2.7 Industrial Use 2.5 Domestic Use 1.9 (Price includes usage and wastewater treatment fees) Electricity (RMB/Kwh) Usage < 1K V 1~10 ... ...Read More>>

Preferential Policy

Shenyang Preferential Investment Policy Highlights 1. Shenyang has a 0.3 billion RMB equipment manufacturing development fund and provides discounted and/or low interest loans for important technological reform projects involving equipment manufacturing companies. This program is part of the nation's plan to revitalize the northeast industrial ... ...Read More>>

Business Environment

Geographical Advantages Shenyang is located in the middle of Northeast Asia, at basically the same latitude as key cities in Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia and Russia. Within a radius of 150 kilometers of Shenyang are located the well-known national steel capital of Anshan, the national coal capital of Fushun, the coal and iron city ... ...Read More>>

Business Links

◎ Foreign Affairs Office of Shenyang Municipal People's Government ◎ Shenyang Commerce Bureau ◎ Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade And Economic Relations Cooperation ◎ Shenyang Sub-council of China Council for the ... ...Read More>>

Office Leasing

Commercial Real Estate Overview Commercial office space in Shenyang is mainly distributed in three areas including the area surrounding the corner of Taiyuan Commercial Street and Heping Street, which features the Presidential Building, the Zhongxing Mansion, and Hairun International; The Shifu Plaza with buildings such as the Fangyuan ... ...Read More>>

Statistics HOT

• GDP: RMB 595 billion (2011) • Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents: RMB 23,320 (2011) • Economic Growth Rate: 12.6% (2011) • Resident Population: 8.106 million (2010) • Unemployment Rate: 3.1% (2010) • Enrollment Rate for Children of School Age: 100% (2010) • Enrollment Rate for High School ... ...Read More>>

Area & Population HOT

Shenyang, covers an area of 13,000 square kilometers, 3,495 square kilometers of which is urbanised. The population is around 8.1 million. Of the total resident population, 4.095 million are males, accounting for 50.52% and 4.01 million are females, accounting for 49.48%. The majority of the population in Shenyang is Han, with significant Man, ... ...Read More>>

Location and Climate HOT

Shenyang sits on the Liaodong Peninsula in Liaoning Province in the alluvial plains of Liaohe and Hunhe rivers. The climate is determined by the north-temperate zone in which it sits, enjoying clear seasons, which see temperatures rise to over 30C (86F) in summer and plunge as low as -18C (-1F) in winter. Most visitors find the months between ... ...Read More>>

Shenyang Nightlife HOT

There are a couple decent pubs and dance destinations in Shenyang, and enough variety to keep things interesting. If you'd rather spend a quiet evening drinking and playing pool than out shaking your bootie, check out Caidianta Bar Street (Cai Dian Jiu Ba ...... Read More>>

Shenyang Travel Tips HOT

Shenyang is popular at different times of the year for different reasons. In winter, the Ice and Snow Festival lights up the city, but the temperature can fall as low as -18C (-1F) so visitors should pack appropriately warm clothing. In the summer, visitors ...... Read More>>

Shenyang Transport - Bus HOT

The bus network in Shenyang has 3000 buses in operation and over 140 lines, covering most of the major sites in the city. Most routes in the city cost 1 RMB. All bus lines starting with a ‘3’ go to the surrounding suburbs of Shenyang, and usually cost no higher than 4 RMB. Unlike many Chinese cities, Shenyang has not introduced a ... ...Read More>>

Shenyang Entertainment Overview HOT

The entertainment in Shenyang is often compared to that of its sister city, Dalian, but in fact is similar to that in many Chinese cities. The city's KTVs and bars are most popular in winter when venues such as the Bee House and Hongjie Disco Club get busy. ...... Read More>>

Shenyang Shopping Areas HOT

Taiyuan Street 太原街 Taiyuan Street is the busiest shopping district in the city center and is brimming with pedestrians, small boutiques, international fast food chains, and large department stores. Perfect for dining, strolling, shopping sprees and ...... Read More>>

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