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From Shenyang to Dandong: Getting a Glimpse at North Korea

Dandong, the Liaoning town that borders North Korea, is one of the only places in the world to have a look inside Kim Jong-un’s hermit kingdom without actually going. Here’s our guide to China’s largest border city. Read more>>

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The Best Western Bars in Downtown Shenyang HOT

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Shenyang is home to many bars and restaurants, from German-themed chains to Chinese music bars, but knowing the best places to go when you’ve just arrived in a new city can be tricky. Many local bars are geared towards their usual patrons, with loud ...... Read More>>

Easy Summer Living: Al Fresco Drinking and Dining in Shenyang HOT

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At times during the harshest parts of Shenyang’s tundra winter, it seemed as if summer would never reappear. But at last the temperature has warmed up, and people are crawling out of their heated hovels and flocking to outdoor bars and restaurants. ... Read More>>

Exploring New Expat-friendly Bars in Shenyang HOT

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Sometimes it seems as if the bar scene for expats is incredibly limited. Although Shenyang is a big city with over 7 million people, the expat bar scene can seem incredibly small. It’s easy to get stuck in the same old bar rut; a scene that can get both ...... Read More>>

Shenyang after Dark: Uncovering the City’s Club Scene HOT

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Do you like DJs? Do you like to listen to dance music? Do you like electronic music or do you sometimes like to DJ yourself on an amateur basis? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you will find a club suiting your taste in Shenyang. ... Read More>>

Searching for Live Music in Shenyang HOT

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If you enjoy the extensive live music scene in major Chinese cities such as Beijing or Shanghai you might feel a bit disappointed by what Shenyang has to offer. Nonetheless if you read the following lines you will discover that a few good options exist ...... Read More>>

Xita Street: A Bit of Korea in Shenyang HOT

Xita Korean neighborhood in Shenyang was formed nearly a hundred years ago. This well-known Koreatown in the northeastern parts of China is home to over 30,000 Korean ethnic minorities. The central landmark of Korea-town is Xita Street (西塔街), stretching ...... Read More>>

Quiet Nightlife: Shenyang’s More Intimate Bars and Lounges HOT

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If you've gotten tired of the raucous environment of nightclubs and want a place for a nice chat with a couple of friends, then it is highly recommended that you visit the following bars and lounges for a change of atmosphere. The following places don't ...... Read More>>

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