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History of Nanning

The area now known as Nanning has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age, when ancient people farmed, fished and hunted in the region. The area received official recognition during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, when it was named the capital of the Jinxing Prefecture, after having been a territory of the Baiyue people. In ...Read more>>

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Nanning Transport - Introduction HOT

The transport network in Nanning is pretty comprehensive, allowing travel into the city by air, rail and road. The rail network is expanding to include services to Singapore, Vietnam Cambodia and Malaysia on the Pan-Asian Railway Network. The destinations ...... Read More>>

Office Leasing

Commercial Real Estate Overview Office buildings in Nanning are mainly concentrated along the Minzu Dadao line. The Langdong area represents the highest class of commercial office buildings in Nanning, while there are nearly 30 commercial office buildings near the Wuxiang Square. The rent here is between 25 and 45 RMB/sq.m/month In 2006, office ... ...Read More>>

Business Links

◎ Nanning Municipal People's Government ◎ Nanning Commerce Bureau ◎ China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangxi Sub-council/ China Chamber of International Commerce Guangxi Chamber of Commerce ◎ Nanning Bureau of ... ...Read More>>

Labor force

Human Resource Overview By the end of 2006, there were 28 regular universities and colleges in Nanning with enrollment of over 202,800 students and 42,500 graduates, 32 post-secondary vocational schools with enrollment of over 74,900 students and 20,600 graduates and 16 technical schools, with enrollment of over 28,700 students and 7,300 ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Post &Telecommunications

In 2006, postal and telecom revenues totaled 6.89 billion RMB including 0.29 billion RMB in postal revenue and 6.60 billion RMB in telecom revenue. There were 1.71 million local phone users including 1.29 million urban users and 0.42 million rural users, 2.33 million mobile phone users and 0.82 million internet users. ...Read More>>

Municipal Government

Mayor Mayor: Li Guoqiang Municipal Departments • Nanning Municipal People's Government Add: 1 Jiabin Lu, Nanning Postcode: 530028 Tel: 0771-5535868 • Nanning Administrative Licensing Management Office Add: 5 Keyuan Dongwulu, Nanning Postcode: 530003 Tel: 0771-3221268 Fax: 0771-3221268 • Nanning Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese ... ...Read More>>

Preferential Policy

Preferential Policy Links • Preferential Policies of the Nanning Economic and Technological Development Zone • Policies and Measures of the State Council concerning Implementing the Strategy of Developing the Western Regions • Preferential Policy for Constructing a Education Base for Higher Learning in the Xiangsihu New ... ...Read More>>

Investment Procedure

1. General Information • Authority of the Nanning Municipal Government in Approving Foreign Invested Projects • Restricted Industries for Foreign Investment, please click • Industries not open for Foreign Investment, please click • Industry Catalogue of Foreign Investment • Investment procedures for exclusive foreign ... ...Read More>>

Development Zones

Nanning National Economic &Technological Development Area (NNDA) The Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area (NNDA) was established in 1992, with a total planning area of 10.8 square kilometers. The zone is located 15 kilometers away from Nanning International Airport and 5 kilometers from the Beida cargo wharf, next to the ... ...Read More>>

Planning & Development

Strategic Planning and Development Nanning's goal is to become an important and comprehensive regional processing and manufacturing center, trade and commercial center, logistics center, financial center and cultural exchange center, as well as a scientific and technological innovation base. Urban construction planning for Nanning in the next 5 ... ...Read More>>

Foreign Trade & Foreign Direct

Nanning is the only city that enjoys both the coastal city opening up policies and the preferential policies under China's "Western Development Strategy". The Nanning municipal government has taken advantage of this situation to promote foreign investment and has organized 22 foreign investment activities in foreign countries and ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Public Utilities

Water Supply: The Nanning Water Supply Co. Ltd. owns six waterworks with 955 thousand tons of daily production capacity for water supply, which meets demand for both industrial and residential water supply. In 2006, total tap water supply was 263 million m3, with a supply service coverage rate of 99.96%. Power supply: Total power supply in the ... ...Read More>>

Strategic Industries

Nanning has six strategic industries: food and food processing, pulp and paper, raw chemical materials and chemical products, pharmaceuticals, ferrous metals and aluminum industry, electrical machinery and equipment, with a combined total industrial output volume of 22.92 billion RMB, accounting for 46.31% of the gross industrial output value ... ...Read More>>

Business Environment

Geographical Advantages Nanning enjoys a favorable geographical location in southwestern China, with the Indo-China peninsula to the west and Guangdong Province, Hong Kong, Macao and Hainan Province to the east, making it not only an important economic center along the Beibu Gulf, but also a rapidly growing gateway city to Southeast Asia in the ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Transportation

Roads By the end of 2006, there were 161 roads from Nanning to various regions, counties and cities of Guangxi and other places in China, with total roadbed length of 1,011 kilometers. The freight volume passing through Nanning's tolls was 60.71 million tons and passenger volume was 88.39 million passenger movements. Nanning's highway network ... ...Read More>>

Statistics HOT

• GDP: RMB 221.15 billion (2011) • Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents: RMB 20,005 (2011) • Economic Growth Rate: 13.5% (2011) • Resident Population: 6.66 million (2010) • Unemployment Rate: 3.69% (2010) • Enrollment Rate for Children of School Age: 99% (2011) • Enrollment Rate for High School ... ...Read More>>

Area & Population HOT

Nanning covers an area of just over 22 thousand square kilometers, of which 6.479 thousand is urban. Around 3.437 million live in the urban areas, with a total population of 6.66 million. Males account for a population of 3.45 million (51.85%) and females account for a population of 3.21 million (48.15%). 50.9% of the city's population is ... ...Read More>>

Location and Climate HOT

Nanning sits beside the Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan and Guangdong provinces, with its urban area located in the Nanning Basin on the Lingnan Mountain Range. It has a subtropical Monsoon climate, with an average annual maximum summer temperature of 34C (92F) and daily rainfall in the summer months. ...Read More>>

Nanning Transport - Bus HOT

Four public bus companies operate services in Nanning, with a combined total of over 2000 buses between them. A network of cheap buses charge 1 RMB, or the more expensive air-conditioned buses charge 2 RMB. All routes are discounted for visitors carrying a pre-paid travel card, known as an IC Card. Nanning Public Transportation Company Add: 38 ... ...Read More>>

Nanning Nightlife HOT

Like most Chinese cities of its size, Nanning's nightlife is fairly limited. If you're looking for a selection of Western-style venues, you'll be hard pressed to find any in Nanning. On the other hand, if an authentic Chinese clubbing experience is what ...... Read More>>

Nanning Entertainment Overview HOT

The entertainment options in Nanning are, like most Chinese cities, split between the modern and the traditional. Clubs such as the Oudi Entertainment Club and the Boiling Time Disco Club are popular, as are the bars and clubs in the city's hotels. Although ...... Read More>>

Brief Intro to Nanning Shopping HOT

Nanning's several shopping centers and night markets should keep the avid shopper occupied for at least a day or so, though the merchandise isn't anything you can't get somewhere else. On average, goods are cheaper here than in metropolitan Guangzhou, but ...... Read More>>

Nanning Snacks HOT

Nanning residents love to snack, and legion munchies are available from street corner vendors, hole-in-the-wall stands and snack restaurants. Teahouses often offer snack buffets of dimsum or pickled fruits and vegetables to complement the flavor of the tea, ...... Read More>>

Nanning Local Food HOT

Lemon Duck (Ningmeng Ya)柠檬鸭 Sour Dish(Suanshi) 酸食 Drunken Squab (Zui Ruge) 醉乳鸽 Dog Hotpot (Gourou Huoguo) 狗肉火锅 Lemon Duck (Ningmeng Ya)柠檬鸭 There is more than one way to eat a duck in China. Lemon duck originated in Wuming county of Nanning ...... Read More>>

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