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Hanging Out with the Expat Crowd: Nanjing’s Popular Restaurants and Cafes HOT

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Whether you are looking for local Nanjing food, or high quality foreign food with a good brew, these are five venues worthy of your visit whether you are passing through or living in Nanjing. ... Read More>>

The Great Outdoors: Fun Outdoor Activities for Summer in Nanjing HOT

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Nanjing’s summers are exhaustingly hot which has led me, and probably many others, to while away several hours anywhere with decent air-conditioning or cold drinks. Some days, though, you’ll no doubt want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. ... Read More>>

Archery to Rock Climbing: Fun Activities in Nanjing HOT

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Staying active amidst a busy work schedule can be difficult, especially for those who don’t like gyms. Read on for some fun suggestions for keeping fit and active in Nanjing that don’t require gym membership. ... Read More>>

FIELDS Online Supermarket: Healthy Food for Nanjing Expats Just a Click Away HOT


As a premier online grocery store based in Shanghai, FIELDS combines convenience with safe, fresh and healthy foods that it serves to thousands of customers each day in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang province. ... Read More>>

Time to Spare? Go Natural with Nanjing’s Qiqiaoweng Wetland Park HOT

For those of you fed up with the inner city rush of Nanjing, why not take a bus to the suburbs and explore the southern capital’s Qiqiaoweng Wetland Park. ... Read More>>

Keep it Safe: Nanjing Public Security and Safety Tips HOT

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Although generally considered a safe city, Nanjing does get its fair share of crime. So, do those of us in Nanjing have much to worry about in terms of public safety? Here are a few facts about Nanjing’s public security and tips for visitors. ... Read More>>

Puppets, Pianists and Pirouettes: Nanjing’s Top Theatres and Concert Halls HOT

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With Nanjing as the base of operations for Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, it is no surprise that there are an abundance of regular theatre, opera, ballet and performing arts events in the city's numerous theatres and concert halls. Whether you're looking to ...... Read More>>

Two-Wheel Cruising: Tips for Cycling in Nanjing HOT

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Upon arriving in Nanjing, I decided to get around the city by bike. After getting used to the transportation jungle that is characteristic of Chinese cities, I was instantly more than grateful to be able to cruise the city streets and get my errands done ...... Read More>>

Robust Repairs: Where to Get Stuff Fixed in Nanjing HOT

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Being a tourist in China, the pull of a Chinglish t-shirt or a cheap strand of pearls can be hard to resist. However, as an expat begins to think about setting up a home for the long term, finding local vendors for repairs and everyday items can be crucial ...... Read More>>

From Glitzy Malls to Tailors: Where to Buy Clothes in Nanjing HOT

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After some time in China, you will inevitably find that the glistening new clothes you brought with you are beginning to fade. In such cases, many foreigners will react in a knee-jerk manner and phone home for reinforcements, calling in a new wardrobe's ...... Read More>>

Fuelling Up for the Day: Top Coffee Shops in Nanjing HOT

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Coffee: Long time favourite of the sleepless student, best friend of the busy businessman and, if you're anything like me, a daily necessity for functioning as a human being. China's cities are chocked full of coffee shops and Nanjing is no exception. But ...... Read More>>

Curing Your Spring and Summer Ailments in Nanjing HOT

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In Wisconsin, we have a saying about the weather: "If you don't like the weather…wait five minutes". This five minute weather phenomenon also seems to be quite prevalent in the semi-tropical bustling urban hub of Nanjing. Who would have guessed ...... Read More>>

Volunteering in Nanjing: The How, Where and Why HOT

Occasionally (or perhaps frequently for some lucky souls), Nanjing expats and locals alike find themselves with a little free time and an appetite for new experiences or adventure. Enter the notion of volunteering in Nanjing. Perhaps as a result of sparse ...... Read More>>

A Penny for Your Grog: Happy Hours in Nanjing HOT

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The nightlife scene is Nanjing is modelled on Western nightlife, but the process of adaptation is sometimes vague and confused, as though the characteristics of foreign nightlife have been conveyed to Nanjing through some gigantic game of Chinese whispers. ...... Read More>>

Activities Abound! A Guide to Nanjing’s “Expat Clubs” HOT

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While Nanjing is well-known for its substantial expat community, upon first arrival, it's still a bit difficult (and sometimes intimidating) to know where to start looking for it. Not to worry! Read on for an introduction to a few of the bars, clubs and ...... Read More>>

The 'Where To' of Wine in Nanjing HOT

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Enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio with a meal or sharing a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with friends might still be a fairly foreign concept to some in China, but wine appreciation here is flourishing. And, with increasing demand, comes an increasing supply ...... Read More>>

The Music Lover’s Guide to Live Venues in Nanjing HOT

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You could be forgiven for thinking that Nanjing lacks a live music scene. Publicity for gigs and concerts is sparse, particularly in English, and if you're looking for big names and popular Western musicians, you're out of luck. Nanjing is sadly bypassed by ...... Read More>>

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Nanjing HOT

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It is a solemn and oft-recognised truth that an enormous number of people, upon arriving in China, renounce their vegetarianism. If, however, you have yet to succumb to the meat-saturated nature of Chinese cuisine and still stoically retain your herbivorous ...... Read More>>

Feeling Tense: A Guide to Nanjing’s Massage Parlours HOT

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For those unfamiliar with it, Chinese massage can be a baffling and at times, genuinely terrifying experience. Further, the practise is sometimes associated (at least in the popular imagination) with a number of unsavoury underworld connotations. Despite ...... Read More>>

In Search of Beauty: Finding Nanjing’s Top Art Galleries HOT

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Having hosted its 1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art in 2010, it seems that Nanjing, the 'city of culture', is well on its way to becoming a major Chinese and international hub for visual art. The city is home to a number of galleries and ...... Read More>>

The Bargain Hunter’s Guide to Flea Markets in Nanjing HOT

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Nanjing is recognised as one of the most highly Westernised cities in China. Yet in spite of the daily encroachments of global capitalism, the humble flea market – that universal symbol of non-standardised commerce – triumphantly lives on. The following ...... Read More>>

Finding the Dance Floor Friendly Night Clubs in Nanjing HOT

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Although Nanjing has a vibrant and well-established nightlife, in the city's main clubbing area, the 1912 district, venues are more likely to be of the sit-down variety, with little attention being paid to the all-important dance floor. This guide will tell ...... Read More>>

Make Friends While Exercising: Sports Clubs in Nanjing HOT

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Sports clubs are a great way to stay fit and meet some of the friendliest people in Nanjing. Most of them attract a number of Chinese and foreigners alike, and often host great social events. So if you’re wondering where to exercise and make friends, read ...... Read More>>

How to Satisfy a Western Dessert Craving in Nanjing HOT

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Nanjing has a host of foreign chain restaurants that provide tasty sweets throughout the city, but did you really come all the way to China just for Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Dairy Queen? Try these local shops that offer many standard Western style ...... Read More>>

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