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Please, No Momo’s Today: Where to Get Lhasa’s Best Foreign Food

Lhasa can feel really remote sometimes, and whether you are passing through or staying for a longer time, a good break in the routine of traveling can be a taste of home. These are some of the best restaurants in Lhasa that serve exclusively Western food, Read more>>

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Don’t Worry, Stay Happy: Lhasa’s 3 International Youth Hostels HOT

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During the peak tourist season, it may seem as though your only option while visiting Lhasa is to stay in an overly expensive hotel, burning a hole in your pocket in the process. Amidst recent concerns about how safe it is to travel around Lhasa, hotels ...... Read More>>

How to Get a Travel Permit to Tibet HOT

Unlike the rest of China, travelling to Tibet is more complicated and requires extra planning and documents. Also, due to the sensitive nature of the area, policies regarding travel to Tibet are constantly subject to change. Borders may suddenly be shut to ...... Read More>>

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