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History of Lanzhou

Archeological records indicate that the first humans began to settle around the ancient city of Lanzhou about 5,000 years ago. It was established as a prefecture during the Western Han Dynasty, and named Jincheng, or "strong fort". The city received its existing name during the early years of the Sui ...Read more>>

All Lanzhou Essential Guide

Lanzhou Transport - Introduction HOT

Situated as it is in the center of the province, Lanzhou is the transportation hub of Gansu. Thus it is accessible by extensive road and rail links that radiate in all directions. Its five national highways include Highways 109, 212, 213, 310 and 312. ... Read More>>

Office Leasing

Commercial Real Estate Overview Office buildings in Lanzhou are mainly concentrated along Zhangye Lu and Qingyang Lu in the downtown area. Chenguan District has about 85% of all buildings, while the Qilihe District has 10% and Anning District has 5%. There are 5 commercial building clusters in Chengguan District which include the Xiguan circle, ... ...Read More>>

Business Links

◎ Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Lanzhou Municipal People's ◎ Lanzhou Investment Promotion Bureau ◎ Lanzhou Government ◎ Lanzhou Channel at China Xinhua Net ...Read More>>

Preferential Policy

Preferential Tax Policies State regulations provide that the income tax for enterprises with foreign investment is 30% of the taxable income, yet enterprises operating within the jurisdiction of Lanzhou municipality will enjoy a favorable tax rate of 24% and enterprises operating in hi-tech or advanced technology areas will enjoy an even more ... ...Read More>>

Labor force

Human Resource Overview Lanzhou has nearly 700 institutions undertaking scientific research and development in various fields, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences. There are 10 key state labs in the city and a heavy-ion accelerator. Nearly 300,000 professional technicians are working in the city, including 13 academics from the Chinese ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Post &Telecommunications

In 2006, total telecommunications revenue reached 2.5 billion RMB and postal services revenue reached 0.21 billion RMB. Local telephone users numbered over 1.66 million mobile phone users totaled 1.8 million and 0.21 million internet users. ...Read More>>

Investment Procedure

1. Procedures of Establishing a Joint Venture 2. Establishing a Representative Office in Lanzhou Foreign enterprises shall make application to the Lanzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and submit the following documents: (1) Application for establishing a representative office signed by the legal representative of the ... ...Read More>>

Development Zones

Lanzhou High and New Tech Development Zone The Lanzhou High and New Technology Development Zone (LHNTDZ) has an area of 29.18 square kilometers and was built at a cost of 2.32 billion RMB. There are over 1090 enterprises set up in the LHNTDZ, including 47 foreign-funded companies. Industry in the Zone is diverse and includes refined chemistry, ... ...Read More>>

Planning & Development

• Strategic Planning and Development Lanzhou's goal is to be a major western China regional center with deep cultural roots manifested by the unique Yellow River culture and a modern industrial base, complete with a robust and supportive tertiary sector. To achieve these goals, Lanzhou is positioning itself as the largest petrochemical and ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Transportation

Roads There are 5 state-level superhighways converging in Lanzhou including the 312, 310, 109, 212, and 213, as well as the 6 provincial expressways passing through the city. The city has accelerated the construction of several expressways linking it with neighboring areas. In 2006, total roadbed in the Greater Lanzhou Area was 1,600 ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Public Utilities

The urban daily tap water supply in Lanzhou is 1.30 million tons/day and the sewage treatment capacity is 0.252 million tons/day. The number of natural gas users has reached 0.30 million and has made a significant impact on air quality. The established hydro-electric power stations at Liujiaxia, Bapanxia, Yanguoxia and Daxia together with other ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Government

Mayor Mayor: Zhang Jinliang Municipal Departments • Lanzhou Municipal People's Government Add: Nanbinhe Donglu, Lanzhou Postcode: 730030 Tel: 0931-8772201 Fax: 0931-8848333 • Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Lanzhou Municipal People's Government Add: 637 Binhe Donglu, Lanzhou Postcode: 730030 Tel:0931-8825626,8882... ...Read More>>

Business Environment

Geographical Advantages Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province, located on the upper reaches of the Yellow River and at the geometric center of China's continental territory. The city proper, with the Yellow River flowing through, is surrounded by mountain ranges providing a rare convergence of the rugged geographical features of the ... ...Read More>>

Foreign Trade & Foreign Direct

By the end of 2006, there were 1,700 foreign enterprises in the city and so far Lanzhou has established economic, academic and trade relations with more than 80 countries and regions. The bulk of the city's foreign direct investment comes from Hong Kong, Taiwan, the US, Japan, Thailand, Macao, Australia, Singapore, Canada and South Korea. There ... ...Read More>>

Strategic Industries

Lanzhou's five strategic industries are the petrochemicals sector, metallurgy, machinery and electronics, textiles and building materials. There are over 5,600 enterprises in Lanzhou and some of the products for which the city is noted include concentrated nitric acid, synthetic rubbers, silicon, graphite electrodes, electrolytic aluminum, oil ... ...Read More>>

Lanzhou Business Guide - Economic Overview HOT

Vital Statistics (2006) GDP: RMB 63.8 billion GDP per Capita: RMB18,022 Economic Growth Rate: 15.0% Population: 2.04 million (urban) – 1.10 million (rural) FDI: US$69.7 million Annual Average Wage: RMB16,960 Government Effectiveness Rating: 86th 2006 Chinese Cities Competitive Rating: 84th Economic Overview Among all of the cities dotted ... ...Read More>>

Statistics HOT

• GDP: RMB 136 billion (2011) • Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents: RMB 15,953 (2011) • Economic Growth Rate: 15% (2011) • Resident Population: 3.616 million (2011) • Unemployment Rate: 4% (2011) • Enrollment Rate for Children of School Age: 99.45% (2011) • Enrollment Rate for High School Students ... ...Read More>>

Area & Population HOT

Lanzhou covers approximately 13,100 square kilometers in the center of Gansu Province. According to the results of a recent census, it has a diverse population totaling 3.61 million people comprised of 56 different ethnic nationalities including Han, Hui, Man, Tibetan, Yugu and Sala. Males make up 1.85 million, 51.15% of the total resident ... ...Read More>>

Location and Climate HOT

Lanzhou is located at 102°30'-104°30' North Latitude, and 35°5' - 38° East Longitude, in the heart of continental China. The city is nestled between mountains to the north and south, with the Yellow River flowing east and west. Lanzhou lies in the temperate continental zone characterized by an arid climate with clearly defined ... ...Read More>>

Lanzhou Transport - Bus HOT

Traversed as Lanzhou is by 110 bus routes, the public bus is the most convenient mode of transportation in the city. Buses usually run from 06:00 to 21:30, and fares range from 1-1.5 RMB depending on the distance traveled. Visitors are advised to avoid the bus during rush hours. Lanzhou Public Transportation Company Add: 493 Xijin Donglu, ... ...Read More>>

Lanzhou Nightlife HOT

Those looking for a good time in Lanzhou should head over to Gannan Lu, which is the city's one and only pub street. Most places look like cookie cutter imitations of each other, each offering the same services from nearly identical menus; but some of these ...... Read More>>

Brief Intro to Lanzhou Shopping HOT

In ancient times, Lanzhou was referred to as "Jingcheng", and was a booming commercial town along the Silk Road. Today, Lanzhou still features an impressive collection of handicrafts and regionally-produced products.... Read More>>

Brief Intro to Lanzhou Dining HOT

Lanzhou fare offers several dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in China. Lanzhou cuisine is heavily influenced by the Hui ethnic minority group, and is characterized as being spicy and salty. Beef and mutton dishes appear more frequently than those ...... Read More>>

Lanzhou Travel Tips HOT

Lanzhou experiences typical semi-arid continental weather with sandstorms in the spring and cold nights in the summer. Visitors coming in the summer time should avoid going outside during a sandstorm. Those that really must go outside should wear protective ...... Read More>>

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