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History of Jinan

The Jinan area was split between the Qi and Lu states during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It was during this time that the the Great Wall of Qi was built to defend the state of Qi from the kingdom of Chu. The wall began in Jinan and ended at Qingdao: sections are still open to ...Read more>>

All Jinan Essential Guide

Jinan transport - Intorduction HOT

Jinan is Shandong’s transportation hub, and is easily reachable by all major forms of transportation. Jinan’s civil aviation flights regularly fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major tourism cities in China. Over 30 high-speed trains pass ...... Read More>>

Office Leasing

Commercial Real Estate Overview Office buildings in Jinan are mainly concentrated in the central core area, Shangda Lu area and eastern area. 1. Central area: including the CBD (Central Business District), which includes Shunhe Gaojia Lu, Weishi'er Lu, Jingshi Lu, Wei'er Lu and the CRD (Central Retail District), which includes the Lishan Lu, ... ...Read More>>

Business Links

◎ Jinan Municipal People's Government: ◎ Shandong International Business net: ◎ Jinan International Trade and Economics: ◎ Jinan Tourism: ◎ City Maps Jinan: ...Read More>>

Preferential Policy

Preferential Policies Business Income Tax State regulations provide that the income tax for enterprises with foreign investment is 30% of the taxable income, yet those enterprises operating within the jurisdiction of Jinan will enjoy a favorable tax rate of 15%. Any enterprise with foreign investment in a production-based industry and ... ...Read More>>

Labor force

Human Resource Overview There are 56 universities and colleges in Jinan, with enrollment of 549,300 students. There are also another 104,400 students studying in post-secondary vocational schools. Jinan has been appraised as a ''National Excellent City for Revitalization through Science and Education'' for 2 consecutive years. Famous ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Post &Telecommunications

In 2006, postal service revenues reached 4.93 billion RMB. The Jinan Post Office has 113 mail lines, including 24 air routes, 8 railway lines, 5 inter-provincial, 26 provincial and 25 local urban mail lines, covering a distance of 57,696 km and extending in all directions. There are 2.44 million telephone users in the city's urban areas; 499,000 ... ...Read More>>

Investment Procedure

1. Investment Procedure in Jinan 2. Establishing a Representative Office in Jinan Foreign enterprises shall make application to the Jinan Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and submit the following documents: (1) Application for establishing a representative office signed by the legal representative of the foreign enterprise; (2) ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Transportation

Roads Two national expressways (Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Fuzhou) meet in Jinan. Provincial expressways centered on Jinan can reach the 17 large and medium-sized cities of Shandong within 5 hours. There is the Jiqing expressway in the east, the Jingfu and Jinghu Expressways in the south and north and the Jiliao Expressway in the west, as ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Government

Mayor Mayor: Zhang Jianguo Municipal Departments • Jinan Municipal People's Government Add: 193 Jing'er Lu, Jinan Postcode: 250001 Tel: 0531-86056888 • Jinan Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation Bureau Add: Foreign Trade Mansion, 71A Jingsi Weiyi Lu, Jinan Postcode: 250001 Tel: 0531-86911387, 86028156 Fax: 0531-86914693 • Taiwan ... ...Read More>>

Development Zones

Jinan National High-tech Development Zone Founded in 1991, the Jinan Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone was one of the first state-level hi-tech zones approved by the State Council. It is located in the east of the city with a total planning area of 83 square kilometers, of which the central area is 33 square kilometers, the export processing ... ...Read More>>

Foreign Trade & Foreign Direct

Preferred foreign investment fields have expanded to urban infrastructure construction, restructuring of state-owned enterprises, technological transformation of the medium and small-sized enterprises, general agricultural development and hi-tech projects. Enterprises from more than 60 nations and regions have come to invest in Jinan. The top 6 ... ...Read More>>

Planning & Development

Urban Development Positioning Jinan will focus future development plans on constructing the Southern Mountainous Area, the Northern Yellow River Protection and Development Belt and the Central Urban Industrial Development Belt, in accordance with the requirements of functional areas for optimizing land use. In the Southern mountainous area, the ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Public Utilities

Water supply: Jinan has an urban water supply capacity of 101,500 tons/day and urban sewage treatment capacity of 25,000 tons/day. Power supply: Jinan's total power consumption amount was 17.16 billion kwh in 2006. Heat supply: Jinan has a central heating supply area of 32.55 million square meters with a popularization rate of 46%. Liquefied ... ...Read More>>

Business Environment

Geographical Advantages Located on the eastern coast of China, Jinan is the capital city of Shandong Province and a regional central city. It is also a city at the vice-provincial level and a foreign-oriented city approved by the central government. Jinan is near Mount Tai to the south and neighbors the Yellow River on the north. Connecting the ... ...Read More>>

Strategic Industries

As one of the important industrial cities in China, Jinan has great advantages in the automotive sector, mechanics, steel and iron, the chemical industry, textiles, foodstuffs, light industry and construction materials. Its main products include 4,000 varieties such as automobiles, machine tools, large-scale presses, washing machines and ... ...Read More>>

Jinan Business Guide - Economic Overview HOT

Jinan has a long history and remains a culturally important city, highly-touted by the State Council as one of the nation's ''Spring Cities'' because of its pleasant weather. Located in western Shandong Province near Taishan (a UNESCO World Heritage site), and just north of the Yellow River, which is known as the ''cradle'' of the Chinese ... ...Read More>>

Statistics HOT

• GDP: RMB 440 billion (2011) • Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents: RMB 28,866 (2011) • Economic Growth Rate: 10.5% (2011) • Resident Population: 6.81million (2010) • Unemployment Rate: 4% (2011) • Enrollment Rate for Children of School Age: 100% (2011) • Enrollment Rate for High School Students to ... ...Read More>>

Area & Population HOT

The population of Jinan is 6.81 (2010) million. There are 3.42 million males, accounting for 50.25% of the total resident population and 3.39 million females, accounting for 49.75%. There are small populations of Hui, Manchu, Mongol, Korean and Hani in the city too. The city's urban area covers around 3,257 square kilometers; the total area of ... ...Read More>>

Location and Climate HOT

Sitting in the warm temperate zone of China, Jinan has a continental monsoon climate, with four well defined seasons. In January, average minimum temperatures can drop to around -6C (21.2F), rising in summer to average maximums of 34C (93.2F) in July. Annual rainfall is around 600 mm, with over half of this falling in the months of July and ... ...Read More>>

Jinan Nightlife HOT

Like most Chinese cities, the bar scene in Jinan is still developing. As the economy grows, the selection of bars and nightspots has been improving, but there is still a way to go. That being said, there are a number of decent spots in the city to have a ...... Read More>>

Jinan Shopping Areas HOT

Quancheng Lu Commercial Street 泉城路商业街 Like Nanjing Lu in Shanghai and Wangfujing in Beijing, Quancheng Lu is Jinan’s major shopping street, and the oldest central commercial block in Jinan. During the Ming Dynasty, it was the city’s main ...... Read More>>

Jinan Food Streets HOT

Furong Jie Snack Street 芙蓉街小吃街 A typical old-style snack street, most types of local snacks can be found here. It is the only commercial street in Jinan that dates from the late Ming Dynasty, and is one of the busiest streets in Old Jinan.... Read More>>

Jinan Transport - Bus HOT

Bus lines in Jinan cover most of the city, but although the bus numbers are written in Western characters, the routes are only displayed in Chinese: if you can't read Chinese, you'll have to get used to asking bus drivers and locals for help as you travel around the city. The largest hub for buses is Quancheng Square: you can get almost anywhere ... ...Read More>>

Jinan Travel Tips HOT

The seasons in Jinan are well defined and the weather is reasonably easy to predict. The winter average minimum is around -6C (20F) in January. Summer heats up to an average maximum of 34C (93F) in July 29C. The rainiest months are July and August. Many ...... Read More>>

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