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Why You Should be Choosing Antibiotic & Hormone-free Poultry

Arguably, antibiotics were 20th century medicine’s crowning glory. But today, they are becoming increasingly ineffective in human medicine. So much so in fact that America’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists antibiotic resistance among its “top concerns.” Read more>>

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Hit the Runway: Affordable Fashion in Hangzhou HOT

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Given that one of Hangzhou’s major industries has historically been silk and other textiles, it should come as no surprise that for the fashion conscious, Hangzhou is one of the premier cities in China. It used to be that you had to bring your high-fashion ...... Read More>>

Where to Find English Language Books in Hangzhou HOT

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If, like me, you have exhausted your home supply of English literature and are not yet up to speed on Chinese characters, then finding a good English language book to read is a necessity in this foreign city. Hangzhou is a city famous for its breathtaking ...... Read More>>

Hunting Spices: International Grocery Shopping in Hangzhou HOT

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Expats can say what they like about Chinese food: it is sometimes mysterious, and even risky – but nevertheless it’s generally delicious and inexpensive. It’s also intimidating to cook, especially for those of us who haven’t been properly initiated. I ...... Read More>>

A Few Awesome Markets in Hangzhou HOT

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Hangzhou may not be a shopper’s paradise like Shanghai or Hong Kong but it can hold its own in terms of the range of deals and products that you can ultimately find. The traditional staples of Hangzhou commerce include silk and tea. In modern times, ...... Read More>>

Pot Luck: Combating Air Pollution with House Plants in Hangzhou HOT


Air quality and health in China are issues if you plan on living here for an extended period of time. And while Hangzhou’s air quality is excellent compared to many Chinese cities, most foreigners would agree that if they could improve the air quality in ...... Read More>>

Flowers for Every Season: Hangzhou Plant Markets HOT

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People love flowers. They brighten up the places where we live and work, help us appreciate nature, provide the sort of aromas that air fresheners simply can’t, and lift our moods. Humanity’s appreciation of flowers is nearly universal, and China is no ...... Read More>>

Landing the right bike in Hangzhou HOT


Buying a bike is one of the best investments you can make it China. First off, biking is a great way to see the city you’re living in. There’s nothing like being a part of the great bicycle swarm that overruns most Chinese cities during morning and evening...... Read More>>

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