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Those Summer Nights—Guangzhou's Best Places to See Foreign Films HOT

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Wanting to go out for a movie but dreading reading all those subtitles? Tired of watching DVDs of your favourite Western movies at home? Don't worry, catching a non-Chinese film in Guangzhou is easy—although the English-language film selection is ...... Read More>>

How to Wine-d Down: The Best Wine Bars in Guangzhou HOT

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If you're an occasional swiller of the hearty grape variety, you've undoubtedly found yourself disappointed by the typical wine selections in Guangzhou: whether it tastes like slightly fortified grape juice, or the tannin imbalance is so bad your mouth ...... Read More>>

Furniture Frenzy: Places to Pimp Your Pad in Guangzhou HOT

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Your home should be a pleasure, a space so uniquely yours that when you enter it you instantly feel comforted. However, for expats living abroad, home might just mean one in a series of rented apartments. But just because you don't own it doesn't mean you ...... Read More>>

6 Fun Things to Do in Guangzhou’s Panyu District HOT

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You may find yourself in Panyu for any number of reasons: work, business or the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of Guangzhou. With bluer skies, less traffic and better infrastructure for an easy commute to the city (it’s only about 30 minutes ...... Read More>>

Old School Shopping—An Introduction to Guangzhou's Markets HOT

For centuries, Guangzhou's markets have enticed travelers. Unlike the Western shopping culture that bred the department store where a variety of goods are available under one roof, in ancient Asia tradesmen would base themselves and their wares around a ...... Read More>>

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Guangzhou HOT

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Settling into a big city like Guangzhou takes a lot of time no matter who you are. Learning transportation routes, finding your favourite foods and getting an idea of entertainment options is a long process. Guidebooks and internet how-tos abound, but often ...... Read More>>

Exploring the Pearl River Delta: Daytrips from Guangzhou HOT


Guangdong is a massive province and there’s more to it than just the slick commercial buzz of Shenzhen, or the multicultural hub of ancient Canton. We’ve listed some places that can be done as easy daytrips from the provincial capital, no more than three ...... Read More>>

Fitness, Fun and Friends: Sports Clubs in Guangzhou HOT

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Living in Guangzhou, we may find ourselves without incentive to exercise – the gyms are crowded, the skies are gray and motivation is low when you’re flying solo. Luckily, Guangzhou is full of expat sport clubs and leagues, suitable for sport enthusiasts ...... Read More>>

Got Visitors in Town? Tips on Where to take them in Guangzhou HOT

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Picture the scene: your initial cheerfulness at hearing that your parents have booked a flight to come see their favourite globetrotter out in the unknown land of China is beset by panic. What on earth can you take them to do in Guangzhou? They probably ...... Read More>>

No Man is an Island: Ways to Meet People in Guangzhou HOT

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Arriving in a new place can be a daunting experience, perhaps even more so when you are faced with the likes of Guangzhou with its tall buildings and crowded streets. Or maybe you’ve been in Guangzhou for a while and fancy checking out a new scene. Of ...... Read More>>

Best Deals in Tianhe: Getting Happy Hour in Guangzhou, Part Two HOT

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A drink or two at happy hour is perfect for after-work bonding, but too many after may lead to disaster (all a matter of perspective, of course). While a good start on happy hour one day may leave you not so happy the next, drinking in Guangzhou is worth ...... Read More>>

Green Groceries in Guangzhou – In Search of Organic Products HOT

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If we are what we eat, then most of us could probably sell ourselves as pesticides. Recent years have unraveled food quality scandals in China that have prompted even the least eco-minded of us to check grocery store labels more carefully. Ironically, ...... Read More>>

Best Happy Hours in Guangzhou, Part One: Garden Hotel Area HOT

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A drink or two at happy hour is perfect for after-work bonding, but too many may lead to disaster (all a matter of perspective, of course). While a good start on happy hour one day may leave you a not-so-happy one the next, drinking in Guangzhou is worth ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou for Kids: Parks, Zoos, Shopping and More HOT

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While the internet abounds with information on fun places for adults to hang out – fancy restaurants, romantic getaways and places to spend those hard-earned Renminbi – not much is written about fun things for children to do in Guangzhou. But don't ...... Read More>>

Colour Me English: Expat Friendly Hair Salons in Guangzhou HOT

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Hair reflects our personality. It’s one of many ways a woman expresses to the world her identity. Walking out the doors with a botched dye job or dealing with a scissor-happy stylist who took off way too much can be a downright traumatic experience, ending ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou's Museums: Great Culture at a Fantastic Price HOT

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From thousand-year-old jade pieces to papercuts made in the last year, Guangzhou's museums prove that no matter how long you've lived here, there's always more to explore. When getting to know a country, a culture, a city or even just a neighbourhood, ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Metro: A Slice of Life, Underground HOT

Since the line opened in the late 90s, Guangzhou’s metro system has expanded far beyond its first line through the city's centre. Recently extended for last November's Asian Games, Guangzhou’s subway system has now accrued more than 200 kilometers of ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Watchdog: A Round-up of News, Events & New Openings HOT

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With new buildings and roads virtually appearing overnight in China, it’s all too easy to fall out of the loop when it comes to news, events and top local stories. We’ve taken the time to search the web for the latest updates on what’s happening around ...... Read More>>

Sweet Satisfaction: The 5 Best Dessert Spots in Guangzhou HOT

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Dessert, on the whole, is often considered the ultimate culinary splurge. A dish ranging from delicate sweetness to a teeth-aching treat, dessert plays a strong role in everything from celebrating milestones to wooing the lovely face across the table. ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Bars Offer More Than Just Booze HOT

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Sometimes throughout the week you’re in the mood for something a little bit different after work. Whether you’re an English teacher shushing kids 20 hours a week, a businessman slogging away at a 9-to-5, or a traveler eager to have a more involved ...... Read More>>

iWant: Hot Deals on New Gadgets at Guangzhou’s Electronic Markets HOT

So you have seen Steve Jobs presenting the newest iPad, iPhone, iSomething and as an affluent city dweller you don't want to be left behind. The first option you have to get your hands on these new toys for a reasonable price is taking a short trip to Hong ...... Read More>>

Pump it up: Guangzhou’s Best Gyms HOT

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Fitness clubs are one of many new luxuries in China, with most appearing in the past ten years and transforming the tastes and leisure time of its citizens. Guangzhou, like other large Chinese cities and a few small ones, is home to some of the most modern ...... Read More>>

Six of Guangzhou’s Best Pizzas from around the World HOT

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Pizza’s journey to becoming an international dish didn’t start with modern pizza chains or even with pizza’s Italian origins as a new distinct dish. Meals akin to pizza have existed for thousands of years, as it doesn’t take too long eating flat bread ...... Read More>>

Nightlife in Guangzhou Part 2: Popular Nightclubs near Overseas Chinese Village HOT

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See Nightlife in Guangzhou Part 1 here. <br /> The overseas Chinese village, including the area around Garden Hotel, was one of the first to accept foreigners after China had been opened ... Read More>>

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