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Zhujiang New Town – International Hotspot in Guangzhou HOT

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In recent years, the Zhujiang New Town (Zhujiang Xin Cheng - 珠江新城) district has become one of Guangzhou's hottest addresses. A southward extension of Tianhe district's CBD, the New Town also hosts brand-new cultural venues, sought-after accommodation ...... Read More>>

Canton Fair: A History of Trade and Foreign Influence HOT


When I tell friends at home I live in Guangzhou, it often warrants a quizzical look and a nod of feigned recognition. I can almost see the eyes of even the worldliest of friends roll back into their brain as they access their mental Rolodex of Chinese ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Pearl River ― From Lifeline to Leisure Hub HOT

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From the vestiges of the city's past to the hints of its ultramodern future, the Pearl River's importance to Guangzhou is evident while walking, cycling and people-watching along its paved and shaded banks. ... Read More>>

Canton Tower: Guangzhou’s Femme Fatale HOT

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For one living in Guangzhou, it can be hard to imagine that just two years ago, our city landscape was void of the lustrous and luminous Canton Tower, and that the soil on which the sultry, curvaceous structure now stands was just earth and field. In those ...... Read More>>

The Hands of Tradition: TCM in Guangzhou HOT

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From the east to the west, most would agree that a good bowl of homemade soup is the perfect remedy for the common cold. Why? Who knows. The mysteries, methods and miracles of medicine, both modern and ancient, are vast and while most of us pop those pills ...... Read More>>

From Sushi to Satay—Asian Cuisine in Guangzhou Other Than Chinese HOT

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Guangzhou diners wishing to please the palate with something other than Chinese cuisine don't have to eat Western all the time. Guangzhouers can find a multitude of Korean, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants ready to tease their taste buds. These ...... Read More>>

Super Shopping: Tianhe’s New League of Consumption Hot Spots HOT

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Just in time for spring shopping season, Guangzhou’s expanse of the indoor shopping experience has thriced itself with the additions of Tianhe Fashion Walk, TaiKooHui and One Link Walk. All located in Tianhe District and basically within the same city ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Watchdog: Spring Festival Chaos, Korean Fashion and More HOT


If it's your first Chinese New Year in Guangzhou and you're excited about all the lively, thrilling events on offer during the holiday, sorry to disappoint you. As the world's largest exodus gains momentum, Guangzhou's streets will soon be an eerie, empty ...... Read More>>

Question 1: Where Can You Attend “Trivia Night” in Guangzhou? HOT

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Living in Guangzhou, it’s easy to forget about things like the Fall’s primetime line-up back home, what date the Academy Awards fall on this year, or who’s at the top of the Top 40 with Casey Kasem. To keep your wits in shape and your pop culture ...... Read More>>

Hotel Restaurants: Raising the Bar in Guangzhou’s Dining Scene HOT

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China is seeing the world’s highest number of hotels under construction and room openings projected for the next two years. With Guangdong province having the highest number of hotels in China (along with Zhejiang and Jiangsu), it’s no wonder that while ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Watchdog: Wildlife Running Rampant, Sex Festivals & More HOT

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Guangzhou is about to host a sex culture festival, a film festival and a food festival. If, after all that, you’re not "festivaled out", why not swing by Hooley’s one last time before they say "Slán" and move to new quarters? Or maybe ...... Read More>>

Educate Yourself—Expat-Friendly Classes in Guangzhou HOT

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Living abroad is a learning experience in itself. However, once that "shiny newness" has worn off the new home, expats sometimes find themselves cocooning into a routine, often involving laying on the couch and watching too many DVDs. Fight the ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou's Best Hangover Breakfasts HOT

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1) The Happy Monk<br /> For hung-over Brits and others craving beans for breakfast, the Happy Monk's Full English Breakfast at 88 RMB, or even better yet, the Happy Morning After, will win moans of gratitude. The second meal adds on a Bloody Mary for ...... Read More>>

Ride On – A Guide to Buying or Renting Bikes in Guangzhou HOT

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China has more bikes per capita than almost any other country in the world – which, with its population as large as it is, adds up to be a LOT of bicycles. So why wouldn’t any foreigner, cycling aficionado or not, want to experience the gut-wrenching ...... Read More>>

Finding the “Secret” Handicrafts Areas in Guangzhou HOT

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While name brand and knock-off shopping is easy in Guangzhou—locals and expats alike seem to live and breathe it—if you're not shopping for fashion, a few passes through the malls of the metropolis can feel like an exercise in monotony. Shoppers who are ...... Read More>>

South of the Border — How to Get to Hong Kong or Macau from Guangzhou HOT

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Popular for weekend jaunts, visa runs, shopping trips, gambling and their airport hubs, Macau and Hong Kong are close enough to Guangzhou to feel like they're in your backyard. Whether you prefer boats, planes, trains or buses, Guangzhou residents have a ...... Read More>>

Online Clothing Shops that have Your Size AND Deliver to Guangzhou! HOT


When clothes shopping, expatriates in China are often the recipients of the most discouraging phrase in Chinese—mei you(don't have). Whether it's a pair of jeans just one size up, a brassiere that doesn't crack your ribs or a pair of running shoes that ...... Read More>>

Cheap Beds, Cool Peeps – A look at Hostels in Guangzhou HOT

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Attention backpackers: Despite what you might have heard, Guangzhou does have hostels! While the quantity of lodging is not as abundant as in some other Chinese cities, in the past few years there have been some welcome additions to Guangzhou’s ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Watchdog: Recent News and Upcoming Events HOT


With all the recent coverage of Universiade, you might have missed these recent news stories and event announcements: Real Madrid visited, the worlds highest cable car ride opens, "biotech island" is under construction, cab prices are going up, ...... Read More>>

Get Cultured at The 2011 Guangzhou Arts Festival HOT

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Get ready Guangzhou! The 2011 Guangzhou Arts Festival is coming up quickly, and you won't want to miss it! It will be held from September 15th to October 28th at the Guangzhou Opera House, and will host 600 artists from China and eight other countries, for ...... Read More>>

FOODS Buffet: An Eating Excursion Fit for a King HOT

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Amazing spread in an amazing setting.<br /> With a selection that’s impressive even in the context of 5-star buffet dining, superb service, a great location and setting, and all around first-rate food on offer, FOODS at The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Cheap Eats: Western Appetite, Chinese Budget HOT

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In Guangdong's food-centric culture, going out to eat is a frequent social event. It's easy to get in the habit of dashing off to a restaurant every mealtime, but the cost of all these ordered dinners adds up quickly, especially if you've got a hankering ...... Read More>>

Heavy Petting – Advice on Keeping Pets in Guangzhou HOT

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When the subject of dogs or cats comes up in China it’s often more along the lines of food than it is of pets, as expats joke as to the true nature of meat-on-a-stick or the fact that you can still eat dog in Guangzhou if you know where to look. However, ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou July Watchdog: A Round-up of News and Events HOT

What’s been happening in Guangzhou lately? What’s coming up soon? To answer both questions, tons! It’s about to become way faster to travel to Shenzhen, our beloved Opera House is apparently falling apart, but that’s ok, because at least the museum is ...... Read More>>

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