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Daytrip from Guangzhou: Shawan Ancient Village in Panyu District HOT

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Need ideas for a daytrip from Guangzhou? Numerous ancient towns lie scattered around Guangzhou, offering a window into the province’s rich cultural heritage and illustrious past. Shawan Ancient Town in Panyu District is one such town. ... Read More>>

Making a Splash! The Best Water Parks in Guangzhou HOT

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Feeling hot and humid in Guangzhou? Why not cool down in style with a visit to one of Guangzhou’s water parks! There’s a fair few to choose from, so we’ve plucked out the best four in the city. ... Read More>>

Strap Up Your Boots: Stunning Spots for Hiking Near Guangzhou HOT


Bet you didn’t know that Guangzhou has loads of beautiful, hike-able hills nearby? Here, we look at three places near Foshan, Guangzhou’s neighboring city, for some excellent places that provide perfect opportunities for hiking near Guangzhou. ... Read More>>

Fresh Off the Grill: The Best DIY Barbecue Spots in Guangzhou HOT

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Guangzhou is full of public barbecue spots, though recent regulations have made it difficult to get a good bite. Here, we take a look at the best places for barbecues in Guangzhou, many of which are located in the outskirts of the city. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center: More than Just Campuses HOT

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Looking for something cool to do in your spare time or longing to mix with some hip young crowds? Then head over to the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, there’s plenty in store to keep you occupied. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Lychee Bay: More than Just Pretty Sights HOT

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Lychee Bay is a great place to visit any time of the year. The parade of traditional shops, natural scenery and Cantonese dining options are just a few good reasons to explore the area. ... Read More>>

Flower Power: Where to Admire Cherry Blossoms in Guangzhou HOT

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We take a look at the best places in Guangzhou to enjoy the wonderful sights of cherry blossoms. China’s “Green City” doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flora, so why not head out and take in the beauty of the blossoms. ... Read More>>

Head to Qiangang; Guangzhou’s Fascinating Ancient Village HOT

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Nestled away far from the seething metropolis of central Guangzhou, lies the ancient village of Qiangang. Built during the Song Dynasty, this little gem serves as the perfect weekend getaway for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. ... Read More>>

2013 Guangzhou Restaurant Week: Fine Dining at an Affordable Price HOT

Guangzhou Restaurant Week is back is back with a vengeance in 2013! From March 4-10, top dining establishments in Guangzhou will offer an exclusive 3-course Restaurant Week menu for lunch, dinner or both, for a fixed price starting from 68 RMB for lunch or ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Nansha Wetland Park: One for Bird Lovers HOT

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We take a look at Guangzhou’s Nansha Wetland Park – the first of its kind in the city and the perfect place to escape urban life. ... Read More>>

Best Markets in Guangzhou for Culture Vultures HOT

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We take a look at some of Guangzhou’s best antique markets, where shoppers can indulge in the buying of ceramics, jade, cultural relics, and more. ... Read More>>

Green Living: Guangzhou’s Yunxi Eco-Park HOT

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Guangzhou may be known as the Green City, but it’s as frantic as any seething metropolis. So why not relax and check out one of its truly green areas –Yunxi Ecological Park. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Flower Markets: Where to Buy Flowers on a Budget HOT

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Looking for an instant and low-budget way of perking up your flat, while at the same time improving the indoor air quality? Or are you wondering where to pick up a bouquet of flowers for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Look no further than these flower ...... Read More>>

Metro Explorations: Top Sights of Guangzhou’s Metro Line 4 HOT

Running from Jinzhou Station all the way to Huangcun Station, Metro Line 4 isn’t known for its famous scenery, nor is it known for being a popular line for tourists exploring the city, which is exactly why it’s loved by the locals as a hidden gem in the ...... Read More>>

Sharing the Faith: Christian Churches in Guangzhou HOT

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1) Shamian Chapel (Lady of Lourdes Chapel)<br /> Originally founded as a place of worship for the British Concession of Guangzhou, Shamian Chapel or Lady of Lourdes Chapel, was built in 1865. Ceremonies here are always conducted by English-speaking ...... Read More>>

Holiday Feasting: 2012 Christmas Dinners at Guangzhou’s Top Hotels HOT

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With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your Christmas dinner. The good news is there are plenty of extravagant Christmas dinner options if you’re staying in Guangzhou over the holidays. Although many of the city’s major ...... Read More>>

Dive In: Where to Go Swimming in Guangzhou HOT

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Swimming is easily one of the best ways to stay fit in Guangzhou. The zero-impact, aerobic, full-body exercise does wonders for your health. Thankfully, Guangzhou has a ton of places to do some laps or just take a quick dip if you know where to look, in a ...... Read More>>

De-stress with a Great Massage in Guangzhou HOT

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It’s easy to let inner city pressure get the best of you in Guangzhou, unless you know where to find a quality massage, that is. Don’t settle for just any back-alley massage parlor; let a muscle relaxation professional work you over and you won’t regret ...... Read More>>

Where to Go Bowling in Guangzhou HOT

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Bowling may not be a traditional Chinese past-time, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this indoor, low-impact, affordable sport in China's southern metropolis. Whether you want to switch up your weekend routine a little or celebrate an occasion, bowling ...... Read More>>

Where to Go for Fabulous Nails in Guangzhou HOT

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Dime-a-dozen nail salons are easy enough to find in Guangzhou, but the city can be a bit of a challenge for the discerning manicure connoisseur. Besides the risk of less-than-dazzling nails, some shops use cheap, harmful chemicals you'll want to steer clear ...... Read More>>

Popular Clothing Markets on Guangzhou’s Guangyuan Xi Lu HOT

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Inexpensive clothing markets aren't hard to find in a city built on foreign exports like Guangzhou, but if you need a good starting point, check out Guangyuan Xi Lu (广元西路). Here you'll find an especially dense concentration of cheap clothing markets, ...... Read More>>

The Healthy Option: Organic Farms That Deliver Around Guangzhou HOT

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With all the food safety scandals blowing up around here, one might be forgiven for worrying about how to buy safe, healthy produce in Guangzhou. But with a range of options for affordable home delivery, organic fruits, vegetables, and meats can actually be ...... Read More>>

Dinghu Shan: Explore the Mysteries of Guangzhou’s Very Own Primeval Forest HOT

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Known to the locals (and the tourism promoters) as the "Oasis on the Tropic of Cancer", Dinghu Shan is rife with tropical vegetation and clean, freshly oxygenized air. Several scenic areas can be found in the Dinghu Shan area, among which Tianhu ...... Read More>>

2012 Halloween in Guangzhou: The Most Wicked Events HOT

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As the darkness continues to devour our precious daylight hours, one major festival has crept up upon us again: Halloween. This year's Halloween-themed offerings in Guangzhou are scary, gory and smothered with a chilling obsession of the apocalyptic. There ...... Read More>>

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