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Al Fresco Drinking in Dalian HOT

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The combination of Dalian's mild weather in the spring, summer and fall and its location on the coast make it an ideal place to enjoy a drink outside. Indeed, during the summer it's not hard to find Dalian residents sitting outside their homes enjoying the ...... Read More>>

Dining out in Dalian: A Selection of the City’s Best Restaurants HOT

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While Dalian is most famous for its seafood, at some of its best restaurants seafood only makes up one section of the menu. Nowadays, finding a good meal in Dalian requires you to consider a range of choices which illustrate Dalian's growing culinary ...... Read More>>

Dalian’s Top Coffee Shops HOT

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It used to be that if you wanted a good cup of coffee in Dalian you could only find it at one of the city's top line hotels. Fortunately, those days are over. While you can still get a quality cup at the hotel, there are often better and cheaper choices to ...... Read More>>

Learn to Relax with Dalian’s Top Spas HOT

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There is perhaps no city in China that takes spas as seriously as Dalian. Drawing on the onsen-spa tradition established during the Japanese occupation, spas have been an integral part of Dalian life since the early 1900s. Today, heavy interest from the ...... Read More>>

Dalian’s Most Useful Public Transportation Routes HOT

While Dalian is one of the best city's to explore on foot, unless you live close to where you want to go, you can't walk everywhere all the time. Dalian's public transportation system offers an inexpensive and convenient alternative to taking a taxi. In ...... Read More>>

Dalian's Best Bars HOT

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Although Dalian is known for its natural beauty, outdoor activities and scenic seashores, there is plenty to keep you occupied when the sun goes down. Below is our list of the best bars to relax after a hard day's sightseeing. ... Read More>>

Dalian's Best Outdoors Activities HOT

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Dalian's small size, distinctive neighbourhoods, coastal location and unique integration of natural spaces into the urban landscape, make it one of the most beautiful walking cities in China. While a simple stroll around town might be all you need to ...... Read More>>

The Best Cinemas in Dalian HOT

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If you’ve been in China for a while and you’re starting to itch for a little reminder of home, a trip to the movies is a great way to sit back, relax, and get away from the city atmosphere. As a city with a long history of western influence, Dalian has ...... Read More>>

Dalian's Best Weekend Getaways HOT

While there are plenty of activities, sights and places to enjoy in Dalian, everyone once in a while needs some time away from the hustle and bustle of city living. The following suggestions are convenient weekend getaways from Dalian you can enjoy without ...... Read More>>

Blast from the Past: Best Museums in Dalian HOT

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Dalian has a rich cultural heritage and the best way of appreciating this is by visiting one of the city’s many museums. Whether it is the area’s natural, artistic, social or cultural history you are interested in, there’s something for every visitor in ...... Read More>>

Dalian's Best Business Hotels HOT

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If ever there has been a time to focus on business travel it is now. As companies make significant cuts in spending for business travel, business travelers are increasingly being directed to seek low-cost, no-frills alternatives in order to reduce costs. ...... Read More>>

Where to Head for No Stress Shopping in Dalian HOT

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Although there are those that love it, for many, shopping is not a favorite fun activity. Add on the language and communation issues, different shopping etiquette, and worries about product quality and authenticity, and shopping in Dalian can seem like a ...... Read More>>

48 Hours in Dalian HOT

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Dalian is one of China’s cleanest and most pleasant cities and that, coupled with its seaside location and rapid development, has made Dalian an increasingly popular travel destination. With a population of over 6 million, Dalian is by no means a small ...... Read More>>

Echo Books and Cafe: Dalian Cafe, Bookshop, and Cultural Centre HOT

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Now that temperatures have plummeted to below freezing in many places across China, and snow storms have been sweeping across the northern plains, keeping warm and finding shelter from the cold has become the number one priority. Below is a one Dalian venue ...... Read More>>

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