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The Disappearing Streets of Old Chongqing HOT

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Today’s Chongqing is by all appearances like any other modern metropolis, with gleaming skyscrapers and shiny automobiles. The Chinese government seems intent on giving its newest municipality a freshly minted façade through ...... Read More>>

Getting Healthy in Chongqing – A Gym Guide HOT

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ol li{list-style-type:decimal-leading-zero;} Burgeoning waistlines serve as an unofficial indicator of Chongqing’s economic performance and a testament to the controversial reputation of the local cuisine. Steeped in chili oil, Chongqing cuisine is ...... Read More>>

Sightseeing on a Shoestring: Chongqing’s Free Attractions HOT

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Soaring inflation coupled with a strengthening currency indicate that China’s days as an economical tourist destination are over. Besides, in stopover cities like Chongqing, transit visitors often prefer to save their cash for a cruise down the Yangtze. ... Read More>>

Flea Markets: Hidden Treasures of Old Chongqing HOT

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At a first glance, Chongqing is by all appearances an up-and-coming Chinese mega-city. Hidden behind the glitzy façade of towering skyscrapers and swank shopping complexes lies another world – complicated labyrinths of narrow stairways etched ...... Read More>>

Moving to Chongqing? Tips on Where to Live HOT


Chongqing is a huge city and, chances are, your job will dictate where you reside. However, if you're planning on coming and finding a place for yourself, the choice between city-centre and 'suburbia' can be daunting. This article can't offer solutions, but ...... Read More>>

Transport Tips: How to Get Around Chongqing HOT


Chongqing is huge. In its expansion it has swallowed up many a town and village, these becoming the various city centres you may want to visit from time to time for shopping and night life. Unfortunately, the transport infrastructure hasn't kept pace with ...... Read More>>

Eating out in Chongqing’s Shapingba City Centre HOT

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There are some pleasant places to eat out in Chongqing’s Shapingba city centre, but they take some finding. We’ve scouted the area and compiled this dining guide to make choosing your next dining excursion in the city just that little bit easier. ... Read More>>

Chongqing Dishes: Fire-Breathing Spicy Hotpot and Other Local Delicacies HOT


Chongqing is famous throughout China for its "Three Hots": hot girls, hot weather and hot food. The girls? Pretty for sure, but perhaps no prettier than elsewhere in China. The weather? Shorter summers of late have made a sweater a better value ...... Read More>>

Chongqing’s Jiangbei City Centre: Shopping for a Taste of Home HOT

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The sprawl of Chongqing's Jiangbei city centre – in common with the city in general – has little to offer those foreigners shopping for a taste of home. Look closely, though, and a few emporia cater to the foreign palate with imported foodstuffs… ... Read More>>

The Hot Spring Capital: Chongqing’s Best Hot Springs HOT

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North Hot Springs 北温泉 <br /> The North Springs have nearly 1,600 thousand years of history; in fact they are called the "birth place of Chinese hot springs." The North Hot Springs has an abundance of excellent quality water. There are 10 ...... Read More>>

Chongqing’s Dazu Grottoes and Stone Carvings HOT

87 kilometres west of Chongqing lies the county of Dazu (大足). This small mountainous town has become one of China’s most famous historical sites, as it was here that an enormous collection of beautiful and spectacular ancient grottoes and ...... Read More>>

The Ultimate Guide to Chongqing’s Dining Streets HOT

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Diners from all over the world are lured by the delicious Sichuan cuisine offered in Chongqing. Restaurants dot every street and alley in the city; downtown Chongqing alone has 12 different dining streets that are each unique in their own right. If this is ...... Read More>>

Wonders of Nature: Wulong National Geological Park HOT

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Wulong Karst Landscapes National Geological Park (武隆天坑地缝国家地质公园) is one of the largest geological parks in Chongqing. With amazing topography marked by awe-inspiring karst landscapes (landscape shaped by the dissolution of a ...... Read More>>

After Hours Fun: Popular Bars in Chongqing HOT

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Chongqing’s nightlife scene is alive and kicking, with an ever increasing number of bars and clubs joining the burgeoning bar scene every year. However, Chongqing has a number of long-running mainstays and themed bars which continue to be ...... Read More>>

The 4th Chongqing Beer Carnival Kicks Off in August HOT

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The 4th Chongqing Beer Carnival will kick off on August 27th, bringing three days of thirst quenching fun to the city. Activities are hosted at two separate venues – the main venue is set up at the City Workers Cultural Palace and another is at Riyueguang ...... Read More>>

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