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Go West: A Week in Western Sichuan

If you’re planning a trip out of Chengdu this winter, consider travelling to the western part of Sichuan Province. Although it is cold at this time of year, the lack of rain and brilliant blue skies make this a stunning destination.Read more>>

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Chengdu Polar Ocean World Finally Unveiled to Public HOT

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Chengdu residents could only dream of rare and mysterious polar animals and swimming in harmony with sharks and other marine animals – until now. After 4 years of construction, Chengdu Polar Ocean World has finally opened to visitors on July 28th. And at ...... Read More>>

How to Find an Apartment in Chengdu HOT


The first thing you need to do is decide what Chengdu neighbourhood you want to find an apartment in. Here's a quick breakdown of popular areas located with Chengdu’s largest and wealthiest district, Wuhou:...... Read More>>

Top Five Locations for Al Fresco Dining in Chengdu HOT

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This year has heralded an El Nino of a summer in Chengdu, with the sun only popping out for moments (which is normal) between sandwiches of summer showers (not so normal.) Still, we all know that the reason Chengdu girls are the most beautiful in the world ...... Read More>>

Best Places in Chengdu for Al Fresco Drinking HOT

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Luckily for the locals of Chengdu, we seldom have to drink alone; but like Li Bai of old, we certainly enjoy getting our drink on under the canopy of the night sky, cloud covered though it may be. So let’s all raise our glass to the moon, even if we can’t ...... Read More>>

Best Places for Ice Cream in Chengdu HOT

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One of the best things about the summer is wrapping your tongue around a golden, crunchy cone, filled with an explosion of different flavours, some fruity, others chocolatey, while some perhaps more on the nutty side. As the sun glares down and the heat ...... Read More>>

Sichuan Earthquake 2 Years On: How to Volunteer & Help in Chengdu HOT


Although it’s been two years since a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Wenchuan County in Sichuan, much hard work and funding is still necessary to restore the worst affected areas and improve the lives of those who lost almost everything. The ...... Read More>>

Six New Shopping Malls to Open in Chengdu in 2010 HOT


According to the latest whispers around Chengdu, no less than six large-scale shopping malls are planned to open in various districts around Chengdu this year. Although the total number of shopping malls planned for opening has yet to be confirmed, Suning ...... Read More>>

Rock On! Chengdu’s Best Live Music Venues HOT

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If you think that Chengdu is all about pandas and tea houses think again! As the annual Zebra Music Festival and the ever-increasing number of live music venues prove, Chengdu has a burgeoning rock scene that’s very much alive and kicking. Whether you long ...... Read More>>

Chengdu's Art Sanctuary: North Village Art District HOT

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In the space of just a few years, special designated areas housing artists’ workshops, galleries and art related organisations have mushroomed all around China. In the mid-2000’s, Chinese contemporary art reached new heights, with Liu Xiaodong becoming ...... Read More>>

Travel Through Time: Chengdu’s Top Museums HOT

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Chengdu is a city seeped in history and culture. As a city with over 2,300 years history, that once was an important stopover on the Southern Silk Road and serves as a strategic base from which to enter Tibet, it is not surprising that some of the biggest ...... Read More>>

Finding Foreign Language Books in Chengdu HOT

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While English language book sales have plummeted in the US and UK following the recession, the appetite for English language books in China is booming like never before. About 300 million people in China speak English and the number of foreigners moving to ...... Read More>>

Grill Thrill: Best BBQ Restaurants in Chengdu HOT

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Barbequing is one of the most simple, yet delicious cooking methods out there. No matter where you go in China, you’re bound to find a small vendor grilling lamb on skewers in a busy street, or little shop windows emitting the mouth-watering scent of ...... Read More>>

Bargain Shopping in Chengdu: Lotus Pond Market HOT

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Getting ripped off is an unpleasant experience wherever you go, and unfortunately this is an experience that almost every foreign visitor to China will struggle with during their stay here. However, as confidence increases so too do bargaining skills, so ...... Read More>>

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