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Manchukuo Changchun: Architecture and History

When visiting Changchun, there is no way to avoid the Manchukuo architecture. Start with these historical sites, they are worth a visit as they are a great representation of Emperor Puyi, the last emperor of China, and his legacy. Read more>>

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Return to the Familiar: Western Dining in Changchun HOT

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From a culinary perspective, northeast China can be a bit of a shock to the palate of a Westerner. As a visitor or a resident, you soon realise that Chinese food here is worlds apart from the menu and options of the Chinese restaurants you're familiar with ...... Read More>>

Caffeine in a Cup: Great Cafés in Changchun HOT

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If you are a lover of good coffee, or you just can’t handle the Chinese ice-coffee with sweet milk and a straw, look no further. Here are four quality options Changchun has to offer.... Read More>>

Jinkai: The Best Kept Secret in Changchun HOT

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Jinkai is a recently developed economic area in Changchun, about 15-20 minutes east of the city center near the Yitong River. Jinkai links with the new LRT and with a Walmart, Sports Center, endless selection of quality restaurants and it is easy to see why ...... Read More>>

Feeling Homesick? Head to One of Changchun’s Foreign Grocery Stores HOT

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There are some really excellent foreign supermarkets in Changchun; you just need to know where to look. If you require that one special ingredient, you love to cook Mexican food, or you just crave something that reminds you of home, then do not lament about ...... Read More>>

Light and Healthy: Enjoying Jilin Cuisine in Changchun HOT

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Jilin cuisine is reflective of the culture and customs that are unique to Jilin Province and has borrowed bits from Chinese ethnic menus, folk recipes, palace banquet dishes and more. Jilin food places a strong emphasis on “natural, green, nutritious, and ...... Read More>>

Upscale Western Restaurants in Changchun HOT

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In recent years, Changchun has been growing to become a more international metropolis with an expanding number of restaurants offering western cuisine – which also means that expat travelers have more dining options than ever before. This article ...... Read More>>

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