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Glutton’s Paradise: Best Brunches in Beijing HOT

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Whether you're in the mood to treat the family to an afternoon of indulgence or looking for some hearty food to beat that hangover, brunch is the way to go. Here are five of the best brunch spots in Beijing. Bon Appetit! ... Read More>>

Football Frenzy: The UEFA Euro 2012 Hits the Bars of Beijing HOT

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It's time to break out the face paint, national flags and Heineken; the colourful boisterous circus of the UEFA football championships is upon us. The games will run from June 9-July 2 and Beijing bars are gearing up for the competition with drink deals and ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Two Flies’ the Limit, Hutong Theatre and More HOT

You may not be able to tell by the heavy rains and the smoggy gray, but summer is upon Beijing. And there's no better way to welcome the summer than to get out there and enjoy the upcoming events in Beijing. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Crepe Expectations: Where to Find the Best Crepes in Beijing HOT

With such an explosion in Western food choices in Beijing, it's no surprise that crepes are making their way onto the scene. And let's be honest - who doesn't love crepes? What is it about these extremely thin pancakes that makes them so delicious? For one, ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Misbehaving Foreigners, Biting Pandas and Japanese DJs HOT

The last few weeks haven't been the best time to be an expat in Beijing with misbehaving foreigners and police crackdowns, so why not get out there and relieve some of stress with some hot parties and great movies. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

5 Beijing Bands Guaranteed to Make You Dance! HOT


Beijing's live music scene has jumped leaps and bounds in the last few years, with a whole new generation of talented bands exploding onto the scene. While this article is in no way a ‘Top 5' of the best bands in Beijing, it is a rough guide to a few of ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Dirty Districts, Movies & Wild Parties HOT

This May Beijing is going to be heating up with plenty of good activities from Hollywood blockbusters to a dance extravaganza. Plus if you want to know the dirtiest districts in Beijing, read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

May Festivals Galore: Intro, China Music Valley & Hanggai Music Festival HOT

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Beijing's festival season is well under way, with the capital being host to not one but four music festivals during the May Day holiday alone. But the musical mayhem doesn't end there: many more great events are coming up including the Hanggai Music ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Live Music, Wi-Fi Buses and Toilet Paper Thieves HOT

The May Labour Day holiday is once again upon Beijing, ushering in a whole month of various musical festivals to enjoy. And with the weather turning nicer there is no better excuse to get out and enjoy Beijing before the sweltering heat of summer. ... Read More>>

Hands On Learning: Check out These Workshops & Classes in Beijing HOT

So, we're already well into 2012 and the question is: have you meaning to be more active and creative in Beijing this year? Has a voice in the back of your brain been (unsuccessfully) urging you to attend more workshop and social gatherings? If you've ...... Read More>>

Decisions, Decisions: 4 Music Festivals Battle it out in Beijing this May Day Holiday HOT

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the two biggest music festivals of the year – Midi and Strawberry – are taking place at the exact same time again this year (April 29 – May 1). But still, despite facing the same debacle year after year, the decision ...... Read More>>

Caochangdi: Beijing’s Off-the-Beaten-Path Art District HOT

Still relatively unfamiliar territory to many Beijingers, Caochangdi is a hipster’s paradise. A far cry from the touristy, built up, forget-you’re-in-China feel of 798, Caochangdi is the ideal destination for viewing art in a overly commercial setting. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Toilet Babies, Troublesome Monk Brothers and Music Festivals HOT

We are well into Beijing's dusty spring, but you really can't complain when the flowers are blooming and the trees are turning green. Music-wise things are starting to bloom too with big acts on their way and plenty of music festivals just weeks away. ... Read More>>

Baochao Rising: Secrets of Beijing’s Hidden Hutong HOT

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The fate of Beijing's multitudinous hutongs is something of a controversial issue for both foreigners and locals alike. These historic areas of Beijing have endured explosive development projects over the last few years, some more agreeable than others. ...... Read More>>

Rocker’s Delight: Discover Beijing’s Free Live Music Scene HOT

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Beijing has a great live music scene. Going to shows at the well-known live houses like Mao Livehouse and Yugong Yishan provides a great atmosphere to rock out, but can become quite pricey. For a more budget-friendly experience, check out the numerous ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Titanic 3D, Iced Earth and a McDonald's Scandal HOT

With March nearly over, Easter is just around the corner. But there is more than just painted eggs and chocolate bunnies coming up for expats in Beijing. Everything from Canadian rockers to the Titanic in 3D is on tap. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Kazakh DJs, Police Punishment, New Bars and More HOT

It's hard to believe March is already half over, but the weather confirms it: spring is on the way. As always there is tons of stuff happening in Beijing, from groovin' DJs to job fairs. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Comfort Food – Beijing’s Best Meal Delivery Services HOT


It's too cold to leave your apartment, you're too busy to cook, or maybe you're just too hung-over to go anywhere. Whatever the reason, the convenience of a food delivery service is the best invention since sliced pizza. Beijing is seeing great advances in ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Roxette, St. Paddy's Day and Occupy the Toilets HOT

March is finally upon us and that means festival galore in Beijing. Don't worry if you're not the festival-going type, Beijing has plenty to keep you busy, from toilet occupation movements to Roxette. Read on to find out more on the news and events ...... Read More>>

Bringing Culture Back: The 2012 Jue Music + Art Festival HOT

The dark, dull and dreary days of winter will soon become a memory of the past. Very soon. This March, one festival in particular will hammer home the fact that Beijing is indeed a vibrant, cultural centre and an increasingly hip performance destination for ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Festival Frenzy, Basketball Playoffs and More HOT

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The warm fuzzy love of Valentine's Day might be over and the days might still be cold but Beijing is starting to heat up. Event-wise, that is. There's plenty on the calendar in the next few weeks, from basketball playoffs to literary festivals. Read on to ...... Read More>>

The Perfect Valentine’s: Edible Gifts, Dinners, Events HOT

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Valentine's Day has crept upon us once again and as always, Beijing's hotels and international restaurants are gearing up for the big day. If you're planning to do something special for your significant other, maybe this round-up of dining, events and ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Firework Waste, Avril Lavigne and the Superbowl! HOT

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Chinese New Year has finally drawn to a close. The temple fairs are over and everyone is getting back to work. While you might be complaining about the stack of papers on your desk, don't worry because there is plenty coming up in Beijing, including Avril ...... Read More>>

Getting Fit for the New Year: Exercise Classes in Beijing HOT

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Trying to get in shape, but just dread heading to the gym? If you're one of the millions of people who made the New Year's resolution to get fit, make sure to find the regimen that works best for you. It's easy to get burnt out trying to force yourself to ...... Read More>>

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