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Best Places to Live in Beijing: Four Expat Alternatives HOT

Beijing is an enormous city and deciding which part of town to live in can be difficult. But as big as the city is, not all neighbourhoods are created equal; foreigners looking for alternatives to the usual expat “ghettos” would do well to check out these ...... Read More>>

What to Do If You Have an Emergency in Beijing HOT


No matter where you are or what you do, safety should always be number one. Though most foreigners would agree that China is a very safe country in comparison to many others, issues related to safety should never be taken for granted or merely pushed aside, ...... Read More>>

Black, White, and Read All Over: Books in Beijing HOT


One issue many foreigners face in Beijing, and even worse in other areas of China, is the lack of English language books. Many of us take refuge in books, and in the loud, crowded, manic, hustle and bustle that is China that need for the solace a book ...... Read More>>

Renting an Apartment in Beijing: Top 5 Areas to live in Beijing HOT


Ah Beijing, Beijing…a place that many of us expats know and have come to love. For all of us who call this wondrous and chaotic city our home, we also claim our favorite residential areas of the city as well. Each district of Beijing is distinct so ...... Read More>>

How to Ride the Bus in Beijing HOT


Many expats don't take public transportation, and even those that regularly take the subway won't step foot on the bus. There are good reasons to avoid the bus, and the truth is, it's difficult to navigate if you don't speak Chinese and aren't familiar with ...... Read More>>

Home Sweet Home: How to rent an apartment in Beijing HOT


For some, home may be just “where you hang your hat;” for others, finding an apartment in Beijing, a city with more than 18 million people and 16 districts, is enough to give some people a panic attack as they agonize over the best location and how to go ...... Read More>>

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