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The 3 Best Chinese Cultural Sites in Beijing You’ve Never Visited HOT


Children in YCIS Beijing Primary School have the opportunity to explore Beijing with their teachers, discovering different aspects of traditional Chinese culture through field trips to cultural sites around Beijing that align with what they’re studying in ...... Read More>>

Eight Great Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Artistic Talent HOT

The Primary Art teacher at Yew Chung International School of Beijing tells you how to foster your childs creativity. ... Read More>>

Language Learning Tips for Chinese Newbies HOT


If you’ve just moved to China or are looking to jump-start your language learning, YCIS Beijing Secondary School Chinese Curriculum Coordinator Jessica Sun have some essential tips that will make sure you’re learning the right way. ... Read More>>

Budgeting in Beijing: Living on 10,000 Yuan per Month HOT


Need to start budgeting in Beijing? See where all your money goes. ... Read More>>

App-solutely Fabulous: 5 Must-Have Free Beijing Apps HOT


As technology develops faster than ever, it can be hard to keep up with the latest and best mobile phone applications, or apps, in town. Without further ado, this is our updated list of Beijing’s most useful mobile phone applications.... Read More>>

Lazy Eating: Best (Non-Hotel) Brunches in Beijing HOT

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Whether you’ve stayed out bar hopping way past your normal bedtime or just find yourself in need of some extra shut eye after a long, hard week at work, we’ve compiled a list of the best pocket friendly options so you can brunch to your heart’s content. ... Read More>>

Beijing Summer Special Part II: Go Beyond Your Limits HOT

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Last month we brought you Part I of the Beijing Summer Special, and now we present to you, Part II. This time we bring you more of the summer-time, heat-loving activities that you’ve been waiting all winter to get back to doing. ... Read More>>

Beijing Summer Special: Eating out & relaxation (Part 1) HOT

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As we move through this brief period called spring and head full speed into summer, we all feel a sense of excitement that we can once again do all those things that we missed doing during winter. Here are a few options to consider for beautiful summer days:... Read More>>

Laundry in Beijing: What Are My Options? HOT

No matter where you are, laundry is a necessity. Here at eChinacities, we want to help take care of this necessary evil with as little trouble as possible. So, let us break down the options available to us here in Beijing. From first to worst, here they are. ... Read More>>

The Expat’s Guide to Living in Beijing’s Hutongs HOT


I have lived in a hutong for six months, and it is definitely a love-hate relationship. For those thinking about moving into the hutongs, there are definitely some pros and cons to evaluate before making the move. Using my experiences, here is the expats ...... Read More>>

Chinese Cuisine Part II: Explore the Tastes of Chinese Ethnic Food in Beijing HOT

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The eight traditional cuisines of China reside mainly in the Han-majority regions, including Hunan and Jiangsu, but what of the rest of the country? This piece will explore – somewhat controversially – the tastes of China’s ethnic regions. ... Read More>>

10 Modes of Transportation in Beijing During Cold Weather HOT


As Jack Frost nips at your nose, here’s a guide to help you select the best way to get around Beijing this winter. ... Read More>>

Feeling Generous? Where to Donate Unwanted Items in Beijing HOT

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For those of you who are either planning on moving on or simply have too much clothes cluttering your closet, it’s always good to give something back. Beijing has many organizations that accept donations, so why not get generous! ... Read More>>

Dating in Beijing: Perks, Pitfalls and Tips HOT

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Dating in Beijing is hard, that’s a given. Factor in a smaller than usual support network and it is easy to see why many aspects of our lives get neglected in the megacity that is Beijing. ... Read More>>

From Bookstores to Curbs: Sourcing English Language Books in Beijing HOT

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Gone are the days when your best bet for picking up an English novel in Beijing was browsing through the limited selection at the Foreign Language Bookstore in Wangfujing. Beijing’s selection of English-language books is better than ever before! ... Read More>>

A Breath of Fresh Air: Buying Anti-pollution Masks in Beijing HOT

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Beijing’s air is not going to markedly improve any time soon, so it makes sense to protect you and your family from the long-term health effects of air pollution. Read on to find out where to buy good-quality anti-pollution masks in Beijing. ... Read More>>

New Year, New You: Taking Up a New Hobby in Beijing HOT

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Stuck in a rut? Why not take the New Year as an opportunity to start a new hobby? Just like any big city, Beijing is full of fun things to do. ... Read More>>

What Foreigners Need to Know about Beijing’s New 72-Hour Visa Rule HOT


From January 1, 2013, visitors stopping over in Beijing on transit will be allowed to stay in the city for up 72 hours visa-free. Here’s what you need to know. ... Read More>>

Bigger is Better: Discover Beijing’s Future Subway Lines HOT


Beijing traffic may get hostile on the surface sometimes, but deep down there's a subway system that always loves us, and it's one of the cheapest and most convenient in the world. You can hardly toss a cat without hitting one of the 192 stations in ...... Read More>>

Not Again! How to Avoid (and Report) Shady Taxi Drivers in Beijing HOT

Yet again a taxi driver takes the longer way to your house; yet again the fruit seller charges you 10 RMB extra for those bananas; yet again you pay 100 RMB more for that skirt you were looking at the other day. It seems that for anyone living in Beijing as ...... Read More>>

The Recent Wave of Beijing Violence: Should Expats Be Worried? HOT


In 2008, in light of the Olympics, tourists, netizens, the media and expats alike all feared for the safety of foreigners in Beijing. Numerous publications warned individuals of growing antiforeigner sentiment and rising violence. Today, in 2012, some very ...... Read More>>

The Big Sizzle: How to Survive Beijing’s Summer HOT

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After enduring an exceptionally long, grey and smoggy winter, it can be said with certainty that most Beijing residents have been looking forward to the more laid-back summer days, often associated with open-air dining at one of the many make-shift eateries ...... Read More>>

Hands On Learning: Check out These Workshops & Classes in Beijing HOT

So, we're already well into 2012 and the question is: have you meaning to be more active and creative in Beijing this year? Has a voice in the back of your brain been (unsuccessfully) urging you to attend more workshop and social gatherings? If you've ...... Read More>>

A Guide to “Street-Side Curiosities” in Beijing HOT


Walking around the streets of Beijing, you're constantly bombarded by an array of sounds, sights and smells, some of which you may not have become accustomed to yet – chòudòufu (臭豆腐) anybody? But, living here for too long, in a constant hurry to get ...... Read More>>

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