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Four Easy Steps to Bagging Beetles with Bona Fide Bug Traps! HOT

During his tenure at Yew Chung International School, Dr. Wickham has shared his passion for insects through both hands-on demonstrations and interactive experiments, some of which you can even conduct at home with your own children. The easiest and least ...... Read More>>

Eight Great Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Artistic Talent HOT

The Primary Art teacher at Yew Chung International School of Beijing tells you how to foster your childs creativity. ... Read More>>

3 Reasons Why Physical Education Matters HOT


China has become somewhat infamous for the abandoned sites left strewn throughout the country in its rush towards urban development. Some of the eerie destinations listed below take the prize as the top five most notoriously abandoned places in China. ... Read More>>

Parenting in China: 3 Expert Tips for Healthy Eating HOT

During one of YCIS Beijing’s regularly held parenting workshops, Registered Dietitian from Oasis International Hospital Leora Martin gave a talk discussing children’s nutrition and how to encourage healthy eating habits. ... Read More>>

Homeschooling in Beijing – The Freedom to Choose HOT


Homeschooling has become a popular option in Beijing as tuition prices continue to rise at international schools. Homeschooling offers flexibility and the freedom to learn what you and your kids are passionate about. It also comes with the responsibility of ...... Read More>>

Sports, Dance, Music and Art: Extraordinary Extracurriculars for Expat Kids HOT

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For expat parents in Beijing, finding the right extracurricular activities to keep our children active, happy and entertained can be a bit of an obstacle. Chinese extracurricular activities tend towards the academic, and intramural sports are nearly unheard ...... Read More>>

Expat Schooling Options in Beijing: Kindergarten and Preschool HOT


Choosing a preschool or kindergarten in Beijing can be overwhelming, with literally hundreds of schools to choose from both local and international, from English only, to Chinese only, to bilingual from Montessori to traditional, with prices ranging ...... Read More>>

How to Raise a Pet in Beijing HOT

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Numerous studies have been conducted to prove that pets can bring joy and healing to our lives, plain and simple. Coming home to someone who is always glad to see you and who never complains or argues is delightful. Naturally, along with a pet however comes ...... Read More>>

Alternative Activities in Beijing HOT

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From time to time people get bored of their normal routine in the city, this sometimes leads to a kind of stagnant feeling; going to the same places, seeing the same faces and doing the same things. Something that many Beijing expat residents are not aware ...... Read More>>

Water Cube to Reopen as Asia’s Largest Waterpark on August 8th HOT

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The Beijing National Aquatics Center, more commonly referred to as the Water Cube, was one of the main architectural highlights of the Beijing Olympic Games. Nothing could cast the cube-shaped, membrane covered “bubble” building into the shadows – not ...... Read More>>

Fun Holiday Activities for Children in Beijing HOT

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International schools have already broken up for summer and what a long summer it is. With the novelty of being off school wearing out; kids soon get bored of having nothing to do or only the Nintendo Wii and DVDs to keep them amused. Best that you find the ...... Read More>>

Getting Wet at Beijing’s Best Pool Spots HOT

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With many people tired of the meat market atmosphere of Beijing’s many bars and the pop-oriented dance scene, a game of pool is an often forgotten but very viable alternative to going out on the razzle. If you are tired of shouting into the ears of people ...... Read More>>

First Foreign Language Library for Children Opens in Beijing HOT

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The first foreign language library for children opened on the eve of Children’s Day in Haidian District, Beijing. The new library, which is located in Haidian Children’s Palace (海淀少年宫), occupies a floor space of over 80 square metres and contains over...... Read More>>

Family Friendly Eateries in Beijing HOT

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Life is full of small pleasures: for many, one such pleasure is taking their family out for a meal/snack/treat, having a jolly good knees up in a warm atmosphere surrounded by their loved ones. Here are some of Beijing’s more family friendly eateries. ... Read More>>

The Place for Play: Yu Kids Island HOT

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All kids need to run around and let off steam, but Beijing isn’t exactly the best place for outdoor play. Between the bitterly cold winters, the stiflingly hot summers, and the year-round pollution, many parents are at a loss as to find a suitable place ...... Read More>>

Cool pools in Beijing HOT

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Beijing's temperature can soar above 40 C in summer so what better way to beat the blistering heat than to take a cool dip? ... Read More>>

Houhai—The Poetic Beauty of Old Beijing HOT

For those who enjoy peaceful waterside settings, no spot is better than Beijing’s Shichahai. This area was once the home to the rich and powerful of the Old Beijing elite. Since the Yuan Dynasty, Shichahai has been the right in the middle of the most ...... Read More>>

Beijing's Water Wonderland HOT

Yanxi Lake (雁栖湖) is a huge pristine body of water that finds itself the setting of some of the best water bound adventures in the whole of Beijing in spring, early summer and into the autumn. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, visitors are treated ...... Read More>>

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