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City of Sound: The Noisemakers in Beijing’s Club Scene HOT

Photo: the We take an in-depth look at Beijing’s club scene, mapping out some of the biggest DJs and music collectives in the city, followed by a brief discussion of nightlife and the broader music scene with Punk resident DJ Saul D. DJ ...... Read More>>

Newcomers in Beijing’s Live Music Scene HOT

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Things change fast in Beijing, and this is especially true for the live music scene. Just over four years ago, one could pretty much count the number of live music venues with the fingers of two hands. The old Yugong Yishan, D22, 2Kolegas, Star Live, ...... Read More>>

Beijing Nightlife on A Micro-budget HOT

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With what seems to be a continuing global economic crisis, people all around the world are tightening their belts in various ways. In times of uncertainty, one thing is for sure: partying and enjoying the nightlife is something most people don’t want to ...... Read More>>

Beijing's Ten Best Beer Bars HOT

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Most of us can probably recall a time when we overdosed on cheap Tsingtao or Yanjing beers, suffered from a severe hang-over and swore never to go down the cheap alcohol route again, but instead pay a few kuai extra for quality beers that won’t wreak as ...... Read More>>

Beijing’s Newest Restaurant Bar Lounge: ROOMBeijing HOT

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From April 26th onwards, Beijing’s restaurant, club and bar scene will get that little bit bigger – 1200 square metres bigger to be precise - with the grand opening of ROOMBeijing Restaurant, Bar and Lounge. ROOMBeijing is the much-anticipated brainchild ...... Read More>>

Tastes "Grape"! Beijing's Best Wine Bars HOT

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China’s burgeoning young affluent generation has had a taste of wine and decided they like it. Wine sales in China have boomed in recent years and even the number of local wine producers has seen a rapid increase. As China’s wine industry continues to grow...... Read More>>

Shopping, Dancing and Dining: A Guide to Wudaokou's Wonders HOT

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Wudaokou’s Chengfu Lu is one of Beijing’s commercial and recreational areas most overlooked by the non-student/university crowd. However, in recent years, the area has come on in leaps and bounds receiving attention from residents of other districts. With ...... Read More>>

Wining, Dining, Dancing and Shopping in Sanlitun and Gongti HOT

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Sanlitun and Gongti – the latter referring to the area around the Worker’s Stadium – have long been names synonymous with dining and entertainment. In the last few years, the arrivals of high profile developments such as The Village and the more recent ...... Read More>>

Shaken Not Stirred: New Cocktail Bars in Beijing HOT

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Beijing’s life cycle is one of destruction and renewal. One day the familiar little hutong you walked past every day is still bustling with life, the next day it’s turned into a heap of rubble and on the third day you find yourself glaring at a new, ...... Read More>>

Beijing's Best Vegetarian Restaurants HOT

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Contrary to what some believe, vegetarian dining in China is actually quite easy. These Beijing vegetarian restaurants are beloved by vegetarians and meat eaters alike for their tasty and healthy dishes, and relaxing environments. ... Read More>>

Beijing till the Break of Dawn: Top Nightclubs HOT

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Beijing’s night life is on par with many other international cities. The bar and club scenes are not only catching up with those in other cities but creating new trends of their own – take green tea mixed with Chivas as a rather dubious example. From ...... Read More>>

Going Bananas on Beijing’s Latin Dance Circuit HOT

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Salsa , samba, tango and reggaeton are not only strong but positively thriving in the capital, thanks to the city’s large Latin ex-pat community hailing from North America and Europe, and, of course, South America. Indeed, Beijing boasts a scene which any ...... Read More>>

Closing Time: Alternative Beijing Bars Facing The Chop HOT


Beijing’s night life is a bustling scene. One of the most noticeable characteristics of the scene is the transient nature of many of its bars. Recently, though, more venues than usual seem to have shut up shop, among them Kick Bar, White Rabbit, Together ...... Read More>>

Beijing's Top 5 Live Music Venues HOT

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Beijing's got clubs. Loads of them. Million dollar venues with expensive sound systems packed with foreigners and wealthy young Chinese drinking expensive bottles of bad whisky. You’ve got your Club Banana, your GT Banana, and your Coco Banana; China ...... Read More>>

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