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Strength in Numbers: Beijing Sports Clubs HOT


Few people like to exercise in winter time: the ground is slippery, the air burns your throat, and in Beijing it sometimes feels like you have to fight your way through the dense smog that blankets the city. Going to the gym gets monotonous. Nonetheless, ...... Read More>>

How To: Stay Healthy During Winter in Beijing HOT

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Balancing a healthy lifestyle in Beijing’s somewhat tough winter climate is a goal which is much longed for but not always realised by many. Here is a helpful how to guide to staying healthy in the Beijing winter. ... Read More>>

Horse Riding Grounds in Beijing HOT

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Now that the smothering summer heat has subsided and given way to mild temperatures, blue skies and gentle winds, the perfect time for horse riding has arrived! There are plenty of indoor and outdoor equestrian centers all around Beijing, so below we’ve ...... Read More>>

Cool pools in Beijing HOT

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Beijing's temperature can soar above 40 C in summer so what better way to beat the blistering heat than to take a cool dip? ... Read More>>

Rock Climbing in Beijing HOT

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Sometimes the only way to escape the endless sprawl of Beijing is to go vertical. Whether that means mile high bars or rock climbing is up to you. These places all offer climbing facilities for both beginning and experienced climbers and they’re cheap – 20...... Read More>>

Beijing's Water Wonderland HOT

Yanxi Lake (雁栖湖) is a huge pristine body of water that finds itself the setting of some of the best water bound adventures in the whole of Beijing in spring, early summer and into the autumn. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, visitors are treated ...... Read More>>

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