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Olympic-Themed Restaurant to Open in Bird’s Nest Stadium HOT


Rumors and speculation about the fate of Beijing’s Bird Nest have been doing the rounds even before the Olympic Games kicked off in 2008. However, well over a year ago, an unidentified official of the National Stadium revealed that the now iconic landmark ...... Read More>>

Top Al Fresco Dining Spots in Beijing HOT

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With air conditioning units now finding themselves switched on, the gents in shorts and ladies in those gravity defying skirts, and people taking to the streets in the evening again, it is safe to say that summer is finally here in Beijing. What better way ...... Read More>>

Belt Busting Beijing Brunches: Hotel Buffets HOT

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Most of us do not wake up on Sunday morning after a busy night enjoying Beijing’s nightlife and want zhou (they call it gruel for a reason) spiked with fermented dofu and pickled vegetables. Sometimes, the best way to start off your Saturday or Sunday, ...... Read More>>

Michelin Star Dining in Beijing HOT

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China has long been known for its rich culinary culture, but with the import of some of the world’s greatest chefs carrying Michelin stars with their name, there’s never been a better time for exquisite international dining in Beijing than now. At present,...... Read More>>

Family Friendly Eateries in Beijing HOT

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Life is full of small pleasures: for many, one such pleasure is taking their family out for a meal/snack/treat, having a jolly good knees up in a warm atmosphere surrounded by their loved ones. Here are some of Beijing’s more family friendly eateries. ... Read More>>

Shopping, Dancing and Dining: A Guide to Wudaokou's Wonders HOT

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Wudaokou’s Chengfu Lu is one of Beijing’s commercial and recreational areas most overlooked by the non-student/university crowd. However, in recent years, the area has come on in leaps and bounds receiving attention from residents of other districts. With ...... Read More>>

Coffee Culture: Beijing's Best Cafes HOT

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The Chinese nation has laid claim to many inventions over time; great inventions such as gun powder and paper as well as more contentious claims such as football and ice-cream. One thing you are unlikely to ever hear a Chinese person lay claim to is coffee. ...... Read More>>

Pho Science: Beijing's Best Vietnamese Restaurants HOT

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To frequent eaters of Chinese food – particularly the heavy, starchy northern variety – the fresh, distinct flavors of Vietnamese cuisine offer a welcome respite from thick sauces and the same old spices. Vietnamese food offers a bright mix of sweet, sour,...... Read More>>

Beijing's Best Vegetarian Restaurants HOT

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Contrary to what some believe, vegetarian dining in China is actually quite easy. These Beijing vegetarian restaurants are beloved by vegetarians and meat eaters alike for their tasty and healthy dishes, and relaxing environments. ... Read More>>

Guomao Grub: New Restaurants and Cafes in Beijing's Business District HOT

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With winter just around the corner, and snow already on our doorstep, everyone’s looking to pack on some extra insulation without having to venture too far to do so. Luckily for those in the Guomao area, there are some new restaurants and cafes to help you ...... Read More>>

Nanluoguxiang Hutong Cafes: Historic Couture HOT

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The beautiful Nanluoguxiang hutong (南锣鼓巷胡同), nestled in Beijing’s historic Dongcheng District, is one of the oldest alleyways in Beijing. The street has a history of over 800 years, and served as a flourishing commercial street during the Yuan ...... Read More>>

Cheap Eats: Beijing’s Best Student Restaurants HOT

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Beijing has a lot of high-end, fancy restaurants, but everybody likes to slum it from time to time. Here are a few of Beijing’s best student restaurants, for when you want Western food on a budget. ... Read More>>

Swanky Underground Food Street to Open in Beijing’s CBD HOT

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A swanky, new indoor food street built in an old-style architectural style and that occupies an expanse of 8000 square metres will soon make Beijing’s thriving food scene all the more vibrant. The food street, officially called “No.5 Guanghua Lu ...... Read More>>

El Vino Did Flow: Beijing’s Best Restaurants for Wine HOT

Cépe<br /> Located in the Lisikaerdun Hotel, Cépe was named an “Excellent Wine Restaurant in 2008” by Wine Appreciation magazine. Cépe boasts a wine list featuring more than 484 wines from all around the world.There are bottles from emerging wine ...... Read More>>

Top 5 Most Unique Restaurants in Beijing ( Part 2) HOT

A funny and somewhat snarky look at some of Beijing’s most unique restaurants... Diners choose restaurants according to tastes, environment and services; and in the current “service first” society, services become more and more important. However, are ...... Read More>>

Top 5 Most Unique Restaurants in Beijing (Part 1) HOT

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A funny and somewhat snarky look at some of Beijing’s most unique restaurants... Diners choose restaurants according to tastes, environment and services; and in the current “service first” society, services become more and more important. However, are ...... Read More>>

Hotpot to Beat the Heat HOT

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Trying to beat the heat this summer? Give these creative hot-pot spots a try. We promise they will not fail to disappoint! ... Read More>>

Pyongyang Restaurant HOT

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Pyongyang Restaurant, located on the first floor of a hotel in Maizidian Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, has an unremarkable appearance and decoration, but among certain circles it’s quite famous. An insider told our reporter that the restaurant has an ...... Read More>>

Fancy Beijing Meals HOT

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The Chinese capital, as with most of the world’s great capital cities, has a fine selection of upper crust restaurants where the finest cuisines from around the globe can be enjoyed in comfort and style.... Read More>>

At Taste of India in Beijing HOT

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The latest Oscar winning hit, Slumdog Millionaire has caused somewhat of a taste for all things Indian in China over the last couple of months. So, for a little taste of India, right here in the capital, what better than to sample a meal at one of ...... Read More>>

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