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Sample a Taste of the Past at Beijing’s Oldest Restaurants HOT

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Beijing's restaurant scene has exploded in recent years, with any number of regional Chinese restaurants and Western restaurants from around the world often making if difficult to choose a place to eat. Why not look to the past for inspiration for your next ...... Read More>>

Organic Farms around Beijing that Deliver to Your Door HOT

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Having fresh organic produce delivered to your door may seem like a luxury, but when you live in Beijing, where food scandals and general unhealthiness are facts of life, you may find yourself reconsidering, especially when there are plenty of affordable ...... Read More>>

Wining, Dining, Pampering: Beijing’s Lido Area Has You Covered HOT


By now, even if you've relatively new to Beijing, you must have surely heard the name "Lido" mentioned somewhere. Lido – an up-scale, international neighborhood just outside the fourth ring road in Beijing's north-eastern suburbs – is the ...... Read More>>

A Tale of Two Fillings: Beijing’s Best Sandwiches HOT

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Beijing is awash with delicious food options, but sometimes only a sandwich will hit the spot. Everyone has his or her favorite sandwich combination. White or brown bread? Mustard or mayo? To make sure you never have to endure a trip to Subway, we've ...... Read More>>

Beijing’s Beixinqiao: The New Gulou in Town HOT

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On first glance there isn't a lot going on to entice you in Beixinqiao, unless you enjoy trying not to get pulled into a mala shrimp restaurant on Guijie, that is. However, a spate of new bar openings and some overlooked restaurants make this unassuming ...... Read More>>

Grape Indulgence: Where to Find Good Value Wine in Beijing HOT

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Without a doubt, wine is becoming more and more accessible in Beijing. Gone are the days when the only options were a bottle of Changyu from the corner shop or a bottle of generic French red from the Friendship Store. Finding good value wine – that suits ...... Read More>>

Glutton’s Paradise: Best Brunches in Beijing HOT

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Whether you're in the mood to treat the family to an afternoon of indulgence or looking for some hearty food to beat that hangover, brunch is the way to go. Here are five of the best brunch spots in Beijing. Bon Appetit! ... Read More>>

Crepe Expectations: Where to Find the Best Crepes in Beijing HOT

With such an explosion in Western food choices in Beijing, it's no surprise that crepes are making their way onto the scene. And let's be honest - who doesn't love crepes? What is it about these extremely thin pancakes that makes them so delicious? For one, ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Dirty Districts, Movies & Wild Parties HOT

This May Beijing is going to be heating up with plenty of good activities from Hollywood blockbusters to a dance extravaganza. Plus if you want to know the dirtiest districts in Beijing, read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Toilet Babies, Troublesome Monk Brothers and Music Festivals HOT

We are well into Beijing's dusty spring, but you really can't complain when the flowers are blooming and the trees are turning green. Music-wise things are starting to bloom too with big acts on their way and plenty of music festivals just weeks away. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Pollution, Hackers and Thanksgiving Feasts HOT

Cough... sneeze... hack… and a symphony of other grotesque sounds have assaulted our ears over the last two weeks; a result of Beijing's notorious "fog". Hopefully some cold fronts will blow the soupy air away, but with coal powered heating ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Free Condoms, Kevin Spacey and Freshly Baked Cookies HOT

Halloween is here and Beijing's short autumn is nearly gone, leaving the rather grim prospect of Beijing's cold, dry winter. But how can you complain when Kevin Spacey is coming to town to play Richard III? Other big things are happening too, like a free ...... Read More>>

Wudaoying Hutong: An Emerging Force in Beijing’s Hutong Scene HOT

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The aspect of Hutongs that attracts many visitors is their careful synthesis of Western commercial and social style, in a traditional Chinese format, and the manner in which they are substantially cut off from the rat race that characterises the hustle and ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Moon Cake Tax, a Horny Professor and Open-air Cinema HOT

School is just around the corner and Chinese are preparing for the Mid-Autumn Festival, but a lot of Beijingers are raising a fuss over a new ‘moon cake tax’. Hopefully, everyone can chill out in time for the festivals and other great events that are ...... Read More>>

Five Fantastic Mexican Restaurants in Beijing HOT

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We wandered o’er hill and down dale in search of Mexican food that is worthy of the name. Although Beijing is not exactly a multi-cultural hub of food fusion there are some sparks of hope; so for all you Mexican enthusiasts and enchilada gobblers out there ...... Read More>>

Shopping, Dining and More: Guide to Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park HOT

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Solana offers a unique open air experience to your shopping, dining and entertainment activities. Its European feel comes with a local twist and each street is uniquely named to guide you to your desired location whether it is shopping, dining, spa ...... Read More>>

For the Love of Cheese: Beijing’s Top Cheese Counters HOT

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It is truly difficult to imagine how anyone could dislike cheese. It’s sometimes rich, soft, mild, hard, creamy, pungent, sharp, smooth, herb coated or nut crusted; it is cheese and it is delicious. Beijing is an enormously populated city with a cheese ...... Read More>>

Now Open: Affordable Dining Options in Beijing’s Sanlitun HOT

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Although the Village in Sanlitun Beijing is becoming outrageously expensive, never fear for meal deals are here. Below are some of the best New Openings in terms of quality and affordability the Village has to offer. ... Read More>>

Arabian Chic: Middle Eastern Restaurants in Beijing HOT

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Middle Eastern restaurants remain something of a niche in Beijing. Though increasing in number, they don’t come anywhere near to say, Italian or Thai places. The Middle East, on the whole, is more of an importer than exporter. A stunning 90% of Saudi ...... Read More>>

How to: Avail of Western Food without Going Bankrupt HOT

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Hankering for home comforts is part and parcel of being an expat. Many are disheartened by the paltry and overpriced offerings at the imports section of their local supermarket and gob-smacked when they see some of the prices on the labels in the ...... Read More>>

Finding Beijing’s Tastiest Mooncakes HOT

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Mooncakes enjoy a 3000 year history and are traditionally eaten on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. This date in the Gregorian calendar changes from year to year; in 2010 it falls on September 22nd. ... Read More>>

Discover the Most Delectable Foreign Bakeries in Beijing HOT

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Not just bread but heavenly, moist, freshly baked pieces of bliss. While bread is staple food in most daily eating regimens, it has received a cursed name from the diet world in recent years; the truth is, irrespective of speculation, baked goods are a ...... Read More>>

Beijing’s Boast-Worthy Burgers HOT

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The ever classic burger: a favorite for all and perfect in every season. It’s easy enough to slap a burger on a menu, but to take home the prize of boast-worthy burger is much more of a challenge. Several restaurants in Beijing boast a fantastic burger but ...... Read More>>

Finding the Best Pizza in Beijing HOT

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Finding the best pizza is a daunting task, especially since there are so many different variations, toppings, shapes and sizes. Some like them thin and crispy, others thick and doughy. However, the city may be peppered with numerous pizza restaurants, a few ...... Read More>>

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