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Beyond 798: Must-Visit Art Galleries Off the Beaten Track HOT

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If you’re tired of Beijing’s popular and tourist-driven 798 art district, there is always Chaocangdi. But beyond that, Beijing has much more to offer in terms of art. ... Read More>>

A Blossoming Culture: Art Exhibitions and Events in Beijing this Spring HOT

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The number of art exhibitions and events in Beijing are on the rise, there are great choices almost everyday. Here are some of our picks of longer running art exhibitions, and of JUE events, that are good to be enjoyed on both weekdays and on weekends. ... Read More>>

2014 Bookworm Beijing Literary Festival: Which Events to Hit? HOT

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The Bookworm Literary Festival celebrates literature and ideas brought together from China and beyond. This is a great opportunity to meet your favorite authors, especially those writing on China, and listen to them talk about their books and/or areas of ...... Read More>>

Festivities Season: 2013 Christmas events in Beijing HOT

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Ready for a rocking Christmas or just want a few options to usher in the cold weather and the season of giving (or shopping)? Here is a shortlist of 10 of the best ways to celebrate this month in Beijing. ... Read More>>

No More Empty Nest Syndrome: Olympic Stadium Hosts Winter Events HOT

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This winter Beijing’s Bird’s Nest will be playing host to a high stakes snowboarding competition and will be transformed into a Disney princess snow castle among other highlights in what is, to date, the most active month for the venue.... Read More>>

From Bookstores to Curbs: Sourcing English Language Books in Beijing HOT

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Gone are the days when your best bet for picking up an English novel in Beijing was browsing through the limited selection at the Foreign Language Bookstore in Wangfujing. Beijing’s selection of English-language books is better than ever before! ... Read More>>

2013 Beijing Capital M Literary Festival: Book the Best Events Now! HOT

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For all you book lovers out there, the annual Capital M Literary Festival is about to kick off, with writers, poets, artists, and rock stars from China and abroad all getting involved. We take a look at the hottest events. ... Read More>>

Are You Having a Laugh?! Where to Find Beijing’s Best Stand-up Comedy HOT

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For all those bogged down with the stresses of city life, we’ve got the perfect solution: a night of stand-up comedy! Read our guide for tips on where to contract the worst case of giggles. ... Read More>>

New Year, New You: Taking Up a New Hobby in Beijing HOT

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Stuck in a rut? Why not take the New Year as an opportunity to start a new hobby? Just like any big city, Beijing is full of fun things to do. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Controversial Crotch, Violence, Events and More HOT

It's hard to imagine it was only four years ago that Beijing hosted the Olympic games. No time for nostalgia, however, as the capital is buzzing in feverish awe, horror, and delight at all the events and news taking place. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Damien Hirst, Aircraft Carrier Parties and More HOT

The muggy summer air of Beijing might tempt many of you to close your windows and crank up the AC, but with everything from a Damien Hurst exhibition to a giant party on a decommissioned aircraft carrier in the works, there are plenty of reasons to venture ...... Read More>>

5 Beijing Bands Guaranteed to Make You Dance! HOT


Beijing's live music scene has jumped leaps and bounds in the last few years, with a whole new generation of talented bands exploding onto the scene. While this article is in no way a ‘Top 5' of the best bands in Beijing, it is a rough guide to a few of ...... Read More>>

Hands On Learning: Check out These Workshops & Classes in Beijing HOT

So, we're already well into 2012 and the question is: have you meaning to be more active and creative in Beijing this year? Has a voice in the back of your brain been (unsuccessfully) urging you to attend more workshop and social gatherings? If you've ...... Read More>>

Caochangdi: Beijing’s Off-the-Beaten-Path Art District HOT

Still relatively unfamiliar territory to many Beijingers, Caochangdi is a hipster’s paradise. A far cry from the touristy, built up, forget-you’re-in-China feel of 798, Caochangdi is the ideal destination for viewing art in a overly commercial setting. ... Read More>>

The Military Museum: A Portal into an Illustrious Past HOT

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The Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution is the only military museum of its type in China. It pays tribute to the fallen heroes from the People's Revolution and the Sino-Japanese Wars, as well as honouring the Chinese military heritage. It is ...... Read More>>

Beijing’s Oasis of Knowledge: The National Library of China HOT

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The China National Library has a worldwide reputation. It is the largest library in Asia and the 3rdh largest library in the world. It also holds the largest collection of Chinese literature and historical sources in the world. Its prestigious, worldwide ...... Read More>>

Theme Parks to AK-47s: Beijing Entertainment that Doesn’t Involve Booze HOT

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As any veteran Beijing expat knows, this city offers a multitude of choices when it comes to letting your hair down with a drink in hand. You’ve got Sanlitun, Nanlouguxiang, Houhai and the Wudaokou student bars just to name just a few. But for those who ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: News, Events, Changes HOT

Sometimes a few stories slip between the cracks, but we try to serve them up in our Watchdog articles. Here’s what you might have missed in the past week and what you could be longing for in the future…... Read More>>

5 of Beijing’s Most Well-known Teahouses HOT

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As Guinness is to the Irish, Champagne to the French and Rosso to the Italians, so too is tea to the Chinese. Traditionally Tea was the medium under which many social and formal events were carried out, and today still holds great symbolism in the minds and ...... Read More>>

A Guide to Beijing’s Major Performance Stages HOT

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Beijing is home to a respectable number of top class performance venues that attract world renowned performers from all over the globe, as well as the crème de la crème of China’s own performers and musicians. From theatre, opera, dance to concerts, and ...... Read More>>

A Guide for Watching Arthouse Films in Beijing HOT

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If you’re getting bored of going to the movies or even worse, watching terribly translated pirated DVD’s alone at home, it’s time to explore Beijing’s arthouse cinemas for a new or different way to experience films. It can be difficult to know how and ...... Read More>>

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Beijing HOT

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It is very easy to feel a kind of malaise when living in Beijing. With a million and one bars serving reasonably priced drinks, and a selection of twice as many restaurants at which a seemingly never ending conveyer belt of varied and delicious food is ...... Read More>>

Alternative Activities in Beijing HOT

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From time to time people get bored of their normal routine in the city, this sometimes leads to a kind of stagnant feeling; going to the same places, seeing the same faces and doing the same things. Something that many Beijing expat residents are not aware ...... Read More>>

Beijing Stadium Guide HOT

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With a rapid developing construction industry and infrastructure, Beijing, as China’s capital, is an international window to the modern face of China. With the blossoming of entertainment and leisure industries as well as increased interest in sporting ...... Read More>>

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