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Shopping, Dancing and Dining: A Guide to Wudaokou's Wonders HOT

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Wudaokou’s Chengfu Lu is one of Beijing’s commercial and recreational areas most overlooked by the non-student/university crowd. However, in recent years, the area has come on in leaps and bounds receiving attention from residents of other districts. With ...... Read More>>

Wining, Dining, Dancing and Shopping in Sanlitun and Gongti HOT

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Sanlitun and Gongti – the latter referring to the area around the Worker’s Stadium – have long been names synonymous with dining and entertainment. In the last few years, the arrivals of high profile developments such as The Village and the more recent ...... Read More>>

Guomao Grub: New Restaurants and Cafes in Beijing's Business District HOT

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With winter just around the corner, and snow already on our doorstep, everyone’s looking to pack on some extra insulation without having to venture too far to do so. Luckily for those in the Guomao area, there are some new restaurants and cafes to help you ...... Read More>>

Best Places to Live in Beijing: Four Expat Alternatives HOT

Beijing is an enormous city and deciding which part of town to live in can be difficult. But as big as the city is, not all neighbourhoods are created equal; foreigners looking for alternatives to the usual expat “ghettos” would do well to check out these ...... Read More>>

Beijing’s Oldest Commercial Street Gets a Revamp HOT

Dashilan’er (also known as Dazhalan West Street), one of Beijing’s oldest commercial streets has re-opened following intensive renovations that lasted for over one year and cost 93 million RMB. Dashilan’er is located in the Qianmen area, south of ...... Read More>>

Nanluoguxiang Hutong Cafes: Historic Couture HOT

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The beautiful Nanluoguxiang hutong (南锣鼓巷胡同), nestled in Beijing’s historic Dongcheng District, is one of the oldest alleyways in Beijing. The street has a history of over 800 years, and served as a flourishing commercial street during the Yuan ...... Read More>>

Renting an Apartment in Beijing: Top 5 Areas to live in Beijing HOT


Ah Beijing, Beijing…a place that many of us expats know and have come to love. For all of us who call this wondrous and chaotic city our home, we also claim our favorite residential areas of the city as well. Each district of Beijing is distinct so ...... Read More>>

Forests, Feng Shui, and Falling Water: Beijing’s Northern Parks HOT

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In our ongoing series looking at Beijing’s best parks – check out the first installment here – we highlight some of the best green stretches in the north of the city. Liuyin Park柳荫公园 Liuyin is one of Beijing’s less visited parks, ...... Read More>>

Sanctuary in the City: West Beijing parks HOT

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Beijing’s parks are the perfect place to catch a slice of Chinese culture; be it the elderly practicing their elegant calligraphy on the paving stones, or middle aged urban denizens strutting a fox trot while young children scoot by on all kinds of ...... Read More>>

Horse Riding Grounds in Beijing HOT

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Now that the smothering summer heat has subsided and given way to mild temperatures, blue skies and gentle winds, the perfect time for horse riding has arrived! There are plenty of indoor and outdoor equestrian centers all around Beijing, so below we’ve ...... Read More>>

5 Great Art Galleries at 798 HOT

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There might not be 798 galleries at Beijing’s most famous art district, but choosing from the great many that are can still be tough. Truth be told, it’s worth wandering among all of them, taking your time to find a favorite. But if you’re short of time, ...... Read More>>

Houhai—The Poetic Beauty of Old Beijing HOT

For those who enjoy peaceful waterside settings, no spot is better than Beijing’s Shichahai. This area was once the home to the rich and powerful of the Old Beijing elite. Since the Yuan Dynasty, Shichahai has been the right in the middle of the most ...... Read More>>

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