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Four Top Tattoo Parlors in Beijing HOT

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Tattoos have a long history in China. They even have a place in traditional literature – Shijin, a character in Water Margin, has tattoos of 9 dragons on his back. Many hundreds of years ago, people bearing the mark of a tattoo were much maligned. During ...... Read More>>

Best Places for Buying Electronics in Beijing HOT

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It seems almost everything these days has the words ‘Made in China’ branded on it. Much to the surprise of many fresh expats in Beijing, even though many electrical goods are manufactured here, they are still retailed at a high price and some items are can...... Read More>>

In a Hair Frenzy? Beijing’s Most Foreign-Friendly Hair Salons HOT

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Some of us have deeply rooted relationships with our hair professional and therefore, one of the most frightening things about moving to a foreign country is finding someone you trust to cut, colour and style your hair. While it’s difficult to give in to ...... Read More>>

How to Get Clothes Tailor-Made in Beijing HOT

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Photo: Once you find the right combination, having clothes tailor-made in Beijing can be a wonderful experience. Not all fashion is created equal so why settle for a finished product that is lacking your style or needs to be altered to fit ...... Read More>>

Michelin Star Dining in Beijing HOT

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China has long been known for its rich culinary culture, but with the import of some of the world’s greatest chefs carrying Michelin stars with their name, there’s never been a better time for exquisite international dining in Beijing than now. At present,...... Read More>>

A Breath of Fresh Air: Buying Anti-pollution Masks in Beijing HOT

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Beijing’s air is not going to markedly improve any time soon, so it makes sense to protect you and your family from the long-term health effects of air pollution. Read on to find out where to buy good-quality anti-pollution masks in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Live Well: Natural and Organic Food Stores in Beijing HOT

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For several years I lived down the street from a weekly farmers’ market in Brooklyn, New York, surrounded by a multitude of organic and natural food stores, yet I never gave much thought to buying organic groceries. My main reason for this was the price. ...... Read More>>

Face the Music: Where to Buy Musical Instruments in Beijing HOT

If you’re looking to start a rock band or simply looking to test your musical talent, Beijing has what you need, if you know where to look. Specialized items can be difficult to find when you move to a foreign country but Beijing has ever so cleverly ...... Read More>>

How to Find a Bicycle in Beijing HOT

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There are nine million bicycles in Beijing. And that’s a FACT (probably…). In fact, the number of bicycles in Beijing is likely to have increased inline with Beijing’s ever expanding population since Katie Melua crooned those immortal words back in 2005. ...... Read More>>

From Rags to Retro: Beijing’s Hippest Vintage Clothing Stores HOT

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Vintage clothing has been making a huge comeback in fashion forward cities around the world, especial at major fashion centers like New York and London. Polka dot frocks from the 50’s, eccentric outfits from the 1960’s, elegant dresses and brogue shoes ...... Read More>>

Shopping Frenzy at Beijing Zoo Market HOT

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that only Beijing’s big department stores and tourist markets stock the hottest goods. Beijing is dotted with plenty of clothes markets that have two very special traits: fashionable and cheap! This article introduces you to ...... Read More>>

Surviving the Smog: How to Deal with Beijing’s Air Pollution HOT

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When you live in Beijing, you face bad pollution days. Sometimes the air is thick with lung-harming particles and you just don’t want to be outside in that. If you live in Beijing it should not be the biggest surprise if you wake up one morning, open the ...... Read More>>

Five of the Best Temples in Beijing HOT

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With dipping temperatures and Autumn fast approaching there has never been a better time to explore the wealth of culture that Beijing's ancient temples provide. In this article we discover some of the best temples in Beijing to be explored and enjoyed as ...... Read More>>

Beijing's Ten Best Beer Bars HOT

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Most of us can probably recall a time when we overdosed on cheap Tsingtao or Yanjing beers, suffered from a severe hang-over and swore never to go down the cheap alcohol route again, but instead pay a few kuai extra for quality beers that won’t wreak as ...... Read More>>

Renting an Apartment in Beijing: Top 5 Areas to live in Beijing HOT


Ah Beijing, Beijing…a place that many of us expats know and have come to love. For all of us who call this wondrous and chaotic city our home, we also claim our favorite residential areas of the city as well. Each district of Beijing is distinct so ...... Read More>>

Beijing Scitech Premium Outlet Mall: “Big Brands, Small Prices” HOT

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With so many malls already to choose from in downtown Beijing, there’s still one big reason to make the trek out to the Scitech Premium Outlet Mall near the Beijing airport: big savings. With a tagline of “Big Brands, Small Prices”, the Scitech Premium ...... Read More>>

How to Get a Driver’s License in Beijing HOT

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Q: When a vehicle overturns slowly and jumping out of the vehicle is possible, the driver should jump _____? ... Read More>>

Bungee Jumping in Beijing: The 8 Best Sites (Part 2) HOT


In recent years, bungee jumping has become one of the most exciting and stimulating outdoor leisure activities on offer. Just as with other extreme sports and their focus on “higher, faster and stronger”, bungee jumping is all about unleashing a person’s ...... Read More>>

Beijing Bars with a View: 6 Rooftop Bars in the Gulou Area HOT

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You either love or hate Beijing’s sweaty summer heat, but one aspect of summer that everyone enjoys is lounging on a rooftop bar in Beijing’s historic Gulou area while sipping on an ice cold beer or cocktail—just make sure to bring some mozzy spray! ... Read More>>

Haunted Beijing: the City’s Spookiest Sites HOT

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Do you believe in Ghosts? Believer or not, Beijing has some spooky places that are thought to be haunted and taunted by the remnants of the past. In a city with a vicious past, it’s no wonder that daunting ghouls of events from ancient regimes are still ...... Read More>>

Looking for a Gym in Beijing? 5 Tips HOT

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Gyms in Beijing have long realised that to match every member's dream of toned bodies and flexed muscles, variety is the key. When choosing the perfect sweat arena you should be aware of the choices too. In the wake of a number of high-profile chains in ...... Read More>>

China's Biggest Second Hand Market Opening in Beijing HOT

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Beijing’s biggest second-hand goods market is about to open at the end of the month. Xinqicai Commercial Centre (新七彩商业中心) opened for business on December 31st in Yaojiayuan (姚家园), Chaoyang District. The market’s location is behind Beijing’s ...... Read More>>

Budgeting in Beijing: Living on 10,000 Yuan per Month HOT


Need to start budgeting in Beijing? See where all your money goes. ... Read More>>

Beijing Bargain Hunt: Where to Snap up Great Deals on Clothes HOT

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Shopping in Beijing can be a nightmare, especially if bargaining isn’t your thing or if you’re simply not willing to pay an extortionate price for something that should be cheap. Well dream no further! Here’s an introduction to Beijing’s best bargain ...... Read More>>

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