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Finnish Metal Band HIM Plays in Shanghai August 29

Aug 21, 2014

Famous Finnish Metal Rock band HIM will play a show at Shanghai’s QSW Culture Centre on September 29. With their unique and mysterious voices, HIM is very popular in Europe. ... Read More>>

Revel’s World of Shakespeare in Shanghai August 28-31

Aug 20, 2014

Joseph Graves’ critically acclaimed one man show, Revels’ World of Shakespeare, which draws on his own experiences of attending English classes at the Chelsea School for Boys under the tyrannical tutelage of professor Clive T Revel, is coming to Shanghai. ... Read More>>

Shanghai Metro Introduces 3 RMB ‘Overtime Fee’

Aug 20, 2014

Passengers who spend more than four hours riding the Metro will be subject to an extra 3 RMB charge when they swipe out. ... Read More>>

Shanghai Printed Book Popularity on Rise

Aug 19, 2014

An online survey has shown that about 70% of Shanghai residents actually prefer reading in print to online, Shanghai Daily has reported. This is an increase of 5% compared to last year, when 65% of Shanghai residents preferred reading on paper to online. ... Read More>>

Yangshan Import Food Trade Exhibition Center

Aug 18, 2014

Import foods for sale at Yangshan International Food Trade Exhibition Hall in Shanghai. ... Read More>>

Shanghai Mini American Pop Music Festival

Aug 16, 2014

Mini Festival Kicks off in Shanghai on August 24 ... Read More>>

Shanghai Civil Servants Start Using Domestically Produced Encryption Mobile Phones

Aug 15, 2014

Many Shanghai civil servants have switched from the iPhone to Coolpad S6 in order to prevent information leakage ... Read More>>

Shanghai Tightens Laws on Chain Restaurant Supplier Transparency

Aug 14, 2014

Shanghai Food and Drug Administration rules now dictate that chain restaurants ensure transparency with regards to suppliers ... Read More>>

Shanghai Municipal Government Destroys Fake Taxis

Aug 12, 2014

Shanghai is taking a stronger stance against people falling target to fake taxis by destroying those who are illegally posing as taxis.... Read More>>

Shanghai Surpasses Beijing for Airport Passenger Traffic

Aug 11, 2014

According to statistics from the General Administration Civil Aviation of China, Shanghai has surpassed Beijing for passenger traffic in the first half of this year. ... Read More>>

Segway Ban on Shanghai Roads

Aug 08, 2014

Shanghai Police have issued reminder to riders of Segways and electric unicycles that the ‘vehicles’ aren’t fit for road use and use should be restricted to pavements and parks. ... Read More>>

Baiser Vole World Ballet Stars Gala August 9

Aug 07, 2014

Some of the world’s top ballet stars will be heading to the Shanghai Grand Theatre this Saturday for an evening of dance to end the season. ... Read More>>

New Visa Office Open in Songjiang District

Aug 06, 2014

August 1 a new visa office opened in Songjiang district where foreigners can process their visas. ... Read More>>

Shanghai Calling: Band Night from Summer Sonic Festival August 8

Aug 05, 2014

Mao Livehouse is celebrating the summer with an evening featuring some of the hottest homegrown bands from this year’s Summer Sonic Festival. ... Read More>>

Benji B from Britain’s Radio 1 at Arkham Saturday August 10

Aug 05, 2014

Radio 1’s Benji B and guests will be hitting up Arkham this Saturday August 10. Benji B has been one of the leading musical figures of the past decade and this summer he’s been rocking the festival circuit from Coachella to Sonar. ... Read More>>

Shanghai Introduces Vendor-free Zones

Aug 01, 2014

Shanghai authorities will be getting tough with illegal vendors next month when new regulations banning stallholders from popular spots around the city are introduced. ... Read More>>

Wet and Windy Weather as Tropical Storm Nakri Approaches

Jul 31, 2014

As if travelling in Shanghai isn’t enough of a nightmare at the moment, another tropical storm is fast approaching the coastal city, threatening rainstorms and high winds. ... Read More>>

Shanghai to Host Figure Skating Championships 2015

Jul 30, 2014

Shanghai has won its bid to host the 2015 figure skating championships. The International Figure Skating Association officially made the decision during an annual meeting in Dublin, Ireland in June. ... Read More>>

Shanghai Travel Disrupted Further by Airspace Restrictions

Jul 29, 2014

Restriction on airspace above the East China Sea is causing chaos in shanghai for people hoping to travel in and out of the city. ... Read More>>

Shanghai Sets up Metro Security Unit to Deal with Subway Beggars

Jul 28, 2014

Shanghai Metro authorities have employed a new security detail to deal with subway beggars and people taking free rides on the subway. ... Read More>>

Shanghai: Bullet Train Services Suspended Due to Typhoon Alert

Jul 24, 2014

More than 20 high speed railway services due to pass through Shanghai Hongqiao train station were suspended yesterday as Shanghai prepared for the approaching Typhoon Matmo. ... Read More>>

Shanghai Flight Cancellations Lead to Spring Festival Level Crowds on Trains

Jul 23, 2014

Crowds at Shanghai train stations swelled enormously after over 350 flights were delayed and cancelled on Monday and Tuesday from both Hongqiao and Pudong airports. ... Read More>>

Free Summer Folk Concert at Mao Livehouse July 26

Jul 21, 2014

Mao Livehouse is offering up an evening of relaxing alternative folk music as a breath of fresh air between all those thrash metal concerts. What makes it more relaxing, is that it’s free, if you sign up via Wechat. ... Read More>>

Survey Reveals Shanghai Residents ‘Not that annoyed’ by Dancing Ayis

Jul 18, 2014

A recent survey concluded that Shanghai residents are fairly supportive of Guangchangwu, or ‘square dancing’: the favourite passtime of Chinese ladies from middle age onwards. ... Read More>>

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