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Guangdong’s First Harley Davidson Shop to Open in Guangzhou in June

Apr 16, 2014

Legendary motorbike brand Harley Davidson is heading to the Guangdong Province in June, with the company opening its first shop in the region. The shop is currently settling in to Panyu district in Guangzhou and will officially open in June. Read more>>

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Yongsheng Band Village Closed Down for Substandard Fire Safety Regulations

Apr 15, 2014

After the huge fire at the Jianye building on December 15 last year, fire safety regulations have become much stricter and the Band Village on Yongsheng Street has fallen victim to the tightened regulations. ... Read More>>

Carsick Cars come to Guangzhou April 18

Apr 14, 2014

Legendary Beijing band carsick cars will be coming to Guangzhou as a stop on their China tour. After spending 2013 touring North America and just returning from playing the Grand Palais in Paris, the band is returning to their home turf with a new album. ... Read More>>

China Southern to Start Flights Direct From Guangzhou to New York in August

Apr 11, 2014

As of 6 August you will be able to fly directly from Guangzhou to New York on China Southern Airlines. The flight, on the Boeing 777-300er, will take off four days a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. ... Read More>>

Boston Symphony Orchestra with Conductor Lorin Maazel comes to Guangzhou May 6

Apr 10, 2014

The Boston Symphony orchestra conducted by Lorin Maazel is coming to Guangzhou for the Guangzhou Opera House anniversary celebration May 6. The performance will commemorate the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s tour as the first Western orchestra to tour China ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou May Day Celebration Will Feature 3,000 Armed Police Patrolling Streets

Apr 09, 2014

For the celebrations due to take place on the long weekend of May 1 to 3 for the May Day Holiday, Guangzhou Police have authorized around 3,000 armed men to patrol the streets and maintain order and safety.... Read More>>

“Underground” Visa Business Booming in Guangzhou; Fakes Issued in 5 Minutes

Apr 08, 2014

According to authorities in Guangdong Province, an illicit “underground” visa business is thriving in Guangdong Province. ... Read More>>

Mount Everest Wildlife Exhibition in Guangzhou April 3

Apr 04, 2014

Mount Everest National Nature reserve is having a wildlife exhibition at Guangdong Provincial Museum. Over 200 wild animal specimens and more than 300 field exhibition photographs will be on display, shot by a Guangdong wildlife expedition team of over 40 ...... Read More>>

China Southern to Open Guangzhou to Frankfurt Flights From June 20

Apr 03, 2014

From June 20 China Southern will open Guangzhou to Frankfurt flights. The flights will leave Guangzhou in the morning, have a little pause in Changsha and then head on to Frankfurt. ... Read More>>

Job Fair for Foreigners in Guangzhou, April 26

Mar 31, 2014

There is another Job Fair you can attend in 2014 and this time it’s in Guangzhou. Presented by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China and hosted by ChinaHotel (Marriot), the fair will cater to the needs of all varieties of foreigners ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Will Hold Mini Marathon for Youth Day, May 3

Mar 27, 2014

A mini marathon will be held at the Guangdong Olympic Sports Center to celebrate Youth Day on May 3. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou Police Raid a Room Rental Agency for Homosexuals

Mar 26, 2014

Guangzhou police recently raided a ‘hideout for mass gay promiscuity’, arresting 113 men. In the establishment they found large quantities of pornographic material and condoms. ... Read More>>

Another Man Falsely Claims to Have a Bomb, This Time in Guangzhou Metro

Mar 25, 2014

On March 20 a man was passing through the security check at Guangzhou’s Ximenkou station when he claimed that the boxes he was carrying had a bomb inside. ... Read More>>

Keren Ann to Play in Guangzhou April 26

Mar 24, 2014

Israeli singer, songwriter, composer, producer and engineer will be playing at Guangzhou’s Xinghai City Hall on April 26. The multi-talented beauty plays the guitar, piano and clarinet while performing her original songs. ... Read More>>

A Further 200 Armed Police Officers are to be Added to Guangzhou’s Streets

Mar 21, 2014

In order to ensure safety and maintain order on the streets of Guangzhou, it has been announced that a further 200 armed police officers will be sent on patrol carrying submachine guns.... Read More>>

Guangzhou Plans to Add 50 New Bus Lines to Aid Traffic Congestion

Mar 20, 2014

Guangzhou Transport authorities plan to add 50 new bus lines to the already massive traffic network in order to lessen the dependency on cars and ease congestion. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou to Increase Parking Fees in the City

Mar 18, 2014

Guangzhou Price Bureau has released its latest price adjustment scheme for parking fees in the city. The increase is pretty dramatic. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Baby Safety Island Operations Suspended Until Further Notice

Mar 17, 2014

In the past 50 days they have received 262 babies and cannot manage the load of anymore. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou Folk Culture Festival From March 9 to 15

Mar 10, 2014

From March 9 to 15 you can experience some culture and refinement at the Guangzhou Folk Culture Festival. The festival, talking place at Nanhai Temple, will feature a wide variety of intangible cultural and heritage programs. ... Read More>>

Rain to Continue in Guangdong Over Coming Days

Mar 07, 2014

If you are in Guangdong at the moment, you are probably getting a bit tired of this soggy weather. Well, no good news here as it likely to continue to rain for the next couple of days… ... Read More>>

Trip-Hop Band, Bang Gang, Playing Guangzhou March 16

Mar 05, 2014

Bang Gang was started by Bardi Johannsson back in 1996 and are known for their fusion of falsetto-driven indie pop with Portishead-like electronica. ... Read More>>

Breaking: Guangzhou Subway Stampede Caused by Irritant Gas

Mar 04, 2014

This morning, March 4, a stampede took place on Guangzhou’s metro line 5 when two men let off an unknown irritant gas. The packed subway carriage arrived at Xicun Station and people poured out of the doors in disarray, many hurt and without some of their ...... Read More>>

American Cab Calling App, Uber, Comes to Guangzhou

Mar 03, 2014

There are times in the city when you really can’t get a cab. On those rainy days or long nights out, you’ll be thankful you downloaded the Uber app. ... Read More>>

Reflector Hitting The Stage in Guangzhou March 8

Feb 28, 2014

Guangzhou rock music fans listen up, Reflector is heading to OCT-LOFT cultural park on March 7... Read More>>

Trials Underway For China’s Biggest Online Gambling Ring

Feb 27, 2014

The players in what has been described as China’s biggest online gambling ring are now on trial. ... Read More>>

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