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• Local Restaurants (Huaiyang Regional Cuisine淮扬菜)

While in Zhenjiang make sure to try some of the local specialty fresh water fish and crabs. Especially to be recommended is the local xiehuang tangbao 蟹黄汤包 (steamed crab buns with ginger and vinegar). There are snack street and pedestrian street at the back gate of Jiangsu University, with low price restaurants and street food in great number of varieties. There are a great many choices of local eateries along Zhongshan Donglu 中山东路 and Nanmen Dajie南门大街. Some highlight recommendations are as follows:


1. Lao Yan Chun Restaurant 老宴春楼
Add: 17 Renmin Jie, Zhenjiang 镇江市人民街17号
Tel: 0511-85271615

2. Zhenyang Restaurant 镇杨菜馆
Add: Jiefang Lu, Zhenjiang 镇江市解放路

3. Fuyuan Restaurant 福源大酒店
54 Mengxi Lu, Zhenjiang 镇江市梦溪路54号

4. Zui Xian Lou Restaurant 醉仙楼
Add: 82 Shanmenkou Jie, Zhenjiang 镇江市山门口街82号

5. Run Fu Ji Restaurant 润福记
Add: Next to the railway at Zhongshan Xilu, Zhenjiang 镇江市中山西路铁道旁

6. Wan Xing Long Restaurant 万兴隆
Add: Nanmen Dajie, Zhenjiang 镇江市南门大街

7. Adebao Restaurant 阿得宝
Add: Xiejieqiao, Zhenjiang 镇江市斜街桥

• McDonald’s

There are only two McDonald’s in Zhenjiang, both of which located on Zhongshan East Road.

1. Wuxing Branch五星餐厅
Add: 338 Zhongshan Donglu, Zhenjiang镇江市中山东路338号
Tel: 0511-5237255

2. Jingkou Hualian Branch (24hr) 京口华联餐厅
279 Zhongshan Donglu, Zhenjiang镇江市中山东路279号
Tel: 0511-5016077



There are six KFC branches in Zhenjiang:

1. Mengxi Branch 梦溪店
8 Mengxi Lu, Zhenjiang 镇江市梦西路8号
Tel: 0511-4408231

2. Dianlilu Branch 电力路店
1F, 382 Zhongshan Lu, Zhenjiang 镇江市中山路382号1楼
Tel: 0511-5211561

3. Dongwu Branch 东吴店
1 Jiuli Jie, Jingkou District, Zhenjiang 镇江市京口区九里街1号
Tel: 0511-8986397

4. Jiefang Branch 解放店
362 Jiefang Lu, Zhenjiang 镇江市解放路362号
Tel: 0511-85080157

5. Dashikou Branch 大市口店
218 Jiefang Lu, Zhenjiang 镇江市解放路218号
Tel: 0511-5014290

6. Dingmao Branch 丁卯店
1F, Wal Mart, Zhenjiang 镇江市沃尔玛购物广场1楼
Tel: 0511-8890127

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