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From Weird to Weirder: Videos that Went Viral in China in 2014

Jan 28, 2015

2014 saw a number of viral videos garner millions of views worldwide; but what videos from China made it big? From the cute and dramatic to the downright bizarre, there were certainly some unforgettable videos across the mainland. ... Read More>>

Buddhism in China: Origins, Growth and Temple Etiquette

Jan 26, 2015

Buddhism has been in China so long that it is almost forgivable for the average Chinese to think that it originated on their turf. Here, we outline the origins, the development and do’s and don’t when visiting Buddhist temples. ... Read More>>

Creative Crops: Urban Farming in China

Jan 24, 2015

The want of a little extra cash, concern over food scandals and the desire for a more beautiful living space has lead to growth of urban farming in China and the emergence of rooftop gardening. ... Read More>>

My Chinese Spouse: Love Has No Borders Hot

Jan 21, 2015

Cross-cultural relationships can be hugely challenging and much has been written about the difficulties and pitfalls of entering such a relationship, but there are also massive advantages to having a Chinese spouse in China. ... Read More>>

Go East! Tips and Info About Pursuing Your Postgraduate Studies in China

Jan 19, 2015

China has been investing heavily into its higher education over the last decade and now the quality of education in its universities easily rival those in its neighboring countries. Here we provide valuable tips and info about further education in China and ...... Read More>>

A North Korea Travel Guide for China Expats

Jan 17, 2015

If you’re living in or traveling through China and would like to catch a glimpse of the Hermit Kingdom while you’re here, be sure to check out our North Korea travel guide for China expats for some useful information to get you on your way. ... Read More>>

Contraception in China: Tips about Choice and Availability in China

Jan 14, 2015

Unfortunately, contraceptive advice is severely lacking in China. Here we take a look at the choices of contraceptives that are available, introduce the pros and cons and offer advice on where to obtain them. ... Read More>>

Most Common English Teaching Job Scams in China: What to Avoid Hot

Jan 12, 2015

Teaching English in China can be a great way to experience the country while gaining experience in a field that’s expanding rapidly. But it’s also an industry riddled with scams. For the uninitiated, here are some tips to help you find a legitimate, legal ...... Read More>>

5 Challenges to Opening a Restaurant in China Hot

Jan 10, 2015

How many times has the sight of a jam-packed Western restaurant started you dreaming about opening a foreign restaurant yourself? If you plan to turn that dream into a reality here are 5 challenges you’ll likely face. ... Read More>>

How to Survive the Annual Chinese New Year Gifting

Jan 06, 2015

Gift giving at Chinese New Year is serious business but a single misstep in the gifting process not only undoes all painstaking efforts at relationship-building, but could augur bad luck in the Lunar year ahead. ... Read More>>

Vacuum-Packed Curiosity: Taste Testing Chinese Snacks You’re Too Afraid to

Jan 03, 2015

Roaming around a Chinese supermarket can be an exciting adventure with lots of interesting things to see. But working up the courage to try all of the weird things that you spot is an entirely different story. ... Read More>>

Uber the Top? One US Company is Trying to Take China’s Taxi Industry by Storm

Dec 29, 2014

Uber is a company that has constantly been in the news in 2014 due to its aggressive expansion, controversial business practices and unpopularity with the Taxicab industry. How has Uber faired in China? ... Read More>>

Your Stories: Funniest Conversations with Taxi Drivers in China Hot

Dec 24, 2014

Everyone has had that one unforgettable taxi driver experience, or potentially more if you’ve spent a lot of time living and traveling in China. We asked for your stories in the answers section, and have compiled the best ones. ... Read More>>

Hong Kong: Making the Move to the Fragrant Harbour, Part 2

Dec 22, 2014

Relocating to Hong Kong from Mainland China can be daunting for many expats. In part two, we cover neighbourhoods, health services and where to get your essential grocery shopping done. ... Read More>>

Coming in from the Cold: Dealing with Winter in China Hot

Dec 20, 2014

There’s something about China’s winter that makes it a lot more miserable than other countries’. But fear not my dear reader, this winter season we present you a few alternatives for escaping the cold, or beating it at its own game.... Read More>>

View Point of a Chinese Daughter: Double the Trouble of Cross-Cultural Relationships Hot

Dec 17, 2014

Gone are the days when marrying your daughter to a “waiguo” (foreign) man was something to take pride in, something to make your neighbours green with envy. Whereas a few decades ago, a waiguo son-in-law carried with him the added prize of a ticket out of ...... Read More>>

Only Child No More: The Relaxing of China’s One Child Policy Hot

Dec 15, 2014

China’s controversial one child policy, which has dominated its history for the last 30 years, reached a landmark at the beginning of this year, when it was relaxed to allow more couples the opportunity to have more than one child. ... Read More>>

Of Love and Money: Disagreeing About Finances in Chinese-Expat Couples Hot

Dec 13, 2014

Photo: forbes.com Multicultural relationships can sometimes seem like a minefield of potential difficulties. Certain topics, such as raising children, the role of the in-laws, and the division of chores, are bound to stir up issues for even the most stable ...... Read More>>

Christmas Shopping in China: Where and What to Buy Hot

Dec 11, 2014

Being an expat in China can be fraught with difficulty as we contemplate how and where to do our Christmas shopping. Here we take a look at how to navigate your way through the minefield that is Christmas shopping in China and avoid a ‘Black Friday’ type ...... Read More>>

Higher is Better? China’s Insatiable Skyscraper Craze

Dec 10, 2014

As China becomes a heavyweight contender on the world stage, let’s take a look at the skyscrapers it is famous for, its plans for building more in the future as well as some health and safety issues this may present. ... Read More>>

Leaping Over the Great Firewall: Technology Life Hacks for China Hot

Dec 08, 2014

As any expat who has been in China for a period of time will be aware, using technological products with the same freedom to which we have become accustomed is simply not possible. However, there are workarounds so that popular services and applications can ...... Read More>>

5 Well Translated Chinese Novels to Hibernate With This Winter

Dec 06, 2014

Here is a list of five well translated Chinese novels that give us a better understanding of the social, cultural, linguistic, and political landscapes through with the average Chinese has had to navigate. ... Read More>>

China Through Film: 7 Contemporary Chinese Filmmakers You Should Know About

Dec 03, 2014

China has a thriving film industry that offers valuable glimpses into both the country’s past and present socio-political climate. To help you learn more about China and its popular culture, we’ve taken a look at some of the best contemporary filmmakers ...... Read More>>

Protecting Your Future: Secure Expat Jobs in China Hot

Dec 01, 2014

Foreigners coming to work in China are increasingly replaced by locals as education in China gets better and better. But there’s still a thriving job market in China for qualified expats that can’t be so easily replaced by talented Chinese applicants. We ...... Read More>>

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