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Epic Vacations: China’s Best Train Journeys

Jul 02, 2015 Comments(11)

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” If you agree with Robert Louis Stevenson, world famous travel writer, then a train trip through China is probably calling your name. Read more>>

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To Go or Not To Go: Lifespan of Foreigners in China

Jul 01, 2015 Comments(59)

A return to one’s home country after living in China for several years can be daunting, yet it’s a chance to start a new chapter in one’s life. Those who’ve made the leap have spoken of their return to school, to finding stability in jobs or even ...... Read More>>

8 More Sounds in China that Drive Expats Insane (Part II) Hot

Jun 24, 2015 Comments(33)

What noises in China drive you crazy? In Part II of this article, we took some of your comments into consideration. Let’s hear what else is driving the expat world insane. ... Read More>>

Smart and Practical: The Best Apps for Travelling in China Hot

Jun 19, 2015 Comments(16)

Smart phones have drastically changed the way we obtain information, almost rendering paperback dictionaries and travel books obsolete. From incredibly smart translating tools to up-to-date transport maps, here’s our list of essential apps for travelling ...... Read More>>

Teaching in a Third-Tier City: My Year in Yingkou Hot

Jun 15, 2015 Comments(13)

My first trip to China wasn't exactly what I expected. But then, that was pretty much what I was expecting. I hadn't heard of Yingkou before I was offered a job there, but I'm glad that I went there. ... Read More>>

Summer Blockbusters: 8 Must-See Movies Coming to China Hot

Jun 09, 2015 Comments(12)

If you missed the Avengers and you’re not in the mood to check out Mr. Deng [Xiaoping] Goes to Washington, there are still numerous other much-anticipated flicks coming out this summer that you’ll definitely not want to miss. ... Read More>>

The Art of Food: Creating the Taste of Home in China

Jun 03, 2015 Comments(18)

In southern China, people like sweet foods, and northern Chinese prefer salty foods. I, however, have a strong European Mediterranean palate and searched for vain for salty items in my new south China home. ... Read More>>

Actually Useful Language Guides: How to Curse in Chinese Hot

Jun 01, 2015 Comments(20)

Since we are in China, it is good to know how the locals release their daily frustrations – maybe their swearwords will turn out to be more effective than the one you've been using! ... Read More>>

When Dating in China Gets You Down, Pick Up a “Spare Tire” Hot

May 27, 2015 Comments(18)

When all your hopes of finding the right significant other get razed to the ground and the situation ain’t improving, just do what Chinese girls do and get yourself some “spare tires,” or temporary lovers. ... Read More>>

Veggie Heaven: 9 Mouthwatering Vegetarian Chinese Dishes

May 25, 2015 Comments(14)

With rising income in China, the Chinese diet is becoming more meat-centric. But don’t worry, if you’re a vegetarian or just don’t trust Chinese meat products, there are delicious options out there available. ... Read More>>

When to Hold Your Tongue: The Importance of Respecting “Face” Hot

May 20, 2015 Comments(19)

If you want to get along with Chinese locals, the #1 rule is never cause anyone to “lose face” by pointing out their mistakes. Even if you do it by accident, it will be an infraction not likely to be forgiven. ... Read More>>

Trending in China (Part II): Nose Picking, Cancer Strawberries, and Road Rage Hot

May 18, 2015 Comments(16)

Even the most blasé among us are surprised from time to time, reading the news in China. And the widespread penetration of social media in China sure helps to spread the word. Here are the questionable occurrences that are currently trending. ... Read More>>

No Zuo No Die: It's OK to Be A Little Crazy Hot

May 13, 2015 Comments(7)

China is the best incubator for all the inconceivable shenanigans that we witness or experience every day. Locals have seen some epic fails by people here trying to challenge the borderline, so they coined a special phrase: no zuo no die. ... Read More>>

5 Reasons Why Foreigners Come Work in China Hot

May 07, 2015 Comments(30)

Talk to any group of assorted foreigners in China and you’re bound to hear a different “China story” from every single one. We've looked at some of the reasons foreigners choose to come and work in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. ... Read More>>

Why Isn't My Child Fluent Already? How Chinese Parents and Schools See Foreign Teachers Hot

May 01, 2015 Comments(57)

In my previous article on perception of foreign teachers, I felt there was a giant hole missing: the perception of foreign teachers by the very people who actually pay for the service, whose money pumps through this ever-expanding industry. ... Read More>>

Trending in China: What Chinese Netizens are Talking About These Days Hot

Apr 29, 2015 Comments(6)

What stories have been recently trending on the Chinese internet? The sheer volume of Netizens ensures that there is no shortage of talking points in a nation where nothing escapes the scrutiny of the online world. ... Read More>>

Real Estate Showdown: Beijing Hutongs vs Shanghai Lane Houses Hot

Apr 28, 2015 Comments(6)

The hutongs of Beijing and the lilong lane houses of Shanghai are the most iconic architectural housing styles in their respective cities. However, the two both have advantages and disadvantages: which style of housing is better suited for foreigners? ... Read More>>

Honey, Will You Fake Divorce Me? Examining China's Culture of Fakes Hot

Apr 27, 2015 Comments(11)

China has actually raised its mastery of counterfeit products to a whole new level, as of 2013. Aside from fake Armani bags and fake Converse sneakers, one of the biggest fake products in China is now fake divorce. ... Read More>>

New Business Connections Await: Free Trip to Fujian for Motor and Electronics Expo

Apr 23, 2015 Comments(3)

Interested in traveling to beautiful Fujian? Currently work in trade or business in the field of electric machinery? Looking to explore new business opportunities? Sign up for a free tour to visit an exposition and investment fair!... Read More>>

Exploring Netizen Slang: What is a “Green Tea Bitch?” Hot

Apr 22, 2015 Comments(11)

Green tea has always had the reputation for being clean, pure, quiet and sophisticated. The Netizen created, “green tea bitch,” on the other hand, pretends to be pure and innocent, but in fact is manipulative and calculating. ... Read More>>

The Joke’s on You: Differences in American and Chinese Humor Hot

Apr 20, 2015 Comments(28)

Joe Wong is a Chinese national who moved to the US—following a brief stint as a chemical engineer in Texas—to become a stand-up comedian. Honing his craft since the early aughts, Wong achieved the funnyman equivalent of the American Dream nearly a decade ...... Read More>>

Should the World Fear Chinese Soft Power? Hot

Apr 15, 2015 Comments(31)

In America and across the world, Confucius Institutes are building bridges to share knowledge about the history, culture and language of a rising world power which has been in the shadows. ... Read More>>

Angry Face, Watermelon, Peace Sign! The Rise of Emojis in the East and West Hot

Apr 13, 2015 Comments(7)

Emojis range from the prosaic to the whimsical – and like just about everything else, they’re a product of culture. Emoticons are different in Eastern and Western cultures: the way they look, the way we use them, and some of the crazier creations. ... Read More>>

Beginners Guide to Dating in China Hot

Apr 08, 2015 Comments(32)

If you’re single, new to China and plan on being here for a while, the issue of dating a Chinese partner will inevitably arise. Here are some things you should know before you start dating in China, so you and your Chinese partner don’t have too many ...... Read More>>

Losers Back Home? Perceptions of English Teachers in China Hot

Apr 06, 2015 Comments(94)

Let’s face it, English teachers in China are not exactly viewed as people who have been a major success in life. Often the subject of diatribes on many an anonymous internet forum, it’s time to look at why these perceptions exist. ... Read More>>

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