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7 Common Scams in China and How to Avoid Them

May 24, 2017 Comments(1)

Although China is relatively safe compared to other countries, there are still dangers. City life is never 100% crime-free – there are pickpockets, unscrupulous shop owners, and dodgy taxi drivers everywhere. Here are some common scams you might encounter in China, and how to stay one step ahead. Read more>>

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Parents Need Not Apply HOT

Apr 25, 2016 Comments(34)

ECC blogger questions why schools charge their teacher's children tuition. ... Read More>>

My Most Memorable Workmates in China HOT

Apr 20, 2016 Comments(15)

ECC blogger shares his stories of bad teachers. ... Read More>>

Simplifying the Art of English Writing HOT

Apr 18, 2016 Comments(19)

ECC blogger shares his approach to teaching English writing. ... Read More>>

10 Must-Have-Apps in China HOT

Apr 11, 2016 Comments(9)

ECC blogger provides a list of apps that will make everything from eating to cleaning your house easier. ... Read More>>

English Phrases in China that Drive Me Nuts HOT

Apr 07, 2016 Comments(28)

ECC blogger complains about cringe inducing English phrases. ... Read More>>

6 Strange Compliments You Get in China (and How to Handle Them) HOT

Apr 04, 2016 Comments(28)

More often than not, compliments in China come across more as highly personal statements, ranging from the plain statement of fact to the bewildering to the downright offensive. So, how should you handle them? ... Read More>>

6 Steps to Help Ease Your Seasonal Depression HOT

Mar 23, 2016 Comments(10) blogger writes about a technique to assuage your winter blues. ... Read More>>

How to Win at China-ing HOT

Mar 22, 2016 Comments(18)

Just because your China job is getting you nowhere, doesn't mean you can't get somewhere. ... Read More>>

Chinese Movies To Keep An Eye Out For In 2016 HOT

Mar 21, 2016 Comments(7)

Here are our picks for the Chinese movies to keep an eye out for the rest of 2016 ... Read More>>

East vs. West: When Parenting Styles Clash HOT

Mar 17, 2016 Comments(15)

ECC blogger writes on the difficulties of raising children in a Chinese-American marriage. ... Read More>>

Don't Worry, Be Happy: 6 Tips to Enjoy Your Stay in China HOT

Mar 16, 2016 Comments(65)

Got the China blues? ECC blogger has found the secret to happiness in China. ... Read More>>

Men’s Style in China - Tips for Spring 2016 HOT

Mar 15, 2016 Comments(14)

Just because you look cool back home doesn’t mean you look cool in China. Here’s some advice for men living in China when it comes to casual style in 2016. ... Read More>>

Feeling Under the Weather? Try these Traditional Chinese Remedies HOT

Mar 14, 2016 Comments(7)

An introduction to 6 forms of traditional Chinese medicine. ... Read More>>

The Life of Xena: The Rise and Fall of a High School Vice-Principal HOT

Mar 07, 2016 Comments(14)

A fresh administrator of a college prep program tries her best at driving the school into the ground. ... Read More>>

How to Become a Chinese Citizen HOT

Mar 02, 2016 Comments(25)

Chinese citizenship is an option, but it is an option worth pursuing? ... Read More>>

The Relationship Minefield: 4 Challenges for Multicultural Couples HOT

Feb 29, 2016 Comments(119)

Many foreigners come to China and fall in love – not just with the culture, the history, the scenery, but with local Chinese people who become their boyfriends, girlfriends, or, eventually, husbands and wives. However, jumping into a relationship with ...... Read More>>

Take the Plunge: Everything You Need to Know about Scuba Diving in China HOT

Feb 25, 2016 Comments(13)

Take the plunge and SCUBA dive in China. ... Read More>>

A Second Education: 4 Exams and Tests Expats Can Take in China HOT

Feb 17, 2016 Comments(14)

If you’ve got spare time on your hands, why not consider furthering yourself educationally or gaining some extra certificates to pad up your resume with? There are a number of tests and exams on offer in China that are open to foreign candidates. ... Read More>>

Scoot in Style: Life with a Scooter in China HOT

Feb 03, 2016 Comments(29)

Scooters may be the best and most affordable ways to get around in China. Here's what you need to know before buying one yourself. ... Read More>>

How to Rent a Fake Girlfriend for the Spring Festival HOT

Feb 01, 2016 Comments(10)

Hiring fake girlfriends for Chinese New Year is the newest option to appease parents pushing for marriage. ... Read More>>

Quiet, Please! Noise Polllution in China HOT

Jan 27, 2016 Comments(23) blogger vents about China's blaring soundscape. ... Read More>>

Just a Job: Are Teachers Settling? HOT

Jan 26, 2016 Comments(17)

eChinacities blogger considers the motivations of teachers in China. Some think of teaching as a way to keep the lights on, while others put their all into their job. ... Read More>>

How to Find a Job in China as a “Non-native” Expat HOT

Jan 21, 2016 Comments(59)

If you follow job ads in China closely, you will soon find there is no lack of work in sight for “native teachers/writers/consultants”, provided, of course, they come from the US, Canada, Australia or another “English-speaking” country. But what about ...... Read More>>

Spring Festival Travel Guide to Destinations and Buying Train & Airline Tickets HOT

Jan 18, 2016 Comments(18)

If you fancy trying your hand at dicing with travel death during the notorious Spring Festival rush, this article offers advice on where to go, what to do and most importantly, how to get there this upcoming Chinese New Year. ... Read More>>

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