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Expat Stories: Being Black in China HOT


Sade McKenzie shares her experiences of being black in China. ... Read More>>

5 Reasons I am back in China: Reverse Culture Shock is Real HOT


Five reasons why going back home is hard, but staying in China is easy. ... Read More>>

Your Stories: Funniest Teaching Experiences in China HOT


We recently asked for your participation, in order to share some of the funniest teaching experiences from people living and teaching in China, because we know that there must be some amazing misunderstandings or mistranslations out there. Here are a few of ...... Read More>>

Going the Extra Mile: Make the Most of Networking in China HOT


With competition increasingly fierce over here, it’s important to start focusing more on taking those extra steps that set you apart from the growing hordes of expat job seekers here in China. So how exactly do you make the most of networking in China? ... Read More>>

Chinese People’s English Names – Is There a Method to the Madness? HOT


During my first year in China, I taught at a training school, and occasionally kids would come in with pretty crazy names. One day, a father brought his son in for the first time, casually telling me his son’s English name: Semen. ... Read More>>

3 Things You May Wish You Knew Before Coming to China HOT


New Concept Mandarin gives you tips on things you should know before you move to China. ... Read More>>

Tuangou Tutorial: How to Use Group-Buying and Daily Deals Sites in China HOT


A step-by-step guide on how to use Meituan, one of the group buying companies in China similar to Groupon. ... Read More>>

Office Space: 6 Ways to Connect with your Chinese Colleagues HOT


6 common issues with Chinese colleagues, and advice on how to deal with them. ... Read More>>

Insider’s Guide to Teaching English in China HOT


The flow of noise from any English language classroom is a bit like the flow of ketchup from a ketchup bottle. There is either too little or too much. But China's unique cultural fabric makes finding the right level of student engagement particularly ...... Read More>>

Winter Wonderland: China’s Best Cold Weather Snacks HOT


Four Chinese dishes that will keep you warm during the winter. ... Read More>>

How To Carve a Pumpkin: A Step-by-Step Guide HOT


Halloween is creeping up. Get festive and carve your own jack-o-lantern. ... Read More>>

How to Play the Chinese Lottery HOT


Gambling is illegal in China, except for the lottery, which you can play! See how. ... Read More>>

Take it Easy: 5 Things To Make Your China Trip Comfortable HOT


A short list of items that will make travelling around China much more comfortable. ... Read More>>

11 Chinese Phrases You'll Keep Saying Long After You Leave China HOT


A list of Chinese phrases every expat knows and will never forget. ... Read More>>

What You Must Know About Renting an Apartment in China HOT


For most Westerners, we relish in the independence of renting our own apartment. However, renting culture is different in China and is rife with hassles. The best way to learn is to prepare in advance, so we’ve listed tips for new and seasoned renters in ...... Read More>>

Tsinghua Ranked Top Engineering School in World, Beating Out MIT HOT


Tsinghua University has just been ranked as the top engineering school in the world. This is the first time a Chinese university has been ranked as number one in a subsection of the U.S News & World Report. ... Read More>>

Into the Wild: Camping in China 101 HOT


Living in a congested Chinese city can make one pine for the outdoors. If you’ve toyed with the idea of getting away from the crowds and pollution and going camping, it’s time to make it happen. ... Read More>>

Hollywood's Top 10 China Kow-towers HOT


A list of Hollywood movies that have surrendered artistic integrity to be included in the 34 foreign movies allowed to play in China every year. ... Read More>>

Five Off the Beaten Track Destinations in China HOT


The October National Holiday is approaching and many of us are considering our travel options. China’s full of notable tourist attractions – the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, etc. – but where to go once you’ve visited all the obvious places? ... Read More>>

Go Solo: A Guide to Traveling Alone in China HOT


While there are a few obstacles that make traveling alone in China more challenging, if you’re well prepared you’ll quickly discover the pleasure of independent travel in one of the world’s most interesting countries. ... Read More>>

All You Need is Love (and Cash): How to Get a UK Partner Visa for your Chinese Spouse HOT


Following controversial immigration policies enacted in 2012, the financial requirements to acquire partner visas have become oppressively high. The article lists the requirements as well as offering one possible a workaround. ... Read More>>

Chinese Classes Live, Anywhere, Anytime: TutorMing HOT


Many expats' Chinese is poor, but TutorMing offers a certified method of teaching that allows students to study anytime, anywhere with a live tutor. ... Read More>>

‘Red Flags’ to Watch Out for When Working in China HOT


Finding a job is one thing, but securing a good one that will legally provide you with a work visa is another. This article outlines some of the ‘red flags’ to look out for when browsing through job adverts and negotiating with your future employer. ... Read More>>

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