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China English Teaching Horror Stories

Jun 28, 2017 Comments(48)

Teaching English in China can be a risky venture, especially for inexperienced teachers who might fall victim to the more unscrupulous schools and administrators out there. Here we take a look at several horror stories which should illustrate what can happen when innocent English teachers fall into the wrong hands. ...Read more>>

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Contraception in China: Tips about Choice and Availability in China HOT

Jun 15, 2016 Comments(7)

Unfortunately, contraceptive advice is severely lacking in China. Here we take a look at the choices of contraceptives that are available, introduce the pros and cons and offer advice on where to obtain them. ... Read More>>

Smart and Practical: The Best Apps for Travelling in China HOT

Jun 13, 2016 Comments(22)

Smart phones have drastically changed the way we obtain information, almost rendering paperback dictionaries and travel books obsolete. From incredibly smart translating tools to up-to-date transport maps, here’s our list of essential apps for travelling ...... Read More>>

Only the Patient Expat Shall Pass: Rites of Passage in China HOT

Jun 08, 2016 Comments(33)

Settling into expat life in China can feel like an initiation to a secret society, involving strange and at times elaborate rites of passage. These are the experiences that separate the novice from the seasoned veteran. Sometimes painful, sometimes ...... Read More>>

Buddhism in China: Origins, Growth and Temple Etiquette HOT

Jun 02, 2016 Comments(10)

Buddhism has been in China so long that it is almost forgivable for the average Chinese to think that it originated on their turf. Here, we outline the origins, the development and do’s and don’t when visiting Buddhist temples. ... Read More>>

Light a Candle: Overcoming Discrimination in China’s ESL Market HOT

Jun 01, 2016 Comments(112)

ECC blogger from Africa discusses his struggle to find an ESL position in China. ... Read More>>

Footing the Bill in China: Tips and Insights into China’s Paying Culture HOT

May 31, 2016 Comments(19)

If you've ever been alarmed at the sight of red-faced diners talking at the top of their voices and waving fistfuls of something around, don't be; they are only fighting to “qingke”, or pay the bill. Here’s a guide on when it’s your turn to fork out the ...... Read More>>

We Need to Revolutionize Chinese Studying Habits HOT

May 25, 2016 Comments(25)

ECC blogger calls for a change in learning English in China. ... Read More>>

You’ll Never Walk Alone: Owning Pets in China HOT

May 24, 2016 Comments(8)

Resorting to a pet or two can relieve the loneliness of many expats living overseas. Owning pets in China comes with certain difficulties though with with proper research, it might be your best decision yet. ... Read More>>

Tom Watkins: China’s Cultural Revolution turns 50 HOT

May 17, 2016 Comments(8)

Tom Watkins remembers the Cultural Revolution and its continuing influence on China today. ... Read More>>

Expats in China: How Valuable Are They to Employers? HOT

May 11, 2016 Comments(72)

China has become an increasingly attractive place to work for expats. However, the majority of those who come to China do not have several years of solid work experience, nor do they speak fluent Mandarin. So what value do expats offer to employers in China? ... Read More>>

5 Tips for Succeeding in China’s Changing Job Market HOT

May 09, 2016 Comments(42)

With many Western nations experiencing stagnant economies and high unemployment rates (7.9% in the US, 11.2% in the EU), more foreigners than ever are moving to Mainland China to reside and work, as they perceive its economy outlook and job market to be ...... Read More>>

Lost in Translation: The Funniest English Shirts I’ve Seen in China HOT

May 05, 2016 Comments(25)

I highly recommend that those who can't read English have someone/thing translate the message on their t-shirts to avoid embarrassing mistakes. ... Read More>>

Office Craziness in China (Part 1) HOT

Apr 27, 2016 Comments(23)

ECC blogger shares his stories of his crazy colleague. ... Read More>>

Parents Need Not Apply HOT

Apr 25, 2016 Comments(34)

ECC blogger questions why schools charge their teacher's children tuition. ... Read More>>

My Most Memorable Workmates in China HOT

Apr 20, 2016 Comments(15)

ECC blogger shares his stories of bad teachers. ... Read More>>

Simplifying the Art of English Writing HOT

Apr 18, 2016 Comments(19)

ECC blogger shares his approach to teaching English writing. ... Read More>>

10 Must-Have-Apps in China HOT

Apr 11, 2016 Comments(9)

ECC blogger provides a list of apps that will make everything from eating to cleaning your house easier. ... Read More>>

English Phrases in China that Drive Me Nuts HOT

Apr 07, 2016 Comments(28)

ECC blogger complains about cringe inducing English phrases. ... Read More>>

6 Strange Compliments You Get in China (and How to Handle Them) HOT

Apr 04, 2016 Comments(28)

More often than not, compliments in China come across more as highly personal statements, ranging from the plain statement of fact to the bewildering to the downright offensive. So, how should you handle them? ... Read More>>

6 Steps to Help Ease Your Seasonal Depression HOT

Mar 23, 2016 Comments(10) blogger writes about a technique to assuage your winter blues. ... Read More>>

How to Win at China-ing HOT

Mar 22, 2016 Comments(18)

Just because your China job is getting you nowhere, doesn't mean you can't get somewhere. ... Read More>>

Chinese Movies To Keep An Eye Out For In 2016 HOT

Mar 21, 2016 Comments(7)

Here are our picks for the Chinese movies to keep an eye out for the rest of 2016 ... Read More>>

East vs. West: When Parenting Styles Clash HOT

Mar 17, 2016 Comments(15)

ECC blogger writes on the difficulties of raising children in a Chinese-American marriage. ... Read More>>

Don't Worry, Be Happy: 6 Tips to Enjoy Your Stay in China HOT

Mar 16, 2016 Comments(65)

Got the China blues? ECC blogger has found the secret to happiness in China. ... Read More>>

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