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Our Favorite Things About Living in China (Part 1) HOT


Last time around we talked about the things we liked least about living in China. Expats tend to do great amounts of moaning and groaning – it’s therapeutic and a regular bonding exercise for foreigners without a lot of other things in common ...... Read More>>

"of the people, by the people, for the people" but owned by China? HOT

Whichever way you look at it, America is a pretty powerful nation. It has the world's most powerful economy, the world's most powerful military, and the world's most powerful government: Both in terms of soft power and hard power. When questioned about this ...... Read More>>

What we like least about living in China HOT


The language, the culture, the people; living in another country is a difficult, baffling, and sometimes even maddening experience. All expats in China have suffered “China days”, the days where everything seems so complicated, so backwards, so ...... Read More>>

Chinese supermarket HOT


Skim milk, 2 percent, whole milk, fat free milk, or vitamin D milk? Oreos or the generic, cling wrap or saran wrap? For some of us going to the supermarket in our own countries is confusing enough, endless aisles looming with decisions to be made. In a ...... Read More>>

Dashan: "My life has been changing along with China" HOT


OTTAWA, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) -- China has undergone fundamental changes during the past 20 years and it is really difficult to sum up its achievements in simple language, Dashan, one of China's most famous foreigners, told Xinhua recently. "It is easy to talk ...... Read More>>

Hallo-what? HOT

Halloween was one of my favorite holidays when I lived in the US. I always looked forward to either dressing up or handing out candy to visiting kids, or doing both. Halloween would always start with a visit to the store or a local farmers field so that I could purchase a few suitable pumpkins for carving. Every pumpkin was screaming out a ... ...Read More>>

More Heard Round the Table HOT

As is my wont, I like to chat with friends and acquaintances over cups of espresso and glasses of beer about the latest goings-on in our lives in China. This latest thread, occurring over several days and many libations, seemed to disconcertingly center on China’s growing car culture and expat mishaps therein. Frozen Assets Starting 2009 ... ...Read More>>

Understanding Trial Spots HOT

If there is one thing which most western companies coming into China miss out on is the idea of ''trial spots'', or as they are called in Chinese 试点。 So what is it? Basically, it's a city, place, province or region which is used to try out something experimental which has not been tried before. When China first opened up, Shenzhen was a trial ... ...Read More>>

The Hottest Test in China HOT

"Pencils down, please."The Chinese figured out long before the rest of us that rule by the reasonable is preferable to rule by the merely strong. To this end, they devised the civil service exam. Thus began the long tradition of millions of people cramming for cruelly abstract exams which only a few could pass. It helps to explain why the ... ...Read More>>

The Other Side of the Cultural Divide HOT

October 14th, 2008 I tried this month in my Eurobiz Magazine column Challenging China to look from another view at the cultural issues dissecting investment in China: What are Chinese employees seeing of Westerners in the workplace? I asked. Eurobiz is a publication of The European Union Chamber of Commerce. Typically, Westerners are pointing ... ...Read More>>

Why China Won't Throw A Lifeline To The West HOT

With all the chaos on world’s markets, it is easy to overlook developments in China. The biggest piece of Chinese domestic news is the decision to give limited rights to land use to China’s farmers. This decision came out of the Third Plenary Session of the 17th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (三中全会), which is now ... ...Read More>>

Firework Safety - A comic glance HOT

With the sumer over and winter/fall season now upon us, the minds of many a fun/tradition loving Chinese naturally turns to one thing: Festivals, and while China's winter/fall festivals are many and varied - Ranging from from nationally celebrated festivals such as the Moon festival to the festivals of local regions and China's various ethnic ... ...Read More>>

The wild world of China’s online forums & bulletin boards (Tianya, Strong Nation Forum, etc) HOT

Internet forums and bulletin boards occupy a very unique and important place in the Chinese Internet, much more so than I’ve noticed in the English-language Internet. To truly understand the nature of the Chinese Internet, you need to regularly read posts in the most popular Chinese Internet forums. Chinese Internet forums are also an ... ...Read More>>

Shenzhou 7 HOT

Shenzhou 7 bringing Zhai Zhigang (翟志刚), Liu Boming (刘伯明) and Jing Haipeng (景海鹏) into space Yesterday at 25 September at 21:10 CST Shenzhou 7 started into space. 3 astronauts are on board and the whole ride hopefully lasts 3 to 5 days. China plans to conduct its first spacewalk during this mission. This space mission features a number of ... ...Read More>>

The Sound and the Fury: What NOT to Give Your Chinese Friends HOT


"Ba-ba-ba." Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? It ought to: ba in Mandarin means "to increase" or "get rich". So by ancient Chinese association, if ba also means "eight", why then the number eight is lucky, too. ...... Read More>>

Expat Beijing - The Early Days HOT

In 1981, I had one of the biggest strokes of luck of my life. I had long dreamed of visiting China, but access was restricted to tightly controlled tour groups and an elite band of ''foreign experts'' who managed to find work in one of the Chinese work units as editors or translators. It was a period when China and the West, like two giant craft ... ...Read More>>

How to Enjoy... the Perfect Hotpot HOT

Every Westerner who lands on Chinese shores for the first time has a host of treats to look forward to. Whether it's a hike up the Great Wall, a trip to the Terra Cotta Warriors, or a cruise down the Yangtze River, visitors will have no end of ''firsts'' to enjoy. But for many, their first experience with authentic Chinese food will be the one ... ...Read More>>

Visiting Beijing for the Olympics? Here's how to survive the culture shock! HOT

The event we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. At eight minutes past eight on Friday evening, China's moment in the sun began, with the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games. An estimated half a million foreign visitors are here for the party, many of whom are seeing China for the very first time. Entering any new cultural arena brings ... ...Read More>>

On Your Bike HOT

Biking around a city is often the best way to explore it, and with its flat roads, infrequent rainfall and endless diversions, Beijing should be one of the most cyclist-friendly cities in the world. Problem is, there are 12 million other commuters using those same roads, including irate, horn-happy drivers, three-wheeled vehicles packed with ... ...Read More>>

Yikatong to Cover Taxis HOT

Good news for those who take taxis around Beijing. Soon there'll be no more evil stares or garbled mutters when you hand that 100-kuai note over to the cabbie. Nor will you face the risk of getting counterfeit notes handed back in your change. From August 1, you'll be able to use your yikatong card in at least some of Beijing's ubiquitous taxis. ... ...Read More>>

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