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Photo Essay: Beijingers say Yes to Bamboo Bicycles

Jul 21, 2016 Comments(2)

In a short time, Beijing Bamboo Bicycles (BBB) has become a fixture of the Beijing bike scene. The studio makes helps volunteers make their own environmentally friendly bikes in a workshop space in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Didi Driver Posts Woman’s Information on Porn Site after Bad Review

Jul 13, 2016 Comments(8)

After receiving a bad review, a Didi driver posted a woman’s personal information on a porn site, saying that she was an “experienced sex worker,” in Guangzhou. The woman was harassed to such an extent that she had to go to the police for help. ... Read More>>

Suki Speaks: An Interview with a Chinese Webcast Star Hot

Jul 12, 2016 Comments(8)

Webcasts in China are generally thought of as a step above pornography, but Suki’s story and interview shows that this is not always the case. Suki has become a famous webcast star in China by keeping it classy and having genuine online G-rated ...... Read More>>

Shanghai Startup Poised to Dominate Live Stream Market in Europe and the U.S.

Jul 11, 2016 Comments(4)

Live.ly and musical.ly, two apps that are popular for European and American teens, were actually created by a 50-person Chinese team based in Shanghai. This translated article talks about the company’s rise to popularity in the West, and why the ...... Read More>>

Boyfriend’s Mother Mistakes Hickeys for Physical Abuse, Forces Couple Apart

Jul 08, 2016 Comments(10)

A young Chongqing woman was kicked out of her boyfriend’s apartment for three days after her boyfriend’s mom suspected that she had physically abused him. In reality, she had only given him a few hickeys, but found it difficult to tell her boyfriend’s ...... Read More>>

British-Chinese Couple Try to Avoid Paying Compensation after Car Accident Hot

Jul 06, 2016 Comments(14)

British driver flees China after he is ordered to pay 750,000 RMB to the woman he hit in his car. ... Read More>>

Netizens Highlight China’s Rape Culture with Comments on Nanfang Daily Rape Case Hot

Jun 30, 2016 Comments(4)

Comments by Netizen on a recent Guangzhou rape case involving a Nanfang Daily reporter and female intern show that China has quite a ways to go when it comes to rape culture. Many Netizens blame the victim, ask why she didn’t fight back, and analyze her ...... Read More>>

China’s Webcast Stars Already Earn Thousands, But Can They Appeal to a Mainstream Market? Hot

Jun 28, 2016 Comments(5)

Webcast stars are a huge phenomenon in Mainland China. Like in the West, online celebrities can make a living in China by hawking products online. The article recognizes the huge potential for the fast-growing market that revolves around webcast stars in ...... Read More>>

Even More Disney: Shanghai Disneyland Resort FAQ (Part II)

Jun 21, 2016 Comments(5)

Frequently asked questions on the food situation and rides at Disney Shanghai. ... Read More>>

How to Disney: Shanghai Disneyland Resort FAQ (Part I)

Jun 17, 2016 Comments(7)

How to buy tickets and book hotels for Disneyland. ... Read More>>

In Shift to Post-Industrial Economy, Beijing Will Overtake Shanghai Hot

Jun 14, 2016 Comments(4)

Economist Gao Wang discusses the link between the economic growth of political centers in China and the nation’s shift from an industrial to a post-industrial economy. ... Read More>>

Jaguar Land Rover Sues Copycat Chinese SUV Maker Hot

Jun 07, 2016 Comments(7)

Jaguar Land Rover is suing a Chinese automobile company for copying their Evoque. ... Read More>>

A Look at China’s Top Scorers on the Infamous College Entrance Exams

Jun 06, 2016 Comments(3)

The results of a study from 60 years of gaokao data. ... Read More>>

How Much Does an Apartment Cost in Different Cities in China? Hot

May 26, 2016 Comments(11)

With rising rent and purchase prices, housing has become a hot topic in China. This author breaks down the cost of apartments in different Chinese cities with a handy chart. ... Read More>>

Hangzhou Test-Taking Gang Caught When Beautiful “Student” Doesn’t Match Photo Hot

May 23, 2016 Comments(6)

An ugly university student hired a beautiful student to take a taste for her, and got caught. ... Read More>>

Shift to Service Economy is Transforming China’s Young Work Force Hot

May 19, 2016 Comments(8)

The results of an employment survey published by Beijing News shows the prospects of recent graduates. ... Read More>>

Female College Student Tricked Into Sex and Extorted by Fake Modeling Agent Hot

May 18, 2016 Comments(11)

A young model looking for fame is scammed by a fake agent, then blackmailed for her nude pics and videos. ... Read More>>

China’s Frontline Workers are Quitting Hot

May 16, 2016 Comments(6)

Frontline workers are quitting their jobs. Why? ... Read More>>

Tim Cook to Visit China Following Losses and iTunes Movies and iBooks Shutdown Hot

May 12, 2016 Comments(12)

Apple is facing losses and shutdowns in China. ... Read More>>

U.S. Investment Visas: The Best Solution for Wealthy Chinese Immigrants?

May 10, 2016 Comments(4)

Wealthy Chinese are gaining U.S. citizenship by investing into regional projects. ... Read More>>

Young Man from Xi’an Completes 3-Year Round-the-World Trip Hot

May 03, 2016 Comments(14)

A Chinese bank clerk quits his job and travels the world on a whim. ... Read More>>

U.S. Charges Chinese Woman with Espionage, Smuggling Underwater Drones Hot

May 02, 2016 Comments(11)

Chinese espionage in America is on the rise. ... Read More>>

Uber Nightmare: Driver Attacks Woman in Chongqing Hot

Apr 28, 2016 Comments(11)

An Uber driver in Chongqing reportedly attacked a female passenger, causing many to question whether the company’s background checks are thorough enough. ... Read More>>

Most Chinese Mobile Phone Companies Operating at a Loss Hot

Apr 26, 2016 Comments(3)

A report on Chinese mobile phone companys' sales and net profits from 2015. ... Read More>>

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