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Tourism in 1985: What was Traveling in China Like 30 Years Ago? Hot

May 21, 2015

This period of time in China is known as “The Age of Innocence.” These photos, taken in 1985, were recorded on film, before the age of digital cameras. Let's take a look at how the previous generation lived and traveled. ... Read More>>

Keeping the Language Pure: Does Mixing Chinese and English Have a Negative Impact?

May 19, 2015

This article translated from the Chinese media discusses the phenomenon of mixing in English words when speaking Chinese, or jiazati. The author of the piece is concerned that mixing in English words will undermine the “purity,” of the Chinese language. ... Read More>>

Get Money: Which Chinese Universities Produce the Highest Earning Graduates?

May 14, 2015

Which colleges in China produce the graduates with the highest salaries? China Research Institute recently released a list of the top 100 universities in China with high salaries after graduation. ... Read More>>

Nightmare Vacations: Chinese Opt for Cheap Tours Despite Hidden Shopping Scams, High Deposits

May 12, 2015

Chinese travelers, like anyone else, look for bargains when planning their vacation. This article, translated from QQ News, discusses popular, cheap low-quality tours offered in China that often have hidden costs like forced shopping and high deposits. ... Read More>>

With Increased Kidnapping in China, Who is At Risk? Hot

May 06, 2015

China's wealthy and famous are more at risk than ever of being kidnapped for ransom. A woman in Hong Kong was recently kidnapped for ransom and her kidnappers escaped. Increasing wealth in China has meant a rise of kidnapping as well. ... Read More>>

China Crime Beat: Criminal Gang Caught for Complex Bank Card Fraud Hot

Apr 30, 2015

Editor's Note: A recent criminal investigation resulted in the arrest of a small criminal gang running a complex bank card fraud operation based in Guangdong. The author describes the case and gives a few tips on how to avoid bank card fraud in China. ... Read More>>

Canadian in Love Searches for Lost Online “Girlfriend” in Shenzhen Hot

Apr 24, 2015

In either a love story for the ages, or a really embarrassing waste of effort, a 60 year old man from Vancouver, Canada named Jake traveled all the way to Shenzhen to find his Chinese online “girlfriend.” ... Read More>>

Streaming Woes: Monopoly on Mobile Data in China Keeps Prices High, Speeds Slow

Apr 23, 2015

Data rates have become extremely high in China, especially when compared with income and cost of living. Li Keqiang recently stated that China must study ways to bring data costs down. However, the real issue is the monopoly on data in China. ... Read More>>

Get Rich Quick: Six Lucrative Industries On the Rise in China Hot

Apr 21, 2015

Looking to go into business in China? There are a number of very lucrative low-cost high profit industries currently on the rise. Here are six industries booming China with very high profit margins.... Read More>>

Gamer Girls Gone Wild: Female Online Gaming Partners for Hire Provide Sexual Services Hot

Apr 16, 2015

Female gaming partners in China often offer illegal sexual services in addition to game play. However, the emerging sparring partner market has the potential to provide legitimate opportunities for women as well. ... Read More>>

Why Can't China Attract Foreign Professionals? Hot

Apr 14, 2015

Why are foreign professionals often unwilling to come work in China? The professional job market in China is difficult for the young and inexperienced, while more experienced foreigners are hesitant to move to China because of pollution and other issues. ... Read More>>

Survey: 45% of Shanghai Couples Date Less Than 1 Year Before Marriage Hot

Apr 09, 2015

This translated article discusses a survey recently done in Shanghai on young married couples. A number of couples surveyed only dated for a short period time before getting married. ... Read More>>

Credit Cards, Cooking, and Criticism: 16 Differences Between Americans and Chinese Hot

Apr 07, 2015

In this translated article, the author discusses a number of differences between Chinese and Americans on a number of subjects ranging from seat belt safety to retirement choices. ... Read More>>

Beijing Defendant Skips Court, Plaintiff’s Beautiful Wife Lures Him Back Hot

Apr 02, 2015

When Zang disappeared leaving a large debt to Li, Li did not know what to do. However, when his wife stumbled on a picture of Zang on Weibo, she concocted a scheme to bring him back to Beijing. ... Read More>>

Lee Kuan Yew: If China Becomes a Western-style Democracy, It Will Collapse Hot

Mar 31, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew had a unique perspective on geopolitical issues between the East and West. This translated article takes his views on China from his two books, and summarizes his ideas on China's growth, governance and relationships. ... Read More>>

New Regulations for Foreign NGOs in China Could Lead to Exodus Hot

Mar 26, 2015

The Chinese government has recently proposed stricter regulations on foreign NGOs. The article recognizes that most foreign NGOs have only brought good to China, but states that a small minority of foreign NGOs are only in China to forward subversive ...... Read More>>

Should Foreigners Be Treated Differently Under Chinese Criminal Law? Hot

Mar 24, 2015

The recent robbery in Wangfujing by a Malaysian man has recently brought up questions concerning foreigners and criminal law in China. How will the thief be prosecuted, and is it fair to hold foreigners up to different standards than Chinese citizens? ... Read More>>

Ice Cream Cakes and Ceramic Shoes: China's World Record Holders (Part II)

Mar 19, 2015

China's Guinness World Records are often on the eccentric side. This list includes a number of China's stranger records including largest accordion concert and largest sofa. ... Read More>>

Ice Bucket Challenges and Acupuncture Needles: China's World Record Holders (Part I)

Mar 17, 2015

China holds a large number of world records certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. The nation's eccentric list of records includes everything from World's Tallest Man to World's Largest Ice Cream Cake. ... Read More>>

Feast Like A King for 30 Yuan: The 10 Cheapest Tourist Cities in China Hot

Mar 13, 2015

This translated story lists the ten cheapest tourist cities in China and includes recommendations for sightseeing and dining while on a budget. With the spring holidays approaching, a trip to one of these unique cities may be a good idea if you are ...... Read More>>

Under Pressure: Chinese Students Go to Extreme Lengths to Get into Top American Schools Hot

Mar 10, 2015

This article discusses the increasing popularity among Chinese families of sending their children to American universities. ... Read More>>

A Long and Costly Road Ahead for China's Environmental Governance Hot

Mar 05, 2015

Environmental issues have shot to the forefront of public debate in China this week, following the release of Chai Jing’s documentary, “Under the Dome”. This translated article details the environmental challenges that China faces in 2015. ... Read More>>

New Year, New Layoffs: China's Manufacturing Industry to Face Struggles in 2015 Hot

Mar 03, 2015

This article, translated from ifeng.com, discusses the recent trend of foreign companies withdrawing from China and the potential impact on China’s economy. ... Read More>>

9 Important Differences between Foreigners and Chinese Hot

Feb 17, 2015

This translated article explores differences in socially acceptable behavior between Chinese people and foreigners.... Read More>>

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