Volunteering in Nanjing: The How, Where and Why

By Harriet Petty , eChinacities.com Add your comment Newsletter

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Volunteering in Nanjing: The How, Where and Why
Ping An A Fu Animal Shelter. Photo: avaxnews.com

Occasionally (or perhaps frequently for some lucky souls), Nanjing expats and locals alike find themselves with a little free time and an appetite for new experiences or adventure. Enter the notion of volunteering in Nanjing. Perhaps as a result of sparse work or study schedules, or perhaps in despair at the monotony of a stagnant social calendar, many people are looking for opportunities outside of the weekly drinking sessions and 1912's noisy nightlife for something new to do. Some find themselves struggling to meet like-minded expats, while some may be looking for a chance to find the heart of this modern city. What better way to get more involved in the local community, better understand Chinese culture, meet a host of new and diverse friends, and experience things you never thought possible, than to do some volunteering? Not to mention the undeniable feel-good factor and sneaky beefing up of your CV!

What's more, it's not limited to the more obvious route of teaching English for free to underprivileged kids. There are plenty of opportunities out there that offer genuine openings into the world of NGO and not-for-profit w